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How Do I Know I'm In Ketosis

hey everybody it's Denise these back with Keto with Denise and today I want to do a short video to answer a burning question that I get asked from a lot of people on a regular basis and that's how do I know I'm in ketosis so for for starters let's talk about what is ketosis okay ketosis is when your body creates ketones and ketones are a byproduct of burning fat for fuel or fat for energy instead of sugar or glucose and that's where we want to be we want to get our bodies to transition from burning sugar from high carbs and high sugar foods that we eat to reducing those foods or eliminating those foods and burning fat for fuel so we're switching from glucose to fat for fuel that's ketosis okay so how do you know you're in ketosis there are three common ways to test for ketones these are the primary ways that you would do that one is to use urine test strips you literally pee on a stick and it turns a certain color you can get these anywhere urine test rips based on the color that it turns you'll know if your body is actually burning ketones okay and that's an inexpensive way by the way these things are not really expensive to use you can pee on the stick several times a day and see if you're in ketosis throughout the day another way is the breath analyzer you release ketones through your breath so there's a device out there that will test your ketone levels as well anything point 5 and above says that you're in ketosis and then the most accurate way is your blood ketone test and that's using a device like I used when I first started my keto mojo and I did it because I wanted to make sure I was doing things right now I will tell you right now there are tons of people following the ketogenic diet and they're not using any of these ways and they're seeing great results coming off of medications losing weight so I don't want you to misinterpret that you have to do these things because you don't to know that you're in ketosis ok this is the way that I chose was the keto mojo and there's a link at the bottom of this do that if you do want to use that simply pricking your finger letting your body tell you and actually it's really great I should have said this too it's testing your blood glucose level and your ketone levels so you'll know that if you're in ketosis anything 05 and above so that's just a great way for me to do that okay but there are other ways that you can know if you're in ketosis two and one do you have an increase in energy are you finding yourself able now to sustain throughout the day instead of coming home from work or whatever and just literally giving out because you have nothing else left decreased or no cravings are you no longer craving the stuff that you were craving before and you guys have been following me you know what my cravings were yep peanut M&Ms of all things right so no longer crave for those things can walk past them in the store and guess what I'll leave them pick them up and say you don't tell me what to do and put them back on the shelf because I don't have to have them anymore how about more focused and able to concentrate many of you know I'm a published author so writing has to come with ease for me to be able to get these books out but are you able to focus more on the things that are important to you work that you have to get out deadlines that you have to meet can you really maintain your concentration on those things how about deeper and quality sleep I never had problem sleeping but now my sleep is just so deep and why wake up refreshed ready to take on the day do you feel the same way these are ways that you can know you're doing keto correctly and then decreased or no hunger many people tell me that they can go through the day and never really experienced hunger which was really really a major change for them because they used to eat all the time it's like they would eat and then an hour too later they wanted something else to eat and that's because the body was looking for the carbs and no longer now with healthy keto so these are ways in which you can test your ketones these are ways that you know you're in ketosis and if you are having cravings and getting high then you need to look at your your plan that you're following maybe you've got some hidden card somewhere maybe you're not getting enough fat somewhere so you can easily autocorrect that okay so hopefully that helps thanks for watching hi if you haven't subscribed to my channel already go ahead and click that subscribe button and by the way click the bell too so that you'll be notified when there's new content like this thank you again for watching

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