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How Much Can you Earn Blogging?

How Much Can you Earn Blogging?

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income with a little extra to pay for a few desirable treats or create a blog that will support your lifestyle then you can attractive much make as much money as you like from blogging if you are prepared to put in-the solid work.


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There are lots of remarkable stories out there of triumphant bloggers who make money blogging:

For example over the former couple of years, husband and wife team, Bjork and Lindsay at PinchofYum.com, a food and recipe blog, have built up a vast following and some months they have made nearly $25k.

Another blogging couple, Yeison and Samantha, who run mytanfeet.com are making over $5k per month while they travel the world and share their photos and stories on their blog.

I’m not going to lie to you but it can take months even years prior to you might see a significant return on the time you invest in to starting a blog but that is why I have created this free guide so that you can be confident in taking the right steps to achieving your blogging goals.

So let’s persevere…

How to Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

This is the most critical step. Seriously.

There is no point in starting a blog that you want to make money from without a plan. There are thousands, even hundreds of niches out there. Some are wide and vast; some are trivial and virtually unknown. Some niches are easier to make money in than others.

This is why your research is significant.

A excellent place to commence when you are picking a niche is to look at your own interests in Google.

For example I really launched a blog in-the survivalist niche a couple of years ago which I sold for a remarkable earnings. The reason I created this blog was that I appreciate being outdoors, hiking and mountain biking etc. I furthermore watch a lot of TV shows about people like Bear Grylls and Ray Mears.

I’m no expert but it’s something I like.

One area I never really got into with my survivalist blog and wanted to was Everyday Carry. Most people will have never heard of this concept but it really is an engrossing sub-niche with in this niche. Everyday Carry is basically any items you can’t leave the house with.

For most of us this will be our wallet, phone & keys – and in-the summer months hopefully some sunglasses :).

If you travel a lot for work you may have a laptop or tablet with you.

If you work on a construction site you may have a tool belt.

However for many people who are forever prepared everyday carry is about having everything you might need in an emergency or for general use on you at all times. This will often include a light source (torch), a pocket knife, some trivial tools & rope it’s quite amazing how simple it is to carry all these things with you in your pockets, on your keys or in a trivial bag.

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