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How I Made $1,053.96 a Day in May 2019 | Make Money On-line

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on this video I'm going to point out you ways I made 1053 dollars and 96 cents a day on fair in may 2019 from my online business what's happening everyone that is Greg Kononenko the Caffeinated Blogger and on this youtube channel i put out routine videos committed to traffic generation making a living online and definite marketing sign up to this youtube channel to get notified about my unused videos as soon as they arrive out while you're subscribing make certain to not forget to tick the bell notification icon alright let's get into the video so in summary I made thirty two thousand 600 and seventy three US dollars inmate 2019 and on this video I'm going to walk you thru show you the breakdown and really explain how I’ve actually done this the rationale why I made a decision to do that was final time I did an identical video two months ago it had really superb comments and numerous you told me that it was very helpful so that you can actually imagine and discern how a marketer who’s working stuffed time online is capable to generate an income so watch this video to seek out out the precise breakdowns I'm moreover going to donate you ideas of a number of the approaches that you simply is likely to be capable to utilize in your individual business to start out generating the cash online in similar ways to how I'm doing it as well so mainly just a few sort of background information pieces here this figure $32,000 includes the sources that I share publicly I moreover have a few web sites that I'm running with my wife and people numbers are literally not even included here so we do make as a family as a joint sort of enterprise with my wife we do make greater than this I just prefer to not reveal a number of the web sites okay moment thing is you exclude a number of the smaller sources and moreover excludes expenses I do have several thousand and months and month in expenses so for things like hosting will moreover have some developer expenses VA expenses etc etc in order that does come to several thousand dollars each month alright with that out of the best way let's get into it so I'm going to work my way down from the smallest income sources all the best way to the best so the part of smaller income sources for this month was Zacks commissions so essentially these are some affiliate products that I like to recommend to those that link my email list they get automated follow-ups and all of those sales are happening robotically I'm here in my zaxxar account and whether I just hit search in order that everything gets refreshed you may see that I've made 202 dollars in commissions on my zaxxar account how do I actually get the traffic and the way do I get the eyeballs to this offer how do I make those sales well that's quite simple so in all of my content online for example in my youtube videos or on my blog I’ve what is named opt-in links okay so when any individual watches my video or reads certainly one of my posts on my blog they're capable to come back to this section here and clink on a type of links after which they are going to be taken to an opt-in page the place they’ll link my email list after which they get a mixture of emails which might be useful information in addition to some pertinent targeted products that I like to recommend and whenever someone buys that product that I receives a commission a commission in order that's precisely how this works whether you're not doing something like that I do recommend that you simply get into content marketing you realize put out routine useful content on the market whether it's YouTube or your blog and gather emails onto your email list and this manner you may actually build your audience of individuals to whom you may market and communicate with them as well the moment revenue source is affiliate network called ShareASale I've made 284 dollars in commissions they're promoting two programs tailwind and Namecheap Namecheap is the domain registrar that I'm using and I like to recommend to everybody and tailwind is a program which I take advantage of personally to generate traffic from Pinterest free traffic from Pinterest so two elevated quality software both of those and I once more I mainly recommend it within my content on my blog as well on my youtube videos and whenever someone joins I receives a commission so here I’m inside my ShareASale account you may see from v us from the first to the 31st of May I suppose it's just refreshed and as you may see here it's 284 dollars and 61 cents and most of them are leads lead transactions there are some sales etc as well but you realize it's it's been doing rather well for me so Sharra's are programmed for tailwind by 50 cents for each lead that joins no matter which country they're from so it's a very superb little money earner it's submissive you realize I really useful in several YouTube videos in addition to my blog posts and it's making me money every month so it's solid to complain that's why I'll say it once more whether you're not doing any content marketing yet you actually need to get into it and start out putting out routine useful content that's the place it's at in 2019 producing useful content and recommending pertinent products next revenue source for May 2019 was JD zoo affiliate program I like to recommend a few distinct courses in my email follow-ups in addition to in my content on YouTube and on my blog I'm probably not focused on jvzoo it just happened that individuals clicked on my links and I made 560 dollar dollars nearly in May 2009 teen from jvzoo Affiliate Network in order you may see here is the report and the whole for this month is 559 next revenue source is Zach's assails so these are sales of a software that we were selling final year board commander the software is now closed for unused sales but we still make recurring sales each month so here I’m logged in to our other our joint account on zaxxar that we are in jointly with my partner and whether I just hit refresh on here you'll be capable to see that for May 2019 we made this revenue of 1567 we did pay some commissions to affiliates and mainly we made a gain of 1 thousand 200 and eighty nine dollars so half of that’s mine and that's what I've put down here into the slide 600 and 45 dollars of that’s my gain next revenue source is wealthy affiliate I made seven hundred and one dollars in commissions for May 2019 it's a comparatively unused stream of income for me it's once more I like it because it's recurring revenue I'm focused very heavily on items which might be bringing in recurring revenue and I like to recommend high-quality free training so for somebody who desires to memorize affiliate marketing and the way to drive traffic the way to build a blog assets they feel it offers some excellent free training whether someone desires to memorize much more they’ll unlock additional tiers by upgrading and all I'm doing is just mentioning this you realize whether any of you guys for example who’re watching this wish to memorize affiliate marketing you may link wealthy affiliate through my link you realize you are able to do the identical thing you may actually boost wealthy affiliate there free membership and earn whenever any individual upgrades so you may put in three members into wealthy affiliate whenever someone upgrades you start out getting paid recurring commissions each month that they continue to be a member in order you may see here I'm inside my wealthy affiliate dashboard and the payments that I received were 198 in or April ok 615 in May after which for the month of May on the first of June I've got 700 and $150 so it's expanding slowly very nicely I'm looking forward to a fair bigger view hopefully this month the subsequent income amount that I made was nine hundred Australian dollars so it's somewhat bit less than us possibly about 700 us and that's for recommending side ground side ground hosting service to anyone who watches my youtube videos or reads my blog post on caffeinated bloggers and my other web sites here’s a quick example I made the video a short time ago 8 months ago now and it's titled the way to start out a blog it's not getting a ton of views it didn't really rank on YouTube for any keywords but it still does get fairly numerous views each day and this video actually talks concerning the means of launching a blog however whether we take a look at it I mention a couple of resources again this video and I discussed that site ground is a superb hosting company which I personally use as well and whether anyone clicks on this link here get hosting here clicks on it and really joins by my affiliate link then I receives a commission a commission so once more these guys back to point out you that content marketing actually works the more of those sort of videos you set out and recommend pertinent affiliate products the more cash you may make in-the lengthy term here as you may see I'm inside my side ground I feel a dashboard and you may see that I've made nine sales each of them gave me $100 it's a very elevated payout very pleasing payout for when it comes to the Commission and that's precisely how I've made these nine hundred dollars my next revenue source was too poor so I made 1917 US dollars in May 2000 nineteen from YouTube ads I actually didn’t post any unused videos I used to be working with a few other projects I made zero videos that is the introductory video this one here is the introductory video that I'm making for the reason that start out of April 2019 however the superb news is that my income on YouTube actually didn’t go down it stayed roughly across the b. US mark as you may see here on the top my final video sorted by most up-to-date again my final video was two months ago however my income for the month of May so final month okay I'm here taking a look at May my income still stayed across the identical some days it's about 75 some days somewhat bit less but I made 1917 dollars in revenue from YouTube though I’ve made 90 videos people persist watching my videos and I persist making the revenue which is outstanding next income source which is definitely fairly huge it's nearly a 3rd of the entire money that I made in May is from email affiliate marketing so I've got an audience of individuals on my email list I send out routine emails recommending various pertinent products and whether someone likes that product then they order it by my link and I receives a commission a sure sum of money for every sell than I'll refer so I had a whole of 4 email promotions that I did in May and around 20 emails that I sent in whole in fact it didn’t take me a really lengthy period of time but these goes to point out that whether you build an audience of individuals and you are able to do it using free traffic okay you may make youtube videos you may make posts in your blog and whether you build that email list of individuals to market to then you may make some grave money from email marketing my email marketing results ago or not beautiful much you realize every few months I'm noticing that there’s a bump as my audience grows I can make increasingly money from email marketing and on the occasion I'm specializing in webinar based products so I select elevated quality products that from other webinar from from individuals who you realize have gotten the marginally higher sort of costs or $500 $900 997 those sort of costs and usually those products are elevated quality they arrive with like a coaching program and you realize really superb courses they often higher quality products than those that you may purchase for like $10 or $20 okay and naturally the Commission's are really superb generally as well 50 percent commission on a thousand dollar product is $500 per sale you realize you are able to do the maths it's fairly simple to sort of make several thousand dollars a month while you're promoting that sort of cost points just to point out you quickly listed here are a number of the affiliate programs which might be promoted we made five thousand five hundred eighty-two here we made four thousand seven hundred and twenty here this both of those accounts are our joint accounts with my partner Stephan in order that half of it is mine ten thousand sorrowfully about five thousand after which there are some individual promotions which might be I did myself so okay this one's looked out there may be 1987 on this Infusionsoft account there may be about 1300 whole here for May on this pay kickstart account I moreover made 853 here on Warrior Plus so whether I increase up all of them together it's nine thousand 300 and ninety dollars that I constituted of email promotions in May 2000 and nineteen and lastly the most important category the place I made 18,000 greater than a half of all the cash that I made inmate got from prosper card sales so these are sales of growth commander which is the unused software that we’ve got been selling this year with my partner it's a software that helps to supply quick content and get traffic it's really taking off so we're making more cash each month by selling this software so I'm here logged into our prosper car dashboard and you may see that I've chosen from the introductory of May to the 31st of May whether I hit seek for it to refresh you may see the amounts we sold 88,000 in gross revenue for the month of May we had some refunds we paid out some commissions and our net revenue is 36 150 for half of that cash is mine so roughly about $18,000 is mine from that quantity which is precisely what I’ve put down here I'm really excited about growth commander we've got some really excellent growth plans whether you guys need to memorize more about growth command and the way it can help your business you're welcome to scroll beneath this video after which just clink a link which is able to let you know to attend a free masterclass the place you may memorize about this software and you realize some stretches approaches that we're using to generate viral content on both YouTube and on our blogs and start out driving the traffic start out doing this content marketing that I'm talking about on this video whether you might be relatively unused to online marketing you may start out asking yourself well I can see that I’m making the this sum of money that I showed you what can you truly do to start out doing similar things to moreover start out building your online income ideally your submissive online income well I made a decision to say three things that I feel whether you might be brand unused and whether you got to me today and asked me what can I actually do to get into online marketing I’d actually recommend these three things okay start out a YouTube channel whether you may stomach the thought of being on camera and producing content YouTube is an outstanding thing you actually just have to put out routine content do your keyword research I've got several videos actually about that on my youtube channel you could find those videos in-the comments beneath this video okay start out a YouTube channel it's slow going at introductory but generally next a few months of putting out routine videos possibly three to 5 shot videos per week you’ll notice that you’ll start out getting increasingly traffic you’ll start out building the audience a unused channel will start out picking up okay you may build an inventory from YouTube traffic to persist marketing you moreover make money from ads being shown in your content by YouTube so very very powerful strategy launching a YouTube channel the moment thing that I’d recommend and also you don't should do YouTube and this moment thing okay you may either do YouTube or the moment thing is to start out a blog that's what my wife and I we did a short time ago for in inner assets wellness initial I suppose health and fitness niche I could say we began a blog she's working on it but she's beginning to see some phenomenal growth in organic search engine traffic I actually put here ending apologies that's my oversight it's speculated to be search engine traffic okay and with with that when again you realize that is traffic that you may get for free you may put opt-in forms on to your blog and you may start out building your list and start out expanding your and start out marketing and start out finally making the cash all right and the third thing that I'll recommend on here is so that you can start out building an email list so whether you're doing YouTube or whether you've got a blog make certain to start out building an email list because email marketing continues to be very very powerful it's not going absent anywhere whether you’ve an audience of individuals and also you send them a mixture of useful information and marketing information you may make money there isn’t any solution to fail okay so free traffic get free traffic onto YouTube or onto your blog after which build an email list have some sort of an opt-in offer build an email list and start out forwarding useful information and marketing promotions to the email list that's the essence of making a living online I'm hoping that possibly at smallest for a few of you this may very well be unused information or possibly at smallest reassurance that things that you’ve got heard prior to about building an email list and content marketing are literally true that's everything for today I hope that you simply found this video either inspirational or useful make certain to depart me a comment beneath and let me know what you truly considered today's video what sort of topics you'd like me to cover in-the tomorrow once more my name is Greg Kononenko you may moreover know me because the caffeinated blogger and on this YouTube channel I put out routine tutorial videos committed to making a living online I feel it marketing traffic generation and similar topics so hit that sign up button beneath hit that like button beneath and moreover make certain to take the bell notification icon so that you simply get notified about my next video as soon as it's uploaded thanks a lot for watching and I'll see you in-the next video

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