welcome to my channel my name is Kat today we're going into the kitchen so I can show you how I make muffins to enjoy this video if you do like my content and haven't subscribe like what you're doing what you're doing so I don't know what you guys want to know what I'll be using or so this is my workstation I stay up using the oven to pick them up in ease and then I'll be using a 12 muffin tray pan and because I'm in strong I'll be using this electric blender I like it I've got smooth shakers do you think is he wandering also have a drink up I have this non-stick baking pan alternatively this is great and these are the handles for beta 2 beta and then it comes to the ingredients now I'll be using my golden cloud this is the cappuccino mix I won't be using the whole 1kg lbs and 500 famous sunflower oil for money eggs I wanna make icing mixture be using this wooden spoon Missouri and icing sugar forgot this from a previous technique that I what but I never actually used it so today's the day so I like totally forgot about the milk of using milk instead of water because milk makes it moist and water makes it dry so I'll be dividing everything into two cents I will not be making the whole muffin mix so I'll be starting off with hundred and twenty-five millimeters of oil now moving to 200 milliliters of milk wow this is amazing that it's like I'm still a secret okay let's just move right along 200 milliliters of milk like I literally just dropped the melted in the oil like what are they thinking this is great this is amazing so the next thing is to do eggs keep them in separate files because it's unpredictable just really messed up see what I mean this is what I'm talking about this is unpredictable this is messed up okay let me be and this is what I have the egg looks like well yeah this is great Erica so what you want to do is mix all your liquid mixtures together 200 milliliters of milk 125 milliliters of oil and 2 eggs so this is my liquid mixture and I'll be using my liquid blender to just blend everything together so you guys didn't make me know that I did not mention about when I was looking about the tools but how could you so what you want to do is to create a space here on your flower this is where your liquid mixture is going to come in so I put my muffins in the oven so that they can bake for a while about 10-15 minutes they should be really in the meantime I'll just be cleaning up my workstation but first let me show you how I could pay my icing sugar that's all measuring with my eyes cuz I don't want too much so I'm done with my muffin hmm this is good this is the Omni thanks for watching

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