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How To Add IDX To Your WordPress Real Estate Blog

to show you the power using WordPress Gutenberg to create your idx and widgets and save in reusable blocks my name is Lori Ballen and i own a real estate company as well as a marketing company and several other businesses i also earn six figures as an affiliate marketer so marketing is my passion it's my one thing now I know that was a mouthful but it's going to look a lot simpler when I break this down what we're doing here the goal is when we create a piece of content a blog post a web page we want to give the user the ability to engage with our website we want them clicking and playing videos and browsing images or products or services the more engagement we have with that visitor the more likely we are to convert them to a lead to have them return to our website and it's also a quality signal to Google they've really cool believes of course that if somebody is engaging with your website they're taking actions that they are finding it valuable so this is a positive signal that's going to help potentially with your search engine rankings so here I've got a blog post that I'm creating and it's called should I consider a credit line increase this is for my real estate website I have a real estate business in Las Vegas and my formula typically looks like this I have a title I have an intro I have a video and then I have a button what they call to action or some kind of slider or grate or something and then I have more text and then related articles so clearly this this isn't necessarily done here but what I want to do is I want to go ahead and put in a call to action okay so a call to action is going to be something that you are directing the user to do and it's usually in exchange for an item of value so that called action could be a button that offers them a free guide get their free credit report ten ways to improve their credit or possibly your entire goal is to get them to fill out a home value estimate or to browse idx listings right because in this particular case I'm targeting a buyer who needs to improve their credit so it might make sense that they're gonna they want to actually browse our idx for listing so I'm gonna test several calls to action and see what works and what people are clicking when I build a page let me show you how to put in a simple idx search that I'll that you can just drop in to any blog at any time so I'm going to go ahead and use my ID X here which is IDX broker now if you have are looking for a great idea solution ID X's is simply how we put those property grids on our website right the sliders the search widgets the boxes of that show a home for sale that's ID X and a lot of real estate agents don't even realize it you you actually have choices in what idx to use especially if you're building your own website on something like WordPress down by company at Ballenbrandscom we do build real estate agent websites and they are all powered by IDX broker now if you decide you want to check out I the X broker if you use my link that's in this video when you sign up you'll actually save the $99 setup fee and then my company Balan brands becomes available as your support team now that doesn't mean we provide free support necessarily but it does mean that we are available to help you with your ID X and it gives you kind of this go to spots for your ID X needs so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go ahead and build an IV X widget okay stay with me I'll show you what it looks like so we're gonna go to designs I'm going to go to widgets create type of widgets let's do a showcase and a showcase is going to be this little little grid of home okay properties to feature I'm gonna do a custom search you could do your featured listings and I'm gonna do an advanced search so I'm gonna do only single-family homes and what I'm looking for is homes that would be kind of starter homes because this particular blog post is designed for people that are looking to buy that might need to improve their credit score to buy so I'm just going to make an assumption that they're probably in our average price range at the lower end of the spectrum like starter homes right so I'm going to say show me all homes that are in Las Vegas and I'm gonna do a maximum price of 300 thousand all right and then I am going to choose only homes that have an image that's good enough right there so my widget name is going to be I'm going to call this starter homes sorting order is going to be the newest listing I'm gonna do three columns three listings and then after that they can display to view more build the widget now I'm gonna take this widget code this JavaScript right here I'm gonna copy that and I'm gonna go over to my blog now I all I have to do if I'm using WordPress this is so so easy I have WordPress Guttenberg I'm gonna click this little content block that little plus sign adds a content block what I want to find here is HTML all right let me move this down and with that right under the video okay now I'm gonna paste the HTML now this doesn't look like much you'd be very confused if you didn't know any better but watch what happens as soon as I click preview look at that there are three homes in the starter price range that really is a call to action because even though you're not it's like an implied call to action because even though you're not seeing shop for properties you're giving them homes to look at indicating that they should browse now if you wanted to you could also put a title on top of this like a headline on top of it that says search for just listed homes and I could do that quite simply by adding another content block clicking heading and putting shop for Las Vegas homes tour sale shop Las Vegas homes for sale all right so now you have the actual title called action and you have your widget here ok now let me go ahead and show you what this looks like on a preview so you'll have your intro you'll have your video and you'll have your call to action idx listings they're beautiful I love it fantastic ok you can also make that just two columns you could make it five columns if you want to show more properties now but be tinier whatever you like aesthetically do keep in mind though that when you're doing a the grid on a mobile device these stack vertically so you'd have one two three houses on top of each other vertically that they would have to scroll they won't be horizontal if you want it to be a horizontal slider you want to choose carousel instead of the widget okay so I don't suggest putting more than three if they're gonna stack on top of each other vertically on on a mobile device or they may not Brow's okay now let me just show you really quick how to save this grid so here we did our grid of homes right here click on those three dots add to reusable blocks now I'm gonna save this as a starter homes idx and save now anytime I create a blog post where I want to drop in those starter homes I can simply go to my add a block go down to my reusable blocks and find my starter homes idx click there and it just drops it right in and this makes everything nice and fast and allows you to add in an IdX call to action on any page I'm Laurie Vallon subscribe to this channel click on the bell to be notified anytime I make a great training video for you you can also follow along at LoriBallen


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