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How to Achieve Growth in Any Field – A Road Map | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

In any field – material world or the spiritual world; If you want to grow, you need to come out of the comfort zone The moment you come out of the comfort zone, The first zone is the Fear Zone

So whenever you are experiencing fear, It means you have tried to come out of your comfort zone, But you are yet not growing So you will say, “No, not at all, I am not fearful at all” I will give you some symptoms 1) If you lack confidence; so a lot of thought processes in your mind 2) If you give excuses, If anything is asked to you, “I have not done this

It was his responsibility” Then you are yet in the Fear Zone Excuses, justification, blaming 3) You get affected by people's opinions regarding you You become so vulnerable, so fragile; You become affected by small matters; Then you are in a Fear Zone; you won’t grow

You are putting in so much effort, but you won’t grow So, outside the Comfort Zone is the Fear Zone; Outside the Fear Zone is… Learning Zone Whether you are in a Learning Zone, how will you know that? So, if you know: 1) How to deal with challenges, You will have to face challenges but never use the word problem; Say – it’s challenges! And if I learn how to deal with challenges, I’ll grow 2) Acquire new skills for increasing your internal strength of acceptance 3) You start extending your Comfort Zone

So you don’t need to go back to your Comfort Zone You are now happy and comfortable with this So that is called the Learning Zone; And outside the Learning Zone is the Growth So how do you know that you are growing now? 1) You find your purpose! 2) You start living your dreams; And, 3) Conquering your objectives; Whatever you wanted to do… Now you’ve started conquering your objectives You came out of your Comfort Zone, you experienced fear, You learn through spiritual practices and discourses, you learn to move ahead

You came into Learning Zone And from Learning Zone, now you are growing And this the way you have to travel; this is your journey! Yes That will bring success

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