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How Do You Start A Dropshipping Business – Free Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Course [2018]

what's going on it's your boy Santana with elevatedwithincom coming to with another video so today I'm going to show you guys that you can jump into to learn to actually dropship I'll show you guys to get your store started to find winning products and to begin to market those products on Facebook so you can generate your first sales so let me go in and show you guys what this is all about see you guys inside so here we are inside of my money-making machine what I'm getting ready to show you guys how you can register for my free course if you haven't already um the course is really designed to help beginners get started with dropshipping i'll show you guys how to build your store how to find products and then how to begin actually market those products so you can actually generate sales I can't stress it enough how often I'm inside Facebook groups and reddit posts hearing all beginners talking about the actual foundation and asking common questions on you know how I get started with Shopify how I set up my store correctly you know how I get started with dropshipping how do I find products all these common questions are all answered with inside of my course so I'm gonna show you guys and I'm gonna walk you through what's exactly inside my course so you can see all the free content that I'm giving you and it's a really a step-by-step process okay so I'll drop the actual link to the course in the description if you want to go head and get started right away if you've been liking the content I've been dropping go ahead and hit a like and subscribe and make sure you hit the notification bells you stay updated on the daily Shopify videos that I'm dropping so let's dive right into it okay you can see here that in the course what exactly is it that you're going to learn okay you're gonna learn how to set up your store it properly you're gonna know which apps you need to actually increase conversions how to automate a large portion of the actual process and then how to promote your store profitably which is the ultimate goal so like I said this is a very detailed course that's perfect for beginner or anyone who's currently stuck and doesn't know how to get to the next level but like it's we take a look at the actual course um you can see what I'm gonna really be talking about module one is really gonna focus on setting up your store I'm really understanding how to actually navigate Shopify so you can nominate it and know exactly what you need to do how to add your products how to add collections how to go ahead and set up your shipping settings selecting the right theme and if you saw the video that I created yesterday it was all about the three best themes to use one that are mobile optimized and offer the best experience for your actual customer so you can improve your actual conversion so we'll go a little bit over that then at the same time like I dive into detail for those of you that are not in the United States and can't use PayPal or stripe I'll show you guys our Turnitin options to be able to accept payments okay once we dive into module two I think the most important thing after that is knowing the right apps that you need to have and then having the right tracking on your store because without Google Analytics and not knowing who's coming to your store what actions they're taking you're not gonna be able to adapt you're not gonna be able to make adjustments and grow and continue to scale your actual store so I show you guys how to get that set up and how to set up certain goals within Google so you're tracking the right things it's very important and so the next thing that I dive into is what's gonna make you actual money is knowing how to actually find products knowing how to contact the actual suppliers and if you lose using rlo I'm gonna walk you through exactly how to set up all the settings in a reloj and how to actually fulfill orders because I can't stress it enough when I first got started I saw videos on you know finding products with rabello it was really difficult for me to know like I've never made a sale okay I've made my first sale now how do I actually fulfill the order so it's a very common question that's asked and I'll show you guys the actual process when I fulfill an order of an actual product that I sold walking you through how do you go through that process so your customer gets that actual product okay then towards the end of that module I'll show you guys how you can really just automate the actual process to where you can literally go out there get a VA have them fulfill everything that's very seamless so I walk you through that the most important aspect of this course is once you have everything set up you found your actual product you have to know how to go out there and actually promote now there's multiple ways for you to promote your actual product whether it be Instagram whether it be Pinterest whether they be snapchat or they be Facebook within this course I really dive into actual Facebook because I feel like that's the route that most beginners actually take and the most important aspect of it is knowing how to target I think that's the most crucial aspect of it is knowing how to find the people to place your product in front of and I show you three different ways that you can actually target so definitely check out that module and at the end of that module I show you guys exactly how to set up your first ad I'll show you step by step how to get that ad setting to the copy to the imagery to I set up the links it's a complete walkthrough well and then that's a bonus for you guys I'll show you guys how to use funnels okay and I'm sure you talked about funnels life itself is an actual funnel and it's very crucial it's a great way for you now one to test multiple products and then to be able to control what your customer actually sees and to be able to upsell additional products that you can pair so my walking detail into that for you and that's really gonna go ahead and complete the actual course so as you can see here there's over 30 videos of free content to you guys that one you may not know or you do know and it could be a refresher but it's all in one place for you guys so definitely take advantage of this course give me your comments below on things that you want to see inside the course other videos that you want me to make what questions do you have please pick my brain and allow me to offer you guys the answers that you guys are looking for so if you haven't already sign up for the actual course the link is in the actual description hope you guys have enjoyed this video once again go ahead and like the video subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to stay up to date on the videos that I'm dropping daily on Shopify I'll see you guys tomorrow


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