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How to Build a Free Targeted Email List in 2018

all right guys I'm really really really excited about this one so I'm going to go over today how to build an email list in 2017 for free if you know anything about email marketing it's not dead first and foremost it's completely still alive and you can do so much with an email as it's ridiculous you know you can remarket your products you can set affiliate links you can you know build a following you can keep your your audience engaged in what you're doing and if you have on new platforms if the list is endless so I'm just going to stop that because you know you can literally do anything but if you're starting from scratch it can be really really tedious and tough to build an email list around the niche or you know specifications that you need so I'm gonna go over how you can do it for free very very fast in 2017 if you just use your mind so I'm going to go exactly for what I do and how I do it and then you can kind of take that as you will and apply it to what you need and your niche and I'll show you how you can do it you know today so we're going to hop back into the google chrome store google chrome store Wow Google plugin store and you're going to download a free plugin called email exporter it's phenomenal you know it literally I'll show you how it works it's crazy so once you download that you can go we're going to just hop back on to just the Internet in general and what email exporter does is it it can export phone numbers number one but that's not where you're concerned with and it can export emails and the way that it does that is it looks for the @ sign and anything attached to it and exports it for you want any given page anywhere on the internet as long as you have the plug-in installed so I'm gonna show you exactly what I do when I was first starting out and I I was doing I was launching a an amazon drop shipping course one of the things that I did is I was I'm an avid learner so I follow a lot of dropshippers not not just dropshippers but Amazon affiliated people on YouTube so one of the things that I did and I noticed that this guy right here Seth can eat was phenomenal by the way I check him out if you haven't yet seen that he want you know him like Kevin David and I talked about Kevin David a lot and if you fought a click on the links you see you know just how much I love them I promote all his stuff I think he's you know fantastic I actually took his course and it literally changed my FB a game completely but his xscape is also a phenomenal FBA guru and one of the things that he does and its really really smart I've learned a lot from him is he he markets by on his YouTube channel by offering free things in certain videos in exchange for emails and so it's win-win because he catches your email you know and then he can continually remarket you products obviously that you're interested in he's not you know spamming or anything like that you're already interested in in those products but you are also receiving company value free to so it's a win-win for both of you let me just show you an example of it I have to find one what he does is he offers and I have my own email list too because I've set this up but what he does is he offers one of his email lists for Amazon reviews for free if if you you know he just asks you where he should send it to him by that he gets your email and you get the email list forever dealer so I'm going to go into a quick example of let's let me find one I think this might be it this is one of them this just be a quick example and not seeing any emails try not on you it's got fine I know this one here maybe this is it all right this is definitely right here okay so this is one of them right here and what he does here is he offers in this video he goes over a bunch of different things and he offers you know one of his free YouTube reviewer lists email us for you just you know drop a comment down below and let him know where to send it you can see literally so many people have dropped their emails in here and this is something you can use you just have to find a YouTube channels like this you know Reddit our subreddits that have things like this you know you can find them on any given page obviously you don't just want to capture random emails and spam them you want to look for something that a certain page that deals with a niche that you're already targeting that you're you have products in or that you understand and you feel like you can help those people and then you want to capture those email lists and market to them the very first email you're gonna want to send them is you know obviously letting them know how you came across their email because if they haven't done anything like this for you initially they're going to be a little you know adverse to trusting you so you're gonna say like oh you know I sent them out it was just like how I fell in on diners you know blah blah blah you know I found you this way this is you know and I didn't ask them for anything I gave him some value initially for awhile so it was a win-win for both of us but you don't want to spam the my I won't really want to hone in on that but I just wanna show how this plug-in works and I'll show you the vast possibilities with the public like this so I'm going to scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see just how how well this plug-in works and how fast you can build an email list a lot on this one well I'll remember it being this long and I mean if you're dealing with with something like like Amazon and you can you feel you can help these people you could do this to this phenomenal way to get emails but obviously like I said you're going to want to give value first give a lot of value first before you ask for anything in return but if you're not doing one on the phone or anything like that obviously you're not going to want to capture any emails like this there's subreddit so you can you can target there's all you know all sorts of pages all over the internet you have to use your mind use your imagination think of you know put yourself in the customers shoes where would they be you know how would they access the information that they that you could just Jesus Wow how would they access that type of information and then you know just figure out where those emails can you know you can get them this is amazing I'm going to stop here just sounds like strong all the way down to ridiculous I'm no idea how long this goes but uh so right here what we're going to do is we're going to hit email exporter and this plug-in is what it's going to do Wow two hundred two hundred and ninety-six email so the first ones obviously me Brian uh PG media innovation calm and then 296 emails all captured off this page all targeted that already are inclined to you know be interested in Amazon products and things that I can market to them you know things that that just normal people wouldn't be interested in this is the value in this email is right here just this little one is immensely it's ridiculous so what you can do is you just literally copy all these obviously then you paste them into whatever you know file you're using to build your email list you can continually do this over and over again and just build thousands of emails and that's invaluable guys so I just want to go over that a little bit for you that's how I do it cuz I know it can be to get to to even 296 you see you just saw me it took me what three minutes five minutes and to get to 296 for someone that doesn't understand how to market in and capture emails in today's day and age that could take you know a year to be honest they could take months so just want to give you a little bit value I hope you got some something out of this and if you guys like the video please drop a comment down below and subscribe

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