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How to Add Your Own Sound, Music, Song in Tik Tok Video

Hello Friends, Today is a Bad day for Tik Tok Creators MY SOUND option is gone for good from Tik Tok app Previously you were able to upload your songs, dialogues, sounds, audios to tik tok. But now this option is gone.

I am going to tell you how you can still attach your sound to your videos.

  1. First you have to make a video with any sound. Let me pick a sound from here
  2. I will choose a random sound I will choose this one I am making 3-4 second video.
  3. Now we have to download this video to attach our sound to this video, Now set the video to PRIVATE Let this button be PINK to download this video Then Post the video.
  4. Now that our video is downloaded.
  5. Open inshot app,  open that downloaded video I have opened that video, Select CANVAS select MUSICALLY 9:16 ratio.
  6. Make the video full screen. Remove INSHOT watermark free.
  7. Then click on this CLIP Make the volume MUTE Then click on the MUSIC button,
  8. Then click MY MUSIC Now pick a song from your mobile phone I am using this song
  9. Click on this song Trim this song Make it similar to the video Now see both audio and video are similar in length
  10. Now your video is ready to be posted on Tik Tok
  11. Save the video Now the video is saved in your gallery
  12. You can now upload this video on tik tok with your music

I hope you enjoyed the guide

drop a comment below if you need further help

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