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How I Made $45,000 in 7 DAYS – My Affiliate Marketing Story

– In this video, I'm going to share how I made $45,000 in just one week with my online business You don't want to miss this one

Hey, what is up guys? ODi Productions here If you're new to the channel, just a quick about me I'm a 24-year-old entrepreneur Two years ago I dropped out of my dream school UCLA My senior year with a 3

5 GPA in order to pursue online business and entrepreneurship Two years later, basically, living my dream life Now in this video, you know, this one is actually going to be a really special video today And I've been thinking about making this video for a while now and that was kind of on the fence of sharing this, but I feel that if I share my story, my ultimate goal is to inspire other young entrepreneurs, or it doesn't matter what your age, inspire other entrepreneurs who are looking to take that leap of faith into online business And just give you guys some mentorship, and if I can teach you something today then my job will be done


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So anyways, I woke up this morning fired up, fired up I made a long Instagram post If you guys aren't following me by the way, it's @odi_productions I took a picture of my view, which you guys can see in the background But this morning especially, it was just so epic with the sunrise

I did a little story right here which you guys can read if you follow me on the Gram You guys can also check out some cool pics, like my car right here, which is a Porsche 911 Turbo for those who have not seen my car or any of my other videos for that matter But basically, I woke up fired up and I wanted to just inspire someone today And I wanted to share and create content, and just get out there into the world So that's what I'm doing right now

And this video I been thinking about making it for quite some time And I've thought about it and here's basically how this video is going to work out So the first thing that we're going to talk about, is I'm going to show you guys proof I'm gonna show you guys proof because I know there's gonna be skeptics, doubters, haters, whatever I'm gonna show you guys as much proof as possible, and trust me, I got more proof than a math professor, show you guys all the proof

Once we get that out of the way and once weed out all the people who are skeptics and whatever Let's get into the actual meat and potatoes of talking about actionable ways in which you can get to that level of income through online business And it's only gonna be through online business, you're not gonna be making this from a job, I'll tell you that And I used to work the nine to five I hated it, I had to get out of it, and luckily for me I was able to use entrepreneurship to get out that

I'm going to go over the profits, the expenses, everything, so you guys can see the profit margin How much I really took home from that $45,000, and it's actually most of it And so after we get all the proof and everything squared away, I'm going to get into the meat and potatoes and the nitty-gritty of what my business is, which is affiliate marketing And I'm going to explain to you why affiliate marketing is the best online business opportunity out there today I'm going to explain why it's better than Amazon FBA, better than Dropshipping, better than stock market, you know trading options, better than all of those

And then after that I'm going to actually share with you how you can get started today for little to no money And that's one of the pluses of affiliate marketing is you don't need to own any products or services of your own, and you can just promote products and services that are already being sold Have you heard of GoDaddy? I'm sure you've seen the commercials on TV That is an example of affiliate marketing where they actually pay you a set commission if people sign up through you for GoDaddy So, that's just a quick example, but let's hop into my computer so I can show you guys the proof and get started with this video

Let's go All right guys, we have hopped into my computer, and I'm just going to go through this real quick I'm going to show you guys the numbers I'm going to show you guys the PayPal and I'll show you guys the money deposited into my bank accounts, so it actually got there and it didn't disappear along the way And then I'm going to show you guys the expenses from my advertising campaigns, which is the only expenses for affiliate marketing, because you don't actually own the products or services, so you don't need to pay for inventory or anything like that, which is a huge plus

So basically with affiliate marketing, one thing about the numbers that I have to say is, these numbers are generally mostly profit margin The only expense you really have is advertising So basically you're looking at profit margins of anywhere around y90, 95, 85% versus something like Amazon FBA, that's usually around 20, 25% So anyways, let's get on with this, because I don't want to waste any time in this video So here you guys can see, this is PayPal's website

We are looking at the dates of May 16th, 2017 to May 22nd, 2017, that's seven days, count them, and you guys can see payments received 45,000, $45,300 And now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna log in to my Chase Bank bank account and I'm going to show you guys those actual deposits into my bank account, just to verify All right, so here we are guys in my Chase account, and here we can see the PayPal transfers into my account, you can see the amounts I'm going to add these amounts up right here Let me just get my calculator out because I can't do this in my head

I was never too good at math in school So let's do that real quick, 24,625 And as you guys can see, hopefully you guys can see with my webcam $45,300 counted up, matches up perfectly with the PayPal account So those are the numbers right there for the revenue

Now let's look into my expenses, which is basically two things, it's my AdWords account from Google, and it is my Facebook Ads Manager So the first thing we're gonna hop into is the AdWords account So, go into here, and this is the AdWords dashboard And if you guys look at this column, this column says cost, and if I scroll down, you guys can see the total cost is $1,68815, and this is for the date range of May 16th, 2017 to May 22nd, 2017

Same date range as it is in PayPal, so you guys can see, spent under $2000 during that time, and if I go into Facebook Ads now Here's my Facebook Ads Manager, and I have the date set again May 16th, 2017 to May 22nd, 2017, you guys can see, total spend is only $5597

So obviously, really minimal spent, but if we add these two together and then we're going to subtract that $45,300 So, let's subtract the 5597 from Facebook, then let us subtract the 1,68815, leaves us at $43,55588, let's divide that by 45,300, and you guys can see 96%, 96

15% profit So, I hope that gives you guys the numbers, now I'm going to give you guys a little other proof that isn't outside of the realm of numbers I'm going to give guys also like, just a little rant right now Alright guys, so we just hopped out of my computer I just shared with you guys the concrete numbers, I showed you guys the revenue and the expenses

So I hope that kind of clears the proof out of the way, but just to add some more proof to the mix, I basically want to kind of rant a little bit about, I think that online, you guys see these titles, you see these YouTube videos, and you know people saying like, they make a million dollars every month or something like that, you know I mean, like just crazy stuff And no doubt that there's definitely a lot of money out there and that online business is very powerful and scalable, especially with the internet, to the point where you can be making five, six, seven figures per month or per year But I want to present to you an argument that, isn't it kind of strange though how, you know, these people who say they're making apparently millions in revenue, they don't really have proof to show for it other than numbers on a computer screen And to be honest with you guys, like that can be easily doctored, and there's so many things that go into it, such as profit margin Revenue versus profit margin

A lot of people they show these huge numbers for revenue, but what's the profit like? How much money are they actually taking home? And so for me, what I would rather argue and what I think is actually more proof than showing numbers on that screen is just showing lifestyle So for me, I don't do this to brag, I don't do this to boast, I'm really not that type of person, I'm actually very low-key If anyone knows in real life, you know that I'm not that loud I'm quiet, like I'm reserved, I keep to myself, and I don't really, like I'm not a flashy person But if you guys just look at my lifestyle, I mean, look at this apartment

And if you guys look at my car, which you know maybe I'll throw some clips in here or something And you know, like, it's obviously none of this, all this is mine This isn't like an Airbnb or something like that, I've been living here for months My car, I got it off the showroom floor Again, I hate to discuss like, I hate to really talk numbers to be honest, but that's a six-figure car and I threw in five figures over $10,000 worth of mods within like one month, no joke

So basically, that's what I'm saying is lifestyle it speaks louder the numbers on the screen and revenue and all that So as for my business model, this is called affiliate marketing And it's not to be confused with network marketing, this is affiliate marketing which is a completely legit thing and not a scam, and I'll show you guys right now if we hop back into my computer Guess who has the biggest affiliate program on the planet? Amazon Associates Amazon

com has the biggest affiliate program Right here, you can earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader So what does all that mean? Basically, if you sell a product through Amazon Associates, you earn commission that's up to 10% of the products price I actually have a much longer and lengthier video explaining the basics of affiliate marketing for anyone who's brand new to the subject and they've never heard of it Make sure you go check out that video

I'm going to link that in the description and in this video It's just called, what is affiliate marketing and how to get started for beginners But yes, so affiliate marketing It's a hundred percent passive income And right now I'm just gonna tell you guys the reasons why I think affiliate marketing is the best online business to start today and why it is better than Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, stock market trading, any of that

So the first reason is because it is 100% passive income, and this right here it's the best reason of all So what do I mean by that? So the way it works with affiliate marketing, is you sell products and services of other companies Now the thing is, you don't own any of these products or services and you don't need to have any of those products on hand, so immediately, it's zero, zero expenses for inventory, there's no inventory to buy, there's nothing to buy So all you have to do is promote it, basically So you promote it and a lot of these products and services are through digital and they're digital products as well, so they have very low overhead

And you sell one of these things, like let's say I sell a pair of headphones And by the way, so my first affiliate marketing business is recordingnowcom, which you guys can check out It's an affiliate marketing website I review headphones and other tech gear in the home recording niche and I receive commission for every single purchase made through my website

So that right there is a little example of how my affiliate marketing business works Now just to get back to the subject So basically it's a 100% passive income It's completely passive in the sense that, once you set up this machine, let's say it's content, such as a blog post, a YouTube video, and you put your affiliate link in the description or something You can continue to earn money from that same exact content that let's say it took you four hours on the Saturday to make, you can continue to make money for months, if not years on end afterwards

Because that video is gonna keep on selling six months into the future And if your video gets a lot of views and if it's one of the top videos when someone searches for a review of let's say headphones or something, then you're going to keep earning commission even long after you've already put into work And that's the number one reason why I love affiliate marketing is passive income It gives you time freedom If you work on nine-to-five or if you're a student in school or something and you guys just hate being tied down by having a schedule and having to wake up to that alarm clock at five, 6am in the morning

Trust me, I was there I used to work the nine-to-five, I had to wake up, I had to commute every single morning, sit in traffic, it was the worst thing But with affiliate marketing, it's giving me the time freedom to do everything I love I was able to take a 10 day vacation I went to Europe, I went to Dublin, Ireland, I went to Paris, France and Berlin, Germany 10 days and guess how many hours of work I put in? Zero, a big fat zero

I didn't do anything, guys And guess how much money I made? The same amount that I was making when I was back in Chicago That's the truth I was making the same amount because everything is automated I don't really do any day-to-day work

And that is right there is the number one reason why affiliate marketing is the best business in my opinion I sound like affiliate marketing's number one fanboy and it's because it's given me just the lifestyle of my dreams and the lifestyle that a lot of people aspire and want truly because of that 100% passive income and time freedom Now the other reason why affiliate marketing is superior is because extremely low overhead You don't need inventory, guys You can start affiliate marketing for free, for free 99, zero dollars, and you can't say that with the other businesses

With something like Amazon, you need to have you know a thousand, $2000 to even buy the product, and there's no guarantee that anyone's actually going to buy the product, so you might have to eat up that inventory cost if your product doesn't go well Now with affiliate marketing, you're just selling stuff that people are already buying If you guys have heard of GoDaddy I'm sure you've seen their TV commercials They have a huge affiliate program

They sell domains and web hosting online And if you're an affiliate for GoDaddy, you have a link, if someone signs up through your link, you can earn Now I'm not showing the exact numbers for beginner affiliates, but you can earn you know anywhere from 40, 60, I think over a hundred dollars depending on the plan that they sign up with

So, that right there, another example of affiliate marketing But, yeah, so basically, there's low expenses but there's very, very high upside potential Because the question comes up with lot of people who are just getting to this is, how much can I earn with affiliate marketing? Now my answer is, the sky's the limit That you can earn I just showed you guys $45,000 forty in a single week, which is crazy because that's actually how much my former salary was a year ago in May of 2016 before I got fired from my nine-to-five, I was making $45,000 a year And I was able to make that in one week just one year after getting fired from my job So, again, it's insane, it's crazy, the potential is so limitless, but the actual expenses and the risk is not really that high to be honest with you If you were to start something like a restaurant or a brick-and-mortar business, you would have to spend thousands of dollars a month in expenses to buy the ingredients, to pay for the real estate

So yeah, that's basically, those two reasons why affiliate marketing is superior to any other online business in my opinion Anyways, now moving on, let's talk about how I actually run my business and how I was actually able to generate such a large income in such a small period of time So just jump into things, its affiliate marketing Like I said, my first affiliate marketing website recordingnowcom, which we can hop in my computer and you know check it out, and so I can show you guys how it works, how it earns revenue

And then I'll just get into the more details of how I was able to expand and grow in order to reach a higher income Alright guys, so we are back to my computer, round two This time I'm going to show you guys one of my actual affiliate marketing businesses And I'm gonna walk you step-by-step on how this website generates revenue, how it earns income, and I'm also going to give you guys some actual tips for not only how you can get started, but how you can take your business just from being a small let's say, under four figures a month to your first thousand dollars a month, 10K a month and beyond And one thing I want to say about the numbers again is, you know just a disclaimer

These results are not typical obviously, I've been doing this for years and this didn't happen overnight My first year in online business I made zero dollars, zero, nothing, squat, like, I did not make anything, guys And you know I'm a pretty smart guy, for the most part I'm a pretty sharp guy, I'm no dummy, but I was researching, trolling forums, watching videos and even with all that it was just trial and error I mean, there is no I had no mentor, I had no one to help me get from where I was to where I wanted to be, so it took me a long time But I'm hoping that I can change some of your, guys lives and your paths, so that I can cut down that learning curve in half if not less So anyways, let's get on with it Recordingnow

com as you guys saw on the headphones, these are V-MODA's Basically, this is a home recording niche authority website What is an authority website? It's a website that people trust It's like a brand name that people trust and they respect the opinion of So, one way that I make money through this website is through reviews and specifically headphones

My headphone reviews have received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and every single one of those headphone reviews has affiliate links from Amazon Associates in the description You guys have seen this before If you guys are not new to YouTube If you've watched a few videos then you guys would know that Amazon affiliate links are all over YouTube and not just for tech reviewers but all the big YouTubers And every time you click one of those links, they earn money if you purchase anything within 24 hours

And it doesn't have to be that exact product, it can be literally anything else within 24 hours, which is something that a lot of people don't know, but it's crazy, the potential that you can have to earn a little extra side income just by posting those links So let's go, here's a good one This is my Bose review Actually, let's go to my Audio-Technica review, because that's a great, great example of how I've been so effective and so successful with affiliate marketing So if I click this right here, you guys can see this is the article

It has the YouTube video, which I'm going to show you guys Let me just grab my pair So these are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, very popular headphone Let me just click this so we can go on the YouTube video, just to show you guys it's got over Oops Just to show you guys, it has over 300,000 views on YouTube And if I just go open up the new tab If I open up a new tab, we searched on Google for M50x, which is that headphone Scroll down and what do we see here, guys? It is my video and it's on the first page And if we scroll, you can see I'm out ranking websites like BH Photo Video, bestbuycom and CNET

CNET's article or review as you can see came out in 2014, mine came out in 2016, and it was able to surpass all of those huge brand names by being on the first page So if you combine those two things together, high ranking on Google or YouTube, getting lots of views and then making sales at the end of the day with affiliate marketing, that is how you're able to generate large amounts of income through affiliate marketing So that right there, this is a real example of an affiliate marketing website which I own and I've operated for years Now what happened is, in order to get to higher levels I had to create multiple affiliated marketing websites Well, what I did is I went to other niches and industries that were more profitable than home recording

Because comparatively home recording is not really a huge money-making niche but it's enough to make a living if you do it correctly And so for me, I just took the same process I have a process which is kind of unique I've had people tell me that my process, like my students, I've had them tell me that my process is somewhat innovative and unique, and I never really thought about that way, I was just doing me, you know I mean? Like I was just doing reviews, putting links, making YouTube videos But they've told me that my specific process is unique to affiliate marketing, because a lot of people teach like the Clickfunnels, they do Facebook Ads to Clickfunnels landing page, yada yada, and mine's a little different than that and it's been very effective for me, obviously, as you can see

But anyways, so if you guys want to get started, Amazon Associates is completely free to join You guys can join here for free, and the thing is, it's free to join but I have to tell you guys that if you want to get approved you need to have, I really recommend you have a website And you want to have that website to have some content, like a blog or something, and then maybe put in some articles or some reviews like Recording Now You want to make it looked lived in You want to make it look like it's a legit business that can promote products and services

Because they don't want just anyone spamming Amazon links everywhere, they want to have legit advertisers So a website is pretty much almost guaranteed approval into the program Now I've heard of people getting in with just a YouTube channel So if you want to do YouTube for you know, you can do reviews as well or you can do whatever you want to promote your products You can do anything in health, fitness, whatever, you guys can do that as well

So that's basically like a very simple how you get started Again, I have another video on what is affiliate marketing and it kind of goes into this a little more, but basically that's some of my actionable tips I highly recommend that you create, you become an authority in your industry, in your niche, and that you do stuff like reviews Simple reviews of products, this can really help to make sales because you're educating your audience on the product that they're already interested in If people are watching this, they want to know if it's worth buying or not

And if you give them enough information and if you recommend the right products to the right people then that's a sale right there You're just connecting people with the products that are going to enhance their lives for the better So again, yeah, it's a very simple process, but you can do this with so many industries, so many products and services, and there's so many ways to skin the cat especially with affiliate marketing, which is why it's important to have someone to kind of guide you and mentor you along the way, or it's gonna take you a long time, like me If you just go the trial and error way and just do free information or whatever, it's going to take you a long time, because affiliate marketing is not the same as the other businesses Again, it's completely passive income, so that has pros and cons

Because earning passive income is extremely hard to build but once it's built it continues and it's generally extremely solid and consistent from months, if not years on end Because as you guys can see I made this in 2016 and it's 2017, it's almost 2018 in a few months and I'm here on the first page of Google So again, that's basically the basic process Your goal with every single piece of content for affiliate marketing is to get on the first page of either YouTube or Google, which are the two biggest search engines in the world, so you can receive that organic traffic for months if not years to come That's how affiliate marketing is so powerful, and how it's possible to earn such large amounts of money, because you're able to just basically create these machines, these systems

So you have your content and then you have the affiliate link with that content, so the content sells the product and then clicking that affiliate link earns you the commission So that's a little machine right there It's like a little salesman that works 24/7, never sleeps, never eats, it just keeps grinding, and if you're on the first page you're getting hundreds, if not thousands of clicks a month, which will result in sales, because at the end of the day, it's a numbers game So, yeah, that wraps it up So in short, I have multiple affiliate websites, they all are similar to this in the sense that I promote products and services, whether it's through reviews, whether it's through comparisons and whatnot

And I just duplicated the process to other more profitable niches and industries, and that's basically how you're able to grow such a large income through affiliate marketing All right guys, so the last thing that I want to show you, for anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing and you want to use this as your vehicle to wealth to passive income and basically living the lifestyle of your dreams as it has given me, then you guys need to check out my brand new course, which I just released two weeks ago, it's called affiliatemarketingchampcom And if I just scroll down I'll share with you guys some of the lessons that I teach in the course If you guys enjoyed my teaching style in this video, if you guys want me as your mentor

I've had so many requests for people who keep asking me, "What's the best way to get started "with affiliate marketing?" And asking me all these questions and asking me if, "Can you be my mentor? "Are you willing to be my mentor "and help me learn it for the marketing?" And the truth is, I would love to, however, I can't help everyone, because there's just not enough time in the day and there's only one of me So I thought that the best solution is to create a course where I basically explain my process so that you can actually duplicate that same exact process which I've used And you can duplicate that same process and have someone, a successful established mentor by your side, that you can contact 24/7 to help you out with any advice, any feedback, to help you on your affiliate marketing journey So some of the lessons in the course, in this video I've already explain why affiliate marketing is the best online business today I share examples of successful affiliate marketing, the real world

So, this is very eye-opening for people, because everyone does affiliate marketing Big companies, small companies, small blogs, individuals, small businesses Everyone does affiliate marketing in one form or another and I explained that in this video, so you guys can get some ideas for your affiliate marketing business and what's the best way to sort of attack it So after that there's a step-by-step plan on how to start a successful affiliate marketing business This is where I teach you guys my process

This is where I teach you the process I've used for every single one of my affiliate marketing businesses websites And you guys are allowed to duplicate that process that I use which is innovative and very effective After that, I teach the most profitable niches in the affiliate marketing which is a huge lesson guys This is the difference between making $1,000 a month and $10,000 a month I'm not kidding

The niche is extremely important and you want to choose a money-making niche You don't want to go, choose a niche where there's no money in it, because you'll be fighting for scraps And then one of the lessons I teach is how to rank on the first page of Google and on YouTube I just showed you guys earlier in the video, I'm ranked on the first page of Google for this And the thing is my video and my YouTube are not in that big

My YouTube today has 33,000 subscribers When I release this video I probably had less than 20,000 But there's reviewers out there that have millions of subscribers who have reviewed these headphones, so if I just search M50x on YouTube, you guys can see, I'm still number two, MKBHD, he has 16 million views, he's number one But on Google, which is the biggest search engine in the world, I'm actually on the first page and no other videos are to be found

So again that's an extremely, extremely, this is a really important lesson guys, this is worth the price of the course alone I teach you guys a secret paid traffic source which I've used and I don't see taught I've never seen this taught But I use this for all of my affiliate marketing camp to turbocharger the results And the investment is so small, guys, I'm talking just five bucks a day to start

After that I also teach how to create an affiliate marketing website from scratch I teach you how to create a website basically the same way that I made recordingnowcom I teach you guys how to get started with that in less than an hour It's super easy, anyone can do it And then lastly, I teach a little Facebook Ads for affiliate marketing, and then my top five mistakes with affiliate marketing that I wish I knew when I got started would save me months if not years of frustration and failure

Now, these are the lessons that are in the course right now, it's completely comprehensive But the good news is I'm adding new lessons right now I'm actually working on a few lessons such as the ClickFunnels, Facebook advertising, that ClickFunnels method, and a whole bunch of other value-packed lessons that are on the way right now But as it stands, this course is worth every single penny and more And you know I wouldn't just say that if I didn't believe it

I wouldn't release a product that I wasn't a 100% behind I mean that, guys You can take my word for that And this course is just, I've gotten feedback from students who've said to raise the price, to double the price of the course, and that it's worth that And I just can't believe it

I'm so thankful for all my students right now who are in the course So awesome I'm really here for you guys and I just want to kill it and create more affiliate marketing champs So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video Please thumbs up, comment

You know leave a comment, anything, let's talk I'm really trying to help people and I love talking to people, and if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them I'm an open book, I'm happy to help Again, ODi Productions On Instagram make sure you follow me @odi_productions

If you guys want to DM me more private questions, or if you guys just want to see more pictures of the car or whatever, I make some really cool interesting post on that So anyways, that wraps up this video It's kind of a long one, but this is a very important video I hope I was able to inspire or motivate some of you guys today And I'll catch you guys on the next one

Peace Oh, and one last thing I wanted to mention is that for a limited time since the course is brand new I'm actually having a promotional discount from the link in the description The coupon code is already applied, but I'm only gonna be running this promotion for a limited time So you guys really need to join the course if you are serious about this then this is a good way to save some money but at the same time get so much value in return So definitely make sure you hit the promo code below, if you guys are interested in taking advantage of that discount


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