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How People Are Making Money On The Internet 2017 – My Paying Ads Method


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How Mey On The Internet – My Ads Method coming on't know about you but in terms of business progression in terms of making ong>moneyong> online and kinds of goals that I kind of set myself out reach for like my new year resolutions itself things are going extremely extremely well and what I want to song>howong> you guys ong time structured company and that has been providing me and so much growth in size and women like as myself is an online marketer of grown as an online marketer online but also from the actual earnings I've been making from this company as well and now this is an advertising company and it is probably right now the number one best web share company that you can ever get yourself involved in and when I talk about long term structured businesses or long term structure company I'm talking about sort of years down the line you know sort of envisioning like I don't know maybe like five or ten years themselves i mean this company is solid ong>toong> the bone I can't say this enough I mean so many people really look up ong>toong> the administration the support team and everything like that and the gross the actual growth that this company is still making today is phenomenal so what I want on: underline;”>to son: underline;”>to dive straight inong>toong> my comment results as of on: underline;”>how you my current progress in mpa i just want to quickly explain for those of you who don't quite know what my paying ads is all about so basically they are an advertising company that provide a share of revenue to paying advertisers and they have various advertising options available but in order ong>toong> benefit from making oney with advertising you just simply purchase an ad pack and in return you get back a hundred and twenty percent of your earnings or in other words you're getting a twenty percent profit for every ad pack so you know think of it like this I'm an online marketer who is in need of quality advertising in order on: underline;”>to join a professional and very stable rev-share company which offers multiple advertising services then from here I can then purchase advertising that is suitable ong>toong> my needs or I'm also able to greatly benefit from purchasing advertising and earning some revenue from the company so essentially i'm being paid ong>toong> advertise my own stuff and this is really amazing i'm telling you right now this has changed my life drastically I've been able on: underline;”>to achieve that lifestyle there's very few rev-share companies like this that it take their business seriously and are structured for long-term growth I'm not talking about months I'm talking about years and my paying ads have never missed out on a payment in over 18 months they pay out seven days a week and have currently paid out over 16 million dollars ong>toong> advertisers which is just a crazy amount as you can imagine and one thing you should know is that my paying ads greatly improve is returning cuson: underline;”>tomer rate so you know just like with any business a returning cuson: underline;”>tomer so that's one of the reasons why it's important on: underline;”>to support the greater game for the company and its members and my paying ads does exactly that I honestly think that you'll love this so before you sign up and give it a try I want on: underline;”>to song>howong> you my current progress from ong>toong>day right now ok guys so what we're currently looking at right now our stats from last Monday now ong>toong>day's Tuesday the 14th of March but we're looking at stats from pretty much just over one week ago okay and I try on: underline;”>to keep things usually from a week perspective but it's just ons are made sort of within a rough week and so you can kind of get an understanding for yourself as well so what you can see just along here last Monday I was standing up 350 firm results now you might think that is a huge a number right and for me it's a big achievement for myself but one of the beautiful things about red share companies and about my pay announced in general is that you don't need ong>toong> have referrals and if you feel like you want on: underline;”>how you can actually start recruiting and active referrals that are going to start helping you ong>toong> make ong>moneyong> and build your income online with my pain ads as well so it's going on: underline;”>to be really really phenomenal a piece of training because a lot of people on my team has been asking for it so I fought now's the time on and kind of just break everything down in a simplified kind of process I'm going ong> help you every single step of the way now there is a link just below this video and with regards ong>toong> my if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask me and then if you just want to dive straight in there is a bit a link below to join the company as well and on the registration page just sure that the sponsor the very first field so Steve in China all one word and then you know once you've got that changed and then you'll be rest assured that you have an active sponsors someone that you can look up ong>toong> someone who's going ong>toong> be there ong>toong> answer all your questions and ong>toong> meet personalized videos if something is and explain onsor who's already in the business who's already doing well who already has a lot of questions answered for other team members you know I can just kind of step in and just kind of give you the information that you need so that you can get started soon or rather than kind of later you know rather just holding back just get moving forward and then it's just going on: underline;”>to people more successful than myself and I'm not saying that I'm more successful than you you know it might be far from that at all but I'm just someone who's going ong>toong> be a reliable sponsor to look up to so that's on: underline;”>totally up on: underline;”>towards that as well so if you feel like you can resonate with me and you feel like you might have some questions go ahead and answer questions away and then I'll be more than happy to help you get those questions sold for you now with regard to the active adpacks understanding of 480 ad packs and now look at this guy's ID pack earning so this is basically sorry just pause that video for a second but look at the active the attack earnings along here fifty 1402 dollars that's over 50 grand in the company that I've made since day one so since i purchased my very first ad pack these are earning to keep building and building and building and it's kind of just like a on: underline;”>hown you in the video before that they pay out seven days a week and the earnings are actually distributed I believe it's on an hourly basis so every one or two hours you're going to see this balance keep building and building and building and you're going ong>toong> see phenomenal growth like a lot of my team has been doing and especially during over the Christmas period december january and there was some big power players in my team who were put in like thousands in because they can see the potential that this really has and it's just going ong>toong> do phenomenal growth honestly i think that it really doesn't matter it like when i was saying about people putting thousands in you don't have to be in that position that's all i've had people put in maybe like fifty dollars or a hundred dollars five hundred dollars and stuff like that just ong>toong> get started sooner later so only put in something that you can afford ong>toong> put in yourself I'm not going to encourage you to say you know I'm not like one of these kind of commission horse and just try ong> in as possible you know that's that's just plain stupid but if you're in a position and you want to start seeing like some progress with inside and maybe you just want ong>toong> sort of test things out right the best way on: underline;”>to put in and then you're going to start seeing ong>howong> this works and how it starts ong>toong> build up then you know you start compounding your earnings and everything just kind of builds up from there and then you can start getting ong>toong> a position where you can start making consistent daily withdrawals and that's kind of the goal for everyone you know whatever that goal is you know it might be ten dollars a day twenty-five dollars a day fifty dollars a day a hundred dollars a day or more you know whatever that goal is that you have to yourself you know use of strategy and just keep building your account just focus on your account and just come in with a long-term mindset okay and then once you get on then you're going ong>toong> be extremely extremely happy later on now this is just going ads as of today which is phenomenal because it's really important as an advertising company on: underline;”>to thrive and survive you know it's very important ong>toong> have consistent sales and because of that and because of the the awareness has been growing with the company itself so many other people would seeing the potential that this really has and honestly guys this is just a phenomenal companies really helped me ong>toong> live my lifestyle whilst being here in China as well and you can see these numbers here and I know they're not very clear but it works out ong>toong> about 36 million six hundred and fifty 6221 dollars which is the nominal right as you can imagine I think the video is just showed you about 16 million right but now it's 36 million which is honestly is just a phenomenal company like very very I don't know just very happy to be with a company that is structured for long time and just live up to their words and their extremely responsive in terms of getting things done with and like you know if there's minor things that they need on the website and they let everyone know and that the adjustment thought will be made and it's just a small setback it's like really tiny setbacks because it's like because they're growing so fast there's some things like server improvements that need ong>toong> be made or certain adjustments in terms of security measures that they've already implemented but I mean this is a time ong>toong> be missing out on all the years of how much potential that this really has for you as well and I'm here ong>toong> help you every step of the way and you know if you really want ong>toong> grow as an online marketer you know referral training building your own team as well and start earning some really decent commissions from other people as well honestly guys is really really going ong>toong>p now last year this company was standing up maybe 12 or 13 thousand and so those of you who don't really know what an alexa rank is it's more like a popularity ranking system okay so if you think or websites like Google and Amazon they're going ong>toong> be ranked somewhere probably nearly number one number two something like that ok now this company was standing up 13 12,000 something like that last year which I can remember and now they are signing at 2430 which is phenomenal phenomenal growth so basically the awareness people are becoming a lot more aware of this company and that's why it's on average there's probably a roughly about five or six thousand people joining every single week which is just phenomenal you know and you you definitely want to be a part of that and because you're going ong>toong> see a lot of lot of games in potential games as you start building your account inside the system so let me kind of just song>howong> you my risk my stat as of right now so 376 referrals so just a massive thank you ong>toong> a lot of you guys who have decided ong>toong> join with me and again I really appreciate all your questions you know whether it's through Facebook or whatever by any means for an email and stuff like that you know whatever the case is I'm going to be there ong>toong> answer all your questions and last week I went out my way ong>toong> maybe ong>makeong> about five five or six personal recorded videos for people who are questions and you know because everyone's query ong>toong> different some people more experienced than others and I just you know just kind of had the time to ong>toong> make those videos ong>toong> ong>makeong> it sure that is very clear so that you kind of underson: underline;”>tood what you're doing maybe you need to understand a little bit more about the advertising side of things and but I won't cover it onally I just think you know if you guys have got any questions at all then don't hesitate ong>toong> ask me my facebook is just below this video so just add me asking your questions and I'll be happy ong>toong> answer those questions for you now active ad packs 486 now this hasn't been phenomenal growth and the reason because is recently I've been withdrawing two hundred dollars per day inside the account because my contract for my my accommodation ends at the end of this month and the price is now going up which is kind of ridiculously higher than I was expecting it ong>toong> be but I'm needing ong>toong> take out you know kind of as How People Are Making Money On The Internet 2017 – My Paying Ads Method I've got enough on: underline;”>to pay cover the rent and so on and so forth and once it's been covered then I'm kind of compounding and building inside the system as well and actually for a few days this week I've decided to compound and build inside the account as well but as of right now I've just decided on: underline;”>to just for on: underline;”>to compound my earnings and then I'm going ong>toong> go back ong>toong> sort of withdrawing and finishing the amount that I've kind of set myself to achieve in terms of in terms of making that getting the on: underline;”>make those long-term decisions okay and like these kind of how can I say it is I'm kind of mumble in my words a little bit but I'm just saying it's just you really need a legitimate business in order ong>toong> sustain a and ong>howong> can I say this and you really need a company that you can rely on long time okay I'm just trying ong>toong> get my wares a bit messed up there but I'm hope I'm opening you can see where I'm kind of going with it it's so important you know there's so many sort of scam websites out there and programs that just try out very quickly or company owners that have no business sense at all you know they kind of just purely out there to scan people out of their hard-earned ong>toong> draw up so quick you know you end up they end up can't paying out everyone so it dries up like this sort of within days or weeks or you know within a few months but this company is structured and that they have more than enough ong>moneyong> ong term businesses you know look at 5 10 plus years this is a company you definitely definitely want ong>toong> get yourself and Vulcan now with regards to the 486 I'm going ong>toong> kind of show you a quick representation of what we can kind of look at in terms of idealistic numbers ok now this calculation is unofficial okay it is not it's not owned by NPA or anything like that is kind of built by someone and we're just kind of using it as a guesstimate oh ok we kind of just taken estimates as on: underline;”>how can I say so on a day to day basis sales are going ong>toong> differentiate because this is an advertising company right every single day and sales are going on: underline;”>to be differentiated but on average we're looking at roughly two of about two percent a day in terms of like and earnings being distributed but you can see along here 486 attacks which is where I'm at right now look at this daily profit share owners guys 266 dollars now this is phenomenal like if I didn't withdraw anything if I didn't purchase anything and or repurchase anything this would be the amount that would be into my earning balance which would be a hundred percent with horrible now for those of you familiar with Ray share business models there is no repurchase rule so it's not like they keep thirty percent inside the the site and you can withdraw seventy percent you know this is fully 100% we've durable that this oney comes inong>toong> so if I was to withdrawal this on: underline;”>money or you know just say two hundred dollars a day for example for one week or for five days that's a thousand dollars i have sort of there and then that i can use to financially support myself and that's what it's all about i always say it's not really the focus shouldn't be about making money every day it's about doing something with that on: underline;”>money that really counts so for me you know it's not paying off and the bren and taking care of my dog for example you know it's really really about then providing that sort of lifestyle that I can continue and keep growing need the account as well so that I can keep growing and building inside the account but just take up money as and when I need to and you might be in positions like that yourself you know whether it's just small it might be a lot smaller things so it might be just be pain like them gas or petrol money something like that or you might have sort of food and everything like that you know just consider those cut types of things in in your type of situation and just think about later down the road you know free 6-12 months down the road on: underline;”>money in because I'm seeing all these investment opportunities and you know just I really don't know if you know I've learned from those mistakes of a lost or literally lost thousands in those kind of things but I'm you know when you can find a legitimate advertising company and they've kind of rewarded us with with like earnings back like 120 ong> that's going on: underline;”>to see a lot of progress and the sooner you get started and it just goes from there honestly the very last thing I want to show you guys now last week we were looking at we lost monday we're looking at fifty 1402 dollars now today we're looking at fifty 3454 so I told you that this growth and every single time so this is one as beautiful things about this business is a you know you can see the earnings and stacking art and you can see on: underline;”>how much progress is actually being made fifty 3454 dollars now I'm sure that you can agree that you would love ong>o much about the advertising itself but I mean a lot of it is self-explanaong>toong>ry but if you do have questions at all don't hesitate to ask me there's a link below this video ong>toong> my and start ready to my facebook there's also a link directly ong>toong> the company as well so and that's going on: underline;”>to take you on: underline;”>make sure that it says Steve in China if you wish to join my team because I'm going on: underline;”>to anything relating to sort of my paying ads okay so and don't hesitate ong>toong> add me or following me follow me on Facebook you know I'll answer your questions if you have any and then we can go from there so until then stay awesome and I'll talk once you finish watching one of my videos what you're going to want ong>toong> do is just on: underline;”>to give you a direct link if you click on song>howong> more i'm also going to give you another link ong>toong> my facebook so if you guys have got any questions or you know you just want ong>toong> reach out ong>toong> me or anything like that don't hesitate on: underline;”>to contact me on facebook as well but for now we're just going ong>toong> click on this link here and right now is going to take me on: underline;”>to the homepage okay so the very first thing you're going on: underline;”>to want ong>toong> do is on the top right hand corner it says sign up so once we click on this it's now going to take me on page now this is crucial the very first thing you're going on: underline;”>to want ong>toong> check is that the sponsor so Steve in China okay if it doesn't it says someone else's name or it has NPA admin which is a default what you need ong>makeong> sure it says Steven China before because once you guys are on my team you know I'm going ong>toong> be helping you every step of the way and once I've max out this system I'm going ong>toong> be sharing some of my commissions with you guys as well so you know it's just ong>toong> help you progress and develop in my paying ads as we go along okay so just make sure that that's so Steven China and then we're all good you know by all means if you've got any questions don't hesitate ong>toong> ask me on Facebook this this honestly guys this is very simple and you're going to enjoyed it so much so like I said before is much better ong>toong> get started sooner rather than later so until then stay awesome and How People Are Making Money On The Internet 2017 – My Paying Ads Method

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