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High Paying Affiliate Program – $125 Per Sale With Di.et Weight Loss Plan

There aren’t many affiliate programs which pay 80% commission per sale – so ask yourself – can you afford not to be promoting Diet? Di

et’s comprehensive downloadable guides help dieters to lose up to fifteen pounds of fat in just 15 days Three up-sell products mean added opportunities to earn this same amazing rate of 80% commission totalling over $125 in potential earnings per sale The Diet guides include An introduction to the regime, with which dieters can form their own wellness vision A diet guide helping dieters to identify exactly what to eat A workout guide providing a fitness plan which can be done at home A supplement guide to aide the regime and enhance results And finally a maintenance guide to help dieters sustain their amazing results This entire plan is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian Following the purchase of Di

et, customers are taken through three up-sell options, adding value to their order and your commission Upsell opportunity 1 – Cleanse Tea For $3495 customers can purchase this loose leaf, fat burning tea to enhance their weight loss efforts – and of course 80% of that price is yours! Up-sell opportunity 2 – Capsiplex Sport You may recognise this tried and tested fat burning preworkout pill from a big name in weight loss, offered to Diet customers for $5999 – another chance to increase your commission! Up-sell Opportunity 3 – the Diet Recipe Book The perfect opportunity for dieters to continue their weight loss success comes as the final up-sell for $19


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95 80% commission on all these up-sells, on top of the $45 diet and fitness plan means a potential for more than $125 commission for you Sound appealing? Add Diet to your promotions today and benefit from MoreNiche’s lifetime cookies and extensive selection of resources Contact your MoreNiche affiliate specialist for more information, or if you have any questions

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