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How a Nigerian doctor rescued a "dying man" on the Azman Airline flight

A Nigerian doctor named James King is being congratulated by several people on the web for saving the life of another passenger who collapsed aboard a flight connecting Kano to Lagos on Saturday May 25th. . Recounting the incident, said Dr. King;

"It becomes clearer now … why I was born.

I just saved a life that probably would have perished in the air in the plane in which I was passenger.

I was at 14F BOEING headquarters 737-300 of AZMAN AIR from Kano to Lagos.

Suddenly, his head fell.

A passenger seated at the far left on the other side of the aisle.

The Indian man sitting next to him shouted and drew the attention of the air managers.

The Indian said that it seemed that the man had fainted.

We were still several miles above sea level.

Far from Lagos our destination.

As in my nature, I listened to music with my headset on board this flight. I rocked my head back and forth, my hands lightly on the powerful music of SHOW US MERCY by Will Adiks.

The movements of the unconscious passenger caught my attention.

I removed my headset.

In 5 long and powerful advances, I arrived at the dying patient.

To the flight attendants: "I am Dr. James King. I want to take over. It is deteriorating rapidly. "

The air hostess said, "Ok sir. Go from the front. "

And she let me go.

I quickly checked his pulse around his radial artery. It was small volume, irregularly irregular rhythm.

I shouted, "A doctor, a nurse or an ambulance here?

No reply.

All the other passengers on board looked at me with a lost look.

As there was an imminent danger for all.

I turned to the very well dressed air hostess 3 dressed around me "We can save this life together. His life depends on us now. "

I turned to one of the hostesses. "Can you get us all the kits and medical kits in this plane"

She replied, "Ok sir," and left quickly.

I asked two other male passengers to help me lift the dying man from his seat to the aisle between the seats of the aircraft, in order to have more passengers. space to start my intervention on him.

We placed it on the ground.

I immediately placed him supine and also released his airway by tilting his head a little bit backwards.

I have again asked, "Please, can I have any fabric or anything to support his neck?"

The flight attendants took off their top suits and handed them to me.

I have been encouraged.

I folded two of them and placed them under the neck of the dying man.

At this point, the dying man already had his eyes rolled, … all white.

I listened to the defeat of his heart.

It was very weak and weak.

I knew in a few seconds that he would be dead whether I did not act quickly.

I started CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on him.

He has answered.

Then he began to convulse uncontrollably.

Shouting, I shouted, "Can any one get me diazepam any time?"

An air hostess ran somewhere to get it.

It was 30 minutes before landing.

whether nothing has been done quickly, he will die in less than 10 minutes.

I repeated CPR again.

And even. And even….

I listened to the heart using my stethoscope.

A light activity has begun.

I turned to the hostess in chief, call Murtala Mohammed airport and ask him to arrange an ambulance before landing. "

She said "right now" and started rushing to the cockpit to inform the pilot to do so.

When I was certain that the patient's ventilation had improved a little, I quickly removed 5 mg of Diazepam and made it directly intramuscularly on the buttocks.

Returned to the reclining position again.

CPR started.

Checked his radial pulse.

I then announced to everyone that … "I'm saving time. He will outlive. "

I was down, kneeling, approach the plane.

Watching every thing I can choose from his reflexes.

The main flight attendant came back.

I asked him, "How many more minutes do we have to land?"

She said, "in 5 minutes."

I've again announced to everyone aboard, "IT will outlive."

Then there was a loud and sudden noise in the plane.

Then we landed on the track.

Three men / passengers carried it.

We evacuated it very quickly from the plane.

At the foot of the plane, no ambulance was waiting.

I was visibly angry and I was now shouting aloud to all those responsible for the airport.

That the ambulance is on the other side.

Angry, I told them, "It's nastiness. We did our best with God's help to keep this man alive for 30 minutes and you could not even bring an ambulance here?

Someone suggested that he be taken to one of the Toyota Hilux vans.

I said, "No, it'll kill him before we can go anywhere."

I shouted, "A clinic at the airport?"

It was at this point that their brains returned to the default reset and that they answered "Yes".

I said to the good men who still carried him, let him go.

It was at that occasion that we rushed to the clinic that you see in the photo of this post.

It is the airport clinic that is shut to the arrivals of Murtala Mohammmed Airport, Lagos.

I explained everything I did and the medications given to the doctor on call.

She took over.

Then I went out, rolled my eyes and said, "I know you are involved in this. Thank you Lord."

In fact, I came to Lagos for a humanitarian program, an absolutely FREE, poorly funded medical program for the sick and abandoned inmates of Kirikiri Prison.

We are all born to save lives. "

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