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How Do You Use Social Media? | 0-100

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– [Interviewer] Do you have any social media? – No, I usually just stay home and watch YouTube the whole day – I don't, my mom does that kinda stuff

– I have a Facebook and a Gmail account – For my generation, I think I'm reasonably involved, I mean, I'm, I got like 1,000 friends on Facebook – It's like my best friend, that I don't see physically Well, I do, I look at memes on Instagram – I do Facebook, I don't really know how to do all the other stuff, like tweeking and LinkedIn and all that other stuff

Social media is my life – It's like a rabbit hole, like you can, like Instagram, oh my gosh, when you click on a video, there's like 20,000,000 videos underneath it and you don't ever have to close that app, 'cause they just keep coming – I love social media, being completely honest, because I get to stay in touch with a bunch of my friends, like, all around the world, or like all my friends that are in different states from where I am and I get to show people, like, oh this is what I did today – I need a nine-year-old to help me work Facebook I still haven't figured Twitter out

I don't know what Snapchat is – I find it pretty important, 'cause you can sort of reach out, see what's happening with your friends in other parts of the world, but at the same time, it can sort of make you jealous – I think social media can really be abused I've personally been bullied on social media – It makes people feel self-conscious about their self and makes them wanna change their self 'cause of bad comments, mean comments

Stuff that'll really hurt somebody, so I don't have social media and I just don't support it – We're putting up this front of who we want people to think we are and I get uncomfortable with that, because its like, I feel like a phony sometimes – I feel like it sucks my time away, in the way that a significant other almost would – I've actually tried really, really hard not to let social media run my life Because I feel like I just see so many people who kind of live for the social media

– We don't really hug and touch each other anymore It's all done through that phone And more and more, we're becoming so technical that when you go to restaurants and you see people having dinner, and you look at them and they've both got their cellphones out And they're talking on their cellphones, instead of talking with each other – Social media, I love you, I really do, because, I mean it's, you know, we're always evolving, we're always changing, but allow us to be in the moment

I feel like sometimes social media can be a ball and chain

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