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How one can Launch a Service Business

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– Welcome to The Journey Today we're gonna discuss learn how to start out your service business

Let's go Hey, I'm Emma, your GoDaddy Guide and today I'm super excited to be joined with my co-host Justin Nealey Hey Justin, what's up? – What up? How are you? – What are we gonna discuss today? Commencing a service business? – Precisely We're talking about starting out your service business – I'm already dying to know, the location do you initiate? 'Cause there's loads of things that I'm certain you must do but what's initial and foremost? – Right, and you must take that initial step of really determining what you wish you wish your business to be

Right? You possibly can't just go, I wish to be a service-based business Well, what do you wish to do? Whether you wish it to be something that you just're actually captivated with since you're gonna get loads of the things that you just don't wish to do just like the admin or simply the run-around, and whether it's not something you're really captivated with, it's not gonna final – I like the fervour component To me, whether you're doing something that you just're captivated with, you're gonna present it your all, your 110% – Right, absolutely

– You're gonna do the choice work – Right, it's your why It's why you do what you do – Yeah, so what do you want? The location do you start out? – So probably the 1st step, simply to make certain that you just're productive, is to purchase a computer whether you don't have one Whether you watch this on a computer, then just disregard this

Move on to step two but that's gonna be the 1st step – What a couple of smartphone though? I feel like I do everything on my smartphone – You are able to do lots, absolutely, but it's all about being productive You possibly can flip to distinct tabs, go to distinct screens, do a bunch of stuff that you just potentially couldn't do, or whether you must go and sort everything out on a smartphone, it's gonna take you a large number longer than on a computer It's superb to have both though

– That's a superb point Okay, so you’ve a computer, got it Then what's next? I'm thinking social media but that's just 'cause I'm obsessive about it, domain, the location do you go from there? – So probably the subsequent step is to determine what your name is and purchase a site name and get your social media handles We've got a few videos that we talked about really diving into Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in-the links or descriptions beneath As soon as you’ve that domain you then need a website

Social media is outstanding but you’ll be able to't all the time control social media Do you remember Vine? – (laughs) Yeah – Yeah, it was an excellent popular platform Right? – What happened to Vine? – Everyone invested all their time and it's gone So all those followers went with it

And together with your website, it's there to help you generate leads and also you control it, and it's there for as lengthy as you wish it And you then piggyback into social – Another thing, I'm so just wrapped up in-the digital world– – Absolutely – But I used to be at a trade exhibition recently, walking the ground, networking, and I forgot my business cards And it's simple to do 'cause I achieve this much in-the digital world

– Right – But I got by but I just am curious as a trivial business owner and the local heroes listening in, are business cards still an meaningful thing? – Absolutely, it's absolutely pertinent In actual fact, I got a business card today and it blew my intellect, the standard of it Right? Take a look at that Super cool

– There's even a texture with the font – It's something tactile and whether you're on the go, sometimes it’s possible you’ll not remember the domain name or the handle or things like that but that business card is just something to actually make yourself stand out Particularly whether you bought a cool one like that that's distinct – It's a cool one – It helps you out

– Did you wish it back? – I unkind, I would (laughter) We'll get it later I didn't even notice you set it in your pocket – Yeah, thanks – Some place you may get business cards, there's places like moo

com that's lovely cool There's Vista Print, they've been around ceaselessly We discuss Canva lots You possibly can create your individual business card on there They will print it off for you

– What do you utilize? – I take advantage of Canva 'cause I like to actually design every a part of it and there's a few templates but to every their very own – Now when it involves getting your actual work done, I assume it is advisable to have what? An office space, work space? Space in your home? – It's gonna differ, right? – Is that meaningful? – It's somewhat meaningful It relies on what style of service you supply Whether you don't ever really refer to someone face-to-face, you don't need an office but whether you wish to be capable to have meetings with people, things like that, you don't must put money into an office space There are a ton of just co-working spaces popping up all around the country

Some are free, some are freemiums, some are paid It just relies on what the budget is but with those co-working spaces, what I like about it is it's not only a spot to work but it's a spot to– – Free coffee – There's free coffee too (laughter) There's coffee and Kick Flips but it's a outstanding place to network And also you get all these like-minded people around you which you can just piggyback ideas off of or find just complimentary businesses

That perhaps I'm a web designer, right? And also you're working there and also you're a graphic designer You start out forwarding me web design leads I start out forwarding you graphic design leads and your service just builds and builds and builds Or work at home Have a little bit office space, something that's just yours, free of distractions

I do know I'm like a squirrel I just get distracted all day Just I'm working after which Netflix will pop on and my dog runs by and I get distracted so what I love to do is go to a coffee shop and drink coffee (laughs) – I like the working at home It's not for everyone but– – Not for everybody

It’s whether you prefer to work in your PJs – That's how I do my webinars (laughter) Okay, so yet another inquire for you – All right – How do you stay productive doing this? – Oh, that's tough

It really relies on the kind of service business you supply There's not one reply fits all but I'll go over a number of the things that helps most individuals Opening off, you would like some style of productivity suite Hottest on the market are Google Suite with all their Google Docs, Sheets, all that superb stuff after which Microsoft Office I might nearly caution people to have, principally get a moment number

And what I unkind by that’s not going and getting another phone Right? There's a lot of digital services the location you’ll be able to principally have another number in your phone in order that way people aren't calling you in your moveable line and also you're like is that this personal? Is that this business? After which it gets confusing – Partition the 2 – Absolutely, and you then don't reply like a weirdo like hey that is Nealey's Web Design and it's your mom, right? You wish to make it professional so you’ve that difference – She'll be happy to listen to that you just're all the time working and dealing difficult (laughs)

– She's so arrogant (laughter) And just partition your personal life out of your business 'cause otherwise it's gonna start out getting overwhelming – I say the equivalent for social media Whether you’ve a business, go and get a business page Don't use your personal page

Yeah – Absolutely All right after which, let's discuss getting paid You're a service business, right? – Oh right, yeah – You wish to receives a commission

You're not doing this– – That's an meaningful a part of all this – This isn’t only a hobby – Not only a hobby – We all got bills – Yeah, passion that pays

– Yes, a lot of tools on the market Whether you're going in person, probably Square or something like that so you bought that little dongle and you’ll swipe that bank card Venmo's probably my favorite, simply to read the comments personally that individuals discuss, but quick and simple method to receives a commission otherwise there's PayPal and Stripe to your website and things like that – Appears like loads of options – We got options

– All right, that's a wrap I wish to thank my co-host, Justin, for being here – It's been awesome – You're the expert and we learned lots about learn how to start out your service business but I'm certain you’ve questions so go ahead and drop them beneath and be certain to sign up to our channel for more videos of this kind See ya

– Bye

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