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How To ABUSE Aim Assist In Chapter 2 Season 2! (Controller Fortnite – Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we're gonna be going over how to abuse aim assist in Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 In my last video I basically lsited off a bunch of different reasons why this new season is shaping up to be so good for controller players

And in case you missed the video, one of the biggest reasons is the fact that there are so many weapons in the game that fit the strengths of controller Fortnite And since hands down the biggest strength of playing with a controller is aim assist, it makes sense that a lot of these new weapons are perfect for abusing aim assist with This video is mainly going to be revolved around abusing aim assist with legacy and linear, so if you're an exponential player I would focus more whenever I talk about linear since expo is much more similar to that than legacy So, without further ado, let's get right into it Alright so my plan here is to basically take a look at each weapon category, and then breakdown how to abuse aim assist with each of the viable weapons in the category

May sound a bit complicated but you'll see what I mean, and just like last video let's start with the SMGs So the 4 SMGs available in the game right now are the regular SMG, the surpressed SMG, the rapid fire SMG, and the mythic drum gun If you're a linear player, abusing aim assist with any of the 4 SMGs is actually pretty simple, you want to get as close to the enemy you're fighting as humanely possible, take out your SMG, basically shove it into your enemies' body or face, and then hold down right trigger without aiming in and continue to track the enemy with your crosshair if they try to move That right there is basically the single most appealing aspect of playing on linear When you get close enough to your enemies' body, the amount of stickiness that your crosshair gets when they try to strafe and jump is just absolutely insane

It's funny because back when linear was first released and not too many people were using it, mouse and keyboard players would be like "I wish Fortnite would remove legacy and force controller players to play on linear because it's so much more balanced then L2 spamming" But fast forward a few months to right now,,, and I'm seeing those same players start to say that SMG spamming on linear is so much worse than L2 spamming And since there are now 4 good SMGs in the game, I think you're gonna start hearing that more now than ever before However, just be aware that really high rate of fire SMGs are obviously going to be better for abusing linear with So the rapid fire SMG is obviously godly for this, the regular SMG is really good, the mythic drum gun is insane even though it isn't quite as fast as those other 2 it makes up for it with extra damage, but then with the surpressed SMG, it's definitely still solid but it fits the linear playstyle noticably less than the other 3 options

Now with legacy the way you wanna ultilize aim assist with SMGs is a lot less straightforward than it is with linear For the high rate of fire low damage per shot SMGs, so basically the rapid fire and regular, most of the time you still wanna try to get into your enemies body, don't aim in, hold L2, and track with your crosshair It's gonna be a lot harder than it is on linear since you don't get the same stickiness, but you gotta do your best However for the slightly lower rate of fire SMGs like the drum gun and surrpressed, these are SMGs that unlike the other 2 can still be very effective outside of point blank range So if you find yourself in that kinda maybe 3-10 meter sweet spoot, you wanna L2 spam while firing them

The reason you don't wanna do that at point blank range with SMGs is because it maykes you a lot less mobile and it's just too many actions to deal with Even for the most mechanically gifted players in the world, imagine trying to strafe, spam L2, hold down right trigger to shoot, and move your crosshair with the right stick all at the same time It may technically be possible but it's probably not gonna yield positive results very often However if you're outside of point blank range or your enemy just isn't facing you, you no longer need to put as much emphasis on strafing or jumping because you can't get hit with a super high damage shotgun shot So I think that covers what you need to know about SMG usage, and now let's move onto the ARs which is another great weapon category for aim assist abuse, and I also think there's a lot more variety here as well

So I think it's pretty much universally agreed on that linear is better for SMGs but legacy has the advantage when it comes to ARs so let's start with that It's pretty crazy because if you take a look at almost all the top ARs available in the game right now, they're so good for L2 spamming with legacy The 3 biggest examples of this are the surrpressed SCAR, heavy AR, and the AUG The surpressed SCAR and heavy AR honestly are almost impossible to use if you just shoot them normally The bloom on those weapons gets so ridiculous after about the 3rd shot, that you can't just stay ADS'd and continue shooting it simply won't work

You need to do the pop-shotting method where you ADS, shoot a shoot, un-ADs, shoot again, and then you repeat that process over and over again What that does is it resets the weapons bloom for every shot, and if you play on legacy you also get the aim snap-on as well which is an added bonus The AUG is definitely another awesome weapon to do that kinda pop-shot L2 method with, but unlike with the heavy AR and suppressed SCAR, it definitely isn't neccessary For legacy players I would still probably reccomend doing it because again you get that added snap-on which is definitely helpful But if you're a linear player since the AUG has such a tight and quick resetting bloom, you can still do really well with this weapon by just staying ADS'd and continuing to fire off bursts with it

Then the final 2 ARs worth discussing here are the fully auto ones aka the regular ARs and the SCARs So for linear players this part is incredibly simple, you don't wanna mess around with any kind of L2 spamming or pop-shotting with any of these weapons Just ADS, hold down right trigger, and track the enemy with your crosshair Maybe you wanna pause shooting every 10-15 shots or so to let your bloom die down a bit, but that part is optional and kinda advanced plus it's very rare someone is out in the open long enough for you to fire 10-15 uninterrupted shots anyway For legacy players though, the way you want to use the fully auto ARs depends on the situation

At longer range, you definitely want to use the pop-shotting method that we just dicussed where you shoot 1 shot at a time by constantly un-ADSing and re-ADsing The reason why you wanna do this at long range even with fully auto weapons is because at long range enemies are going to be so small on your screen Because of this, it's gonna be pretty much impossible to hit more than 1 shot in a row because of bloom So nowadays you're almost never gonna kill someone at long range with an AR anyway, but if you take advantage of first shot accuracy with each shot you can definitely deal some solid chip damage At medium range this is where it really comes down to prefernce

I know some legacy players that will hold down right trigger to shoot and then constantly spam L2/left trigger to get the extra snap-on to help them with tracking But I know other players that don't really do that at all, they prefer to play like a linear players and just stay ADS'd the entire time Me personally, I'm probably closer to that second group so take that for what it's worth I used to go crazy L2 spamming at medium with the fully auto ARs back in the day, but back a few seasons ago aim assist was nerfed a bit so it isn't as overpowered as it once was And obviously at more close medium range, you shouldn't really be L2 spamming much at all, just stay ADS'd the entire time while shooting and focus entirely on tracking

The final weapon category that aim assist plays an important role in is shotguns Now since no shotgins have been added or removed from the game so far in chapter 2 season 2 this should just be a quick refresher more than anything else So if you play on linear shotguns are fairly simple, most of the time you wanna stay totally un-ADS'd while shooting them However if your enemy is just outside of point blank range or not facing you, it's a good idea to quickly tap your ADS button right before you shoot just to make the crosshair a bit smaller, and what that also does is lower the amount of pellet spread For legacy players on the other hand, you almost always want to be tapping L2 before you shoot unless the enemy is pretty much right in your face

If that's the case don't ADS at all becuase it'll really restrict your jumping or strafing But when you can do those quick ADS's it means less pellet spread while shooting, and for legacy players it'll also slightly magnatize your crosshair onto the enemies body So I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section below First let me know whether you play on linear, legacy, or exponential and then how often you try to abuse aim assist Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch you guys next time!

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