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Homemade Chocolate Donuts – Gordon Ramsay

First, we'll make the dough This mass takes some time, but it is incredible

I'm warming up the milk with sugar This fermente is easy to control And when we make fresh donuts, we need fresh yeast Adding a little of the warm milk to the ferment will activate it, which will help the mass to grow Only half

Hit well The sugar is dissolved in the milk The fresh yeast disintegrates instantly Leave the yeast mixture aside while it does its job To mix the main dough, I add half the butter to the remaining milk

This leaves the dough well silky I want you to stay light Then, melt the butter in the milk Flour in the sieve This helps to leave the dough smooth and smooth

When the dough becomes soft, it grows evenly Add a pinch of salt and two egg yolks Throw warm milk and melted butter gradually Do not overdo the mixture When you exaggerate, the dough, the donut, is very fair and you do not let her aerate

Put the yeast All good and warm I love that smell Now I want an elastic texture Falling from the spoon

Nice Flour on the board Remove the dough Very good Sprinkle some flour, pull and push

You had kind of turned around, as if turning the mass inside out The dough should only relax Now she must cling to your fingers, pleasant and flexible Put it in a clean pot Sprinkle flour in the pot

So when you start growing, she will not stick Cover with film Let the dough grow in a warm place for 60 to 90 minutes, until it is twice the size This phase is called proving While proving, get a pot For the chocolate filling, or ganache, throw 500 ml of sour cream into a pan and add honey

Let the mixture simmer gently Traditionally, we always put jelly But chocolate and donuts? That's awesome Add the cream Now give a nice mix

Butter lifts the ganache to a brilliant chocolate film Look at this Take a good hit with fouet This will give an aerated texture to ganache, just to give a certain lightness Nice

Stuffing chocolate ready Let it cool in the refrigerator and then it's time to gently dump the dough Let it roll naturally, about an inch and a half tall Court, one two Put them on a tray And let them grow again After 30 to 40 minutes growing, it's time to fry it in a pan with a third filled with hot vegetable oil

Take it, but see, it seems small air pockets Alright, let's go Put it carefully Four at the most If you put too much, the oil will cool and the donuts are soaked

Turn them over Wonderful Need to get straight for some sugar mixed with a little malt powder Half to half How do you know if they are cooked in the middle? If it is brown on top, it should be empty inside

Sprinkle the malt and sugar Take off the excess I get really excited whenever I make donuts Look at this beauty This is the only way they are delicious

But the ganache will be another good thing Confectionery bag Put the bag inside out in your hand Do not forget to put the beak I want the texture almost like a liquid inside

Then I will put the filling when they are warm I hope the magic happens Operation donut Take the donut Squeeze, push and refill

Just until you start to see the chocolate leave I'll put this one here Nice I'm going to mount them here They got heavier and we know why

Nice That has my name on it Amazing Add the curry paste and cook to release the aromas SIGN UP FOR GORDON RAMSAY And potato cubes

To serve, throw a lot of black bean mixture into tortillas

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