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How To Build a List For Email Marketing. How I Built a 4,331,656 Email List With Email Marketing

– All right, here we are, we're live (laughs) Awesome


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Well man, really appreciate you taking your time out be here And you know, us today, we are in the middle, and I'm actually reaching back 'cause my dog decided he wants come over here and growl at something So if you guys hear growling in the background, I'll tell you what, just remove that noise and focus on what we're talking about The reason is 'cause I'm really excited You know, this guy that I'm about share you guys with is, when it comes list-building, when it comes , when it comes , this guy has gone through

I've watched him go from just really kind of, I didn't see you exactly at the beginning, but I saw you come on the scene, and you took off like freaking rocket ship, and it's just been amazing to see this I'll tell you guys, he's been, I will say this, I was thinking this before we got on the call Every time I google you, there is more testimonials I have never seen so many testimonials, and I've been around 20 years in this business You know, it's testimonial after testimonial everything you're doing

And so that's a testament in itself – Yeah, I mean, we work hard on the testimonial part And this is like a conscious decision I made, because let's face it, we are in a very shady industry I mean, if anyone ever tried to make money online or be an affiliate marketer or a list or anything like that, you remember the click bank days where you see a new push button software that's supposed to make you rich overnight pop every single day And you know, they would mail for those launches, and it's like a big screenshot, big account numbers

But at the end of the day, a lot of people got disappointed So when I was the up-and-comer, back when John Cornetta was still kind of pulling me by the back of my shirt, I was like, gotta build that proof The proof element is absolutely critical, because if there's no belief, nobody's buying, right? The people only buy to the extent that they believe And it's really hard It's one thing that when I say something

But when someone else says that about me, it's a totally different thing in and of itself And there's a marketing lesson in that That's why testimonials and social proof is so powerful And you know, I'll be honest with you A lot of times in my online marketing career, if you will, I did a lot of things for free and I did a lot of things for a lot of people because knowing that if they can put a good word for me, that alone would be worth millions of dollars over the course of the next few years

– Yeah, well, and you've proved it, 'cause you've made millions of dollars, you know I mean, you went from, here's one good thing for many of you guys that don't really know about you, and you and I both talked about this, we both didn't come from humble beginnings You've actually had worse beginnings than me You know, I heard something about it It was just the stuff that went through at the beginning and where you are right now is night and day

And I don't know if a lot of people can relate to that And whether you can or can't, I'll just tell you what's good to know I like somebody that can scrap I'm kind of the guy, I used to be in these groups where I was in this one group where you have to get invited to get in And this is nothing to do with internet marketing

These were all business guys And I was in there with these guys that Daddy gave them all this money and they had all this money to buy these companies And I'm in there, and I started off from scratch And it was like, we didn't get along very much, 'cause I'm like, you know, Daddy gave you the money I've earned my money, you know

What are you talking about, investing venture capital? I said I use my own funds to create all my stuff But I mean, that's one of the great things But here's the thing, and this is the thing, and I believe you and I, and you can disagree, do come to the same thing on this When it all comes down to it, we could look at everything out there The number-one most important thing to everything that I've ever , and I thank God I learned this in the be, well, I didn't actually know it at the beginning, I learned it and became really rich is I had to build a list

I mean, that was the key That was the turning point in everything I think you and I were talking, two days ago, yesterday, last night I built a list of 10,000 people and made my first million And you were like, whoa, you know

– Yeah – And the same thing You've built lists, you make millions from it I mean, it's the key to everybody And so the funny thing is, you and I are so alike on this

And I'll tell this to everybody There are so many people out there telling you, oh, this is the best thing since sliced bread, this is the best thing since sliced bread Hey, you gotta do this strategy, you gotta do this strategy, you gotta do this strategy, when at the end of the day they're using email to tell you guys this – Yeah – It's just kind of funny

– Yeah, I mean, if you look at every guru, literally every single one who crossed at least 10K per month, I mean, obviously, 10K per month to me is not a guru anymore Used to be But every guru, they have a list And even if they're deriving a lot of traffic from social media, the smart ones, they build the list off of social media They take people off social media and into the email, because they know email is the most profitable one

I mean, and you don't really need to look far to see proof of that For example, I had no idea until about last year when I stumbled into this study where they defined two groups of consumers The first group were people who check their Facebook first thing in the morning So the kind of person that wakes up, picks up their phone, and logs into Facebook For example, my business partner, Dennis, is like that

The first thing he does is check Facebook Now I, on the other hand, what I do is I check my email Now, I try to do less of that now in the mornings, otherwise I lose kind of track of my day But I check my email So there's two groups of consumers, right? And what they found out is that psychologically, these people treat businesses differently

Can you believe that? What happened was it turns out that people who are checking their email first thing in the morning and interacted with other businesses through email, they supported business, and basically, psychologically thought about supporting the business by buying from the business, while people who were supporting the business on social media and following them on social media, psychologically, the moment they liked a post or commented on a post or sent a heart to that post, that's, to them, they patronize the business So if you think about it, if you run a shop, maybe let's just say you sell fishing gear, which customer would you rather have, the one that comes into the store and says, yeah, that's cool stuff, cool stuff you got here, like, like, like, heart, you know, so see you tomorrow, or would you better like someone who walks in and says, okay, that's cool, I want that So here's the money and you have the transaction So obviously you want the email people You want the ones who interact with you over email because email is that personal media, and that's something that Perry Marshall said it back in the day in 80/20 Sales and Marketing

He said that email is a personal media He said that email is, if you get into the inbox, it's kind of like getting permission to enter someone's personal space, because everything personal happens over email, doesn't it? Think about it You order something on Amazon Do you get a receipt in your Facebook account or on your Instagram, or it isn't tweeted to you, right? It's in email If you need to renew your passport and you set an appointment to the embassy, so I'm a foreigner, I live in Canada but I'm a foreigner

I'm from Israel, originally born in the Ukraine, so I deal with embassies all the time So the way you book an appointment and get a confirmation is using your email When you talk to your lawyer you use an email or your Facebook? When you talk to your new account, so today I met with an accountant, we set the whole thing up over email And when we ended the meeting and we shake hands, he said, "Well, if you need anything, just email me" He didn't say, just Instagram me or follow me on Instagram

So as far as I'm concerned, there are some niches where social media may be useful Like if I'm a 19-year old bikini model, I probably can benefit from Instagram But if I'm in business to sell stuff, especially if that stuff is more expensive than $20 or $50, I'm definitely going for email because that's where the money is – That's awesome So there's a lot of people on here, a lot of people that are part of this, a lot of people who are gonna see this

I will tell you that one thing Just to let you know, right now we have, I actually, my family's here I told you, we were picking times, I said nothing's gonna be in the way, and then my wife's like, oh, did you not realize that SCC Championship's on right now? So we're a big, my daughter goes to Alabama and Alabama's playing right now, so roll tide I don't know where we're at right now in the game But so just so you know, as soon as the game's over, more people will be watching this for sure, 'cause a lot of people in America are watching the game

– Yeah, Americans and North Americans take sports seriously I mean, I come from Ukraine and Israel We watch soccer And you know, usually it happens late at night, and most people watch that But over here, you know what I feel? I feel like every single person really supports the team

They support that team with their whole heart, 24/7 You see guys walking down the street, wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs shirts or Toronto Raptors, and they live the team, which is awesome And there's a lesson in it, because in my opinion, anyone who wears a Toronto Raptors Jersey, they subscribe to the Toronto Raptors list I mean, that's it And they're a fanboy or a fangirl, and they're committed to that brand

And in my opinion, that is one of the biggest, most important things you can do for your business If there's anything, there's anything in my business that I can tap for ongoing feeling of confidence and security about my financial future, it is the fact that the level of affinity I have with my audience is very, very high The level of trust with my audience is very, very high And I know that because of that, I don't have to worry about running out of money tomorrow Because as long as I maintain my integrity, I will always create those transactions, because those transactions will be created in the trust vector

Not only that, I mean just from a standpoint of just sound business sense, when you create that affinity with your market, the price objections pretty much go out the window You're not longer a commodity You're no longer somebody who can be easily replaced, because that relationship can't be overrun and just kind of thrown out the window There is just so much power to that, to you, when you build that affinity and you build that tribe I think I, I don't remember where I read it, but someone said that to solve all your life's problems, start a cult

(laughing) And I see what they meant I mean, it's a bit of an extreme, but I see what they meant, because cult members, they're committed to the group, to the tribe And if you have these people, even if you have only 50 people or 20 people or 100 people, and they're all committed to that core message that you bring to the table and that you spread in the marketplace, those 100 people will probably guarantee that you make six figures that year – Oh yeah Well, it's interesting that you say that, 'cause if we were in my office, I'm not in my office

I was literally gonna drive the golf cart over there but there was a game, so I'm at home And so but anyway, if I was driving over there, I have my own book next to me on one of mine I always keep it there, just too big to go on the shelf too It's kind of the reason I built it that way But then I have another book, it's called the Cult Branding

You know, and so it's a good book that I read that I actually have, and I do read a lot, because it's one of those big things And there's another one called Cult Control – There's one that's called The True Believer, really good The True Believer, they really break down what makes people join cults, and what is that value that they get from them And they go into things like the communism, the Nazism, Scientology, all these hardcore cults that live through generations

It's really fascinating If you're a student of influence, if you're a student of human psychology, you're gonna dig that book – That's interesting So what I was doing was typing and googling, 'cause there's another book called Buyology B-U-Y-ology

– Buyology Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – And inside there– – I've found I want to be a little bit on the scientific side Like, I– – Yeah, it is And they did a lot of stuff on the brain activity, and they really looked at stuff like that

But there was a point there, and I actually looked it up, 'cause I did Buyology and then religion and sports, because they actually said, one of them said the strongest brands out there are like religions And their research teams compared the brain's activity, really viewing images of brands, religion, and sports figures, which really got me to that They said, I'm reading right here, the activity invoked by strong brands were much like those caused by religious images And actually, when sports teams have taken on that concept and realized a lot of things like that, you'll start seeing them bringing in They'll look at religion itself and try to bring in elements from religion into the sports teams

And then they also started talking a little bit more about how the ones that do that are actually the ones that have the biggest loyal teams – I see that, I see that completely Think about it this way So I'm Jewish, but I'm also baptized And so I kind of got a taste of both religions, just the Christianity and the Judaism

And then I grew up in Israel, which is like half Muslim, because there's so many Arabs and a lot of people who basically are Muslim And so I got to observe all of these religions from up close And what you notice is that, for example, in Christianity they talk about hell five times more often than they talk about heaven Right, so they talk about the enemy or the consequence of interacting with the enemy somehow, five times more often Sort of like scaring you into believing

Now, the Jewish religion is exactly the same There's hundreds upon thousands of pages, just literally pages and pages and pages describing the bad behaviors, and kind of so you know what not to do So you're always scared that you're not gonna get into the promised land if you misbehave and stuff like that So many of these religions, they all subscribe to the exact same mechanisms And that is why eventually, and again, I'm not looking to offend anyone

I'm just expressing my opinion here, and I know that religion is a sensitive subject, just as politics But you know, I went to religious school in Israel for two years I put on, are you familiar with the word tefillin? Like the one that you, the thing you put on your arm and on the, no? – Mm-mm – It's basically like when you pray in Judaism, you put this thing on So I was going to a proper religious school every day

I was doing the prayers, I was doing everything And eventually I unsubscribed from the faith altogether because I saw religion as just one giant business But going through those steps myself, it really, now that I kind of, in retrospect I see how that helped me to eventually break down the marketing and break down the influential mechanism So when I kinda remember what they used to do to us, I now understand why a lot of my friends are still very religious and kinda go that path Because it's just a way to indoctrinate, and it works for them

They believe in God, they're really happy and fulfilled, perfect It just didn't work for me at the time But the mechanisms are always the same Business, religion, sports, like you said, it's just so, so similar, so similar Which is great too, because it's just a proven path that if you can figure out the proven elements to it, you can just replicate it in your business, right? – Yeah, well, so a lot of people, so it's interesting for a lot of people who even think that about it, 'cause you even said indoctrine or indoctrination

And a lot of people don't realize, even a lot of the followup sequences that we create have that whole concept We are indoctrinating them into our world We're bringing them in, letting them know who we are, why should they listen to us, what gives us the right to even share the things that we're sharing And that brings it in there When it comes to email marketing or when it comes to email marketing and list-building, what have you done? I mean, you build a list of four, I don't know, million

– A giant list – I was reading like– – A giant list – 4-something million – I mean, I've put a number of 1

3 million But that's like, you know how when you build a list and it's getting super big, you gotta start removing people and kind of removing the dead weight and stuff like that You were telling me yesterday that you had a like a ginormous and that it became a hassle just to have it So you kinda reverted back to having small but quality lists So over the last four years or so, I literally put over 4

3 million subscribers into the pipeline Obviously I didn't keep most of them I probably removed 80% of them eventually But they did have quite a short lifespan But I did get through, the learning that I went through, the data I've seen and the experiences I went through, I've kind of seen everything there is to see about list-building

And when it comes to lists, first off I do subscribe to the idea that not every subscriber is made equal But the other idea that I want to really kind of balance out is that a lot of times people ask me, Igor, so you're all about solo ads You're all about email traffic So when I drive solo traffic, does this mean I can only sell them a $17 item because I hear the quality isn't great? – Oh my God, I hear this all the time – And this is the question that comes up a lot for me

And so this is what I tell people The misconception lies in the fact that a lot of people think that if it's a Facebook click, then it's a quality click, or if it's a solo quick, then it's not as quality, or vice-versa Or if it's a Google Adwords click then it's super-targeted, and so on and so forth But truth of the matter is that it's not about the origination of the click, unless there was super-clear intent behind it For example, if somebody wants to buy a bicycle and you literally was able to rank number one for the keyword buy bicycle right now, obviously there's intent there, so it's gonna be better traffic

But what influences the quality of the subscriber as well as the conversions more is the environment in which you present the offer, meaning that if all you do is put on a squeeze page and take them to a sales page, and it's a long-form text sales letter that sells an item, then probably the most you'll get away with at this point is gonna be a $27, $37 item one time, or maybe $7 per month or a $17 per month kind of thing However, if you then turn that sales letter into a tele-seminar, all of a sudden you can up the price You can sell the same thing for $500 And better yet, if you invite people to your free event, and I've been to a couple of these, actually Are you familiar with MOG, the company that got shut down? So I actually went to their events here in Toronto when I arrived

And I've seen how they market, it was brilliant Basically they had all these free events where people came in for three hours into the room The room has no windows, and just artificial lights No drinks, no food, nothing People just sit in the chair and listen to this lady yap for like a hour and a half, sort of wearing them down, almost

And eventually they pitched a $1500 item And people who never had any exposure with online marketing, people who were not qualified to buy such expensive products, people who were really just literally walked off the street into it, and I know because I spoke to quite a few of them after the presentation to find out what's the type of the person who attended And just a regular, average people who were just kind of fascinated with the idea of the internet, yeah, they came in and they converted at 15% 15% of that room, which was about 150 people or so, bought the $997 item because they ended up giving them discount after discount on the discount for a discount on a tuition and whatever So eventually, I was amazed because these people are completely cult

Because if you took the exact same 150 clicks off of a Facebook ad to a presentation that's like word for word, the same presentation, but on a sales letter, you wouldn't have even made a sale – Yeah, you know, it's interesting 'cause you do bring that up And you bring up the point, it is, it comes down to environment And a lot of people, it's fascinating that you bring that up I mean, I say that all the time with a lot of things

Even in life, it's like environment changes everything, even for your kids, even for your family – Oh yeah – And even for you as a human And that's one thing for a lot of people to realize I think it is, somebody said that's insane, and it is insane, but it's true

And whether it's insane or not, it is true is you put in a different environment It's so fascinating you say that because, and plus I can't say anything different I'm just thinking, I convert better at seminars than I do on webinars But I mean, it just happens because we're there The environment's a little bit different

But then you do the same exact thing You take the same exact thing, you just send it out to a cold email list and it doesn't get as much response So for a lot of people to realize, and somebody said 100% true I sat in that room – That's me, that's me, I wrote that

– Oh, it was you, oh But, oh sorry, you know Bringing the evening value, love it, so– – Tom, Tom's in the house! Tom Beal, Tom's my mentor, by the way By the way, guys, if you're listening to this call, I have to applaud Tom If you're on this call and you're looking for somebody who will be in your corner, who will point out your weak spots, who will amplify your best talents, somebody who will set you straight, damn it, contact Tom Beal

He's like the top personal performance coach I've ever had in my life, literally I've been literally giving this guy money, month in and month out, for the last, what, four years, I think Four years, nonstop, every month, and I think it's the best damn investment I've made, in terms of coaching, in my life – I love Tom – Two thumbs up

– I'll tell you guys, I'll give him two more You know, it's funny, we were even talking about games Tom and I were at a Superbowl together We literally went to a Superbowl together We had a limo at the Superbowl

So I've known him, we've known each other for a long time And I will say kudos to that, I do Tom's always been good to me A great person, and I've never heard anything negative of him, and that's the damn truth But getting back to you guys, and really thinking about this

Somebody said good to know But getting back to you guys, let's just, there's a big thing when it comes to a lot of people I think if we were all starting out, and I think you sent me over something and you were damn right You said if people are starting off, you want to, starting off and you gotta make $10,000 I know that's not really for what we're talking about

Well, it is, actually If you were starting off and you had to make $10,000, just starting out, what would you tell people? Like, people who are like, hey, I have nothing I'm starting out What would your big thing you would tell everybody? – Okay, that's a good question So the first thing we have to understand is that when it comes to marketing, as a general, like as a big idea, marketing, all that marketing is is a product or an offer matched with traffic

The moment that these two match together well, you have a conversion, therefore you have money coming in So the first thing I would look for is a market, a market that's passionate enough to be investing or spending money on something Could be a sport or hobby It could be a professional interest It could be a small business owner who wants to improve their customer flow

It could be somebody who wants to increase their productivity I mean, it could be any number of things But most importantly, what you need to make sure is that the market is a money market, the kind that spends money And the way you do that is you literally go out there and look into what sells, what's super hot And there is a few ways you can actually do that

So when it comes to selling education, for example, you could get on udemycom That's U-D-E-M-Ycom And on that website, you actually have a bunch of categories of all kinds of educational courses on pretty much everything

And based on the number of units sold, and this is publicly available information there I don't think you even need to register They actually tell you how many people bought what product You can go and you can check out the bestseller category, and immediately identify what sells Then to further support that, go on Amazon and check out the bestseller category in the books section

So if, for example, you chose Google Adwords as your niche or category, get on Amazon, go into the bestseller category or just type in Google Adwords into the search, and see if there's books, if there's more than one book that's selling on that topic How many reviews does that book have? Is it a bestseller, is it not a bestseller, and so on and so forth Are there any other books that are trying to knock off this book? Basically, is there any kind of response? Then google the same thing, literally Go on Google and type in that keyword and see if there's any ads running for that product, for those types of products Then go on YouTube and do the same thing

So what you're doing is you're leveraging all these free tools, like these aggregates that give you all this information, to identify one thing Is the topic that I chose has money in it? Does it have money it? And again, the way you identify is are there many, many products being sold in that niche? Because if there are many products, there's definitely money in that niche So that's one thing Then the next step would be, find an affiliate program You can either, of course you can create a product, but I wouldn't go as far as doing that right away

But find an affiliate offer that you can take in that niche that you can promote So that could be going to jvzoocom That could be going to clickbankcom, to any number of CPA networks, and find an offer that's in that niche that you can promote and get a decent chunk of commissions

When that happens and you have the offer, then the next thing is, before you start driving traffic, is of course to set it up so you build the list And that means set up the squeeze page Maybe set up a bridge page or a pre-frame page I don't think we have the time to go into the pre-framing all that from this call But basically make sure that there is some kind of sandwich happening between capture page and the offer page

And once you've done that and you're hooked up and you got at least a teeny-weeny followup sequence happening there as well, then you can start driving traffic for that product But fundamentally, that's what I would do That would be the first step to getting on the way to 10K This in and of itself, this will not make you 10K, but it will definitely set you on the right trajectory Because from there you will be able to build more elements onto your sales funnel

And with one funnel, you can get to 10K With one funnel, you can I quit my job with one funnel that was consisted of a capture page, a $997 front end offer, a $37 upsell, which was a PLR squeeze page-building software, and an affiliate offer being cross-sold on the thank you page and in the followup sequence That funnel made me 32, $2900 per month, something like that

And that was enough for me to quit my day job And within six months, by simply repeating the process and by building two more of these funnels, I've literally skyrocketed And again, that was skyrocketing because before that, for 23 years I wasn't making anything So all of a sudden, within six months I go from making $2900 a month, which was in and of itself a crazy salary for where I was living, like in a really small town in Israel, to 10K per month, which is insane And I remember the first time it happened

I sat on the couch, it was evening time, the weekend Me and my wife, at the time she still wasn't my wife, but now she is We watching TV, and then I kind of stopped the TV I pull out my iPhone And I felt I made it because I had an iPhone at the time

I was one of the few people in town who had one because I was making money And I was like, wait a second And I put in, I think that month I made 98-something, so almost 10 grand So I put in the number, then I multiplied by the exchange rate to the Israeli shekel And I'm like, uh, honey, this month I made 13 times what my mom makes per month, working in that factory

And I was like, oh my God Like, I literally, that was the first time the penny dropped and I realized I just broke the glass ceiling, the glass ceiling for my whole family throughout the last couple of generations My family always used to live, literally hands to mouth, because my dad used to always borrow money from anyone he could find, friends, family, doesn't matter, to pay bills We weren't necessarily poor I never felt poor when I was growing up

But I know he was always borrowing money because we didn't have enough And when we were leaving Ukraine to go to Israel, he actually had to sell our car and our apartment, which in and of itself was good stuff, because people didn't have cars and apartments back in Ukraine in the '90s If you had them, you were kinda okay So when he sold everything for a total of like, $7000, we immigrated to Israel with literally $1000 That was all we had, which means he had to pay off everything

He just had to return the debt before we could leave It was insane And from the moment we immigrated to Israel, and up until the point where I made it online, we pretty much ate shit nonstop, every single day, sinking, sinking, deeper and deeper in debt Eventually I paid off all of the family debt But from the point we just kind of started sinking, sinking, sinking

And my parents remember My dad was telling me I was like, Dad, are we struggling? And he's like, you don't worry about it Don't worry about it, just go to school and get good grades and get a good job when you're done You're gonna save your family

And I eventually I read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I was like, wait, I'm doing it wrong, 'cause it doesn't work So I'm so happy to have picked up Kiyosaki's book at the age of 19 or 20 or something Changed my life – That's awesome So talking about changing people's lives, I know we've been on here for roughly about 30 minutes

I told you we were gonna be on here about 30 minutes And you know, we've been talking You and I have been talking, I think, a lot, probably in the last year, probably more than we ever Actually, we connected the first time To be honest to everybody, we've heard each other

We've heard of each other for probably years – I met you one time – We did? – I met you one time– – When? – At JV's school in Orlando in 2014 – Huh, I'm sorry – It was in August

I remember that because when I went back home from that event, immediately upon arriving home I partnered up with my business partner, Dennis And that was also the day when I joined a cult I actually ended up joining this cult in Florida called Self Discovery, and we'll leave it for a different Facebook Live for now But again, I sort of went through that process and I met this guy at that event Again, that in a way also changed my life

Not in the best way, but in a weird way, and led to me eventually, for my marriage not falling apart, for which I'm really grateful But I clearly remember meeting you, and you were wearing the exact same baseball hat, the exact shirt, exact same beard, with a backpack – Thank you I even got the same shorts – And I was like, is that Matt Bacak? Oh my God, that is Matt Bacak

I didn't even know how to behave around you, so I was like, hey Matt, shake your hand and just left because I had no idea what to say So wild – Well, you know Thanks, I didn't know you were gonna say that But we did, we have connected lately

And every time I talk to you, I'm always really impressed And I'll tell you guys, and because of that It's hard to forget meeting Matt Bacak Well, that's nice Usually most people remember me because I bring them to the bar and just buy rounds of Irish car bombs

I used to be known for that I used to half-own five pages of Google Literally, you search the word Irish car bomb and there was five pages of Google, 'cause I just made everybody drink it And then everybody would take pictures and it was crazy But we don't need to get into that

I will say one thing though Andrew Fox had a party once, and I learned to never go to Northern Ireland and ask for an Irish car bomb It's just not the right place to ever ask for one Anyway, that is actually not even a joke But the point is this, you and I talked

We're doing some stuff together I mean, shooting stuff together We've known each other for awhile We've known of each other for awhile We started doing some more stuff

And we're actually doing something, what, I'm trying to think what even today is, but we're doing– – Yeah, you're coming on You're coming on to do a webinar for me and my tribe tomorrow – And then I got you– – And I'm coming to do a webinar for your tribe the day after tomorrow – Yeah, so you're coming on Wednesday Yeah

– Wednesday, yep, yep – For some reason I just lost it Wednesday at two o'clock, if I remember – No, Wednesday at seven pm

– Wednesday at seven, hold on – I think, pretty sure – Oh yeah, you're right Wednesday at seven for you Okay, I am sorry

Yeah, I'm sorry, 'cause we are doing them So just to let you guys know, Wednesday at seven o'clock And just to be clear, this is how good we are when we don't have our assistants telling us our calendar So Wednesday at seven o'clock, just to let you guys know, we're doing something special And what we're gonna do is I want to invite you guys out to a webinar that he's gonna be on there sharing more stuff

And if you guys know, why I wanted to do this call is kind of to let you guys meet him Dude, the guy is real I mean, he's really done it And I will tell you that I'm so impressed with everything he's done I mean, he's literally out there

And he's not like some people He knows his stuff, he knows his stuff Actually, every time I talk to you, you blow me away There's something you always say And I don't know if you saw me here, probably, but if you see me start doing this or you see me kind of look up, it's only because you got me thinking

'Cause I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah My brain's going 100 miles a minute every time I talk to you But I want to let everybody know So we're gonna be doing a call Can you tell people a little bit about what you're gonna be talking about on the call so they know? – Yeah, sure, sure

– And I'll give you guys the link for that here in a sec – The call's gonna be all about traffic Basically, the idea is that I got really good at driving traffic I got really good at building lists But of course, a big part of it is getting those eyeballs

And what I notice is that most people struggle with getting the eyeballs They struggle The idea is a lot of people don't even know where to begin I mean, they're being told, go and post on Facebook or go and upload a YouTube video But nobody wants to fake it 'til they make it

Nobody wants to get on camera And then same with social media It kind of works only if you're already famous Then you can turn it into a traffic source Until then, it just doesn't work like that

If you follow me, and so I follow you, I don't give a damn what you post about I'm not gonna click that link So the idea, the ideal outcome for the call, and you should attend it if you want to achieve this outcome, is how you can go from standing start to getting hundreds of leads every single day without touching your computer You don't have to literally sit there, create articles and post stuff online and get on the forums and pretend like you want to be helpful to people, talking about things you have no idea about So you can go from absolute zero to getting hundreds of leads per day

And how to also make sure that these leads are targeted and are also qualified In other words, there is a difference between a lead and a good lead Remember, there's things like interest There's things like intent There's things like ability to buy

Because a lot of people don't realize this, but we are, like Dan Kennedy talks about, we are in the new economy, where 1/3 of the population moved down, financially, with no ability to buy So we have to be more rigid and more, forgive me for lack of a better word, anal when we qualify the leads that we get And a big part of that call's gonna be all about how do you find the best leads, and how do you get those best leads hitting your capture page automatically every single day? So even if you're out there with your kids playing catch, or if you still have a full time job that you can't quit because you got financial commitments, how can you still grow your business without necessarily having to give up your time or give up on any of your principles or faking it until you make it or try to pretend that you're an expert when you're really not? – That's awesome You know, so I just posted I'm trying to find it

Okay, yeah, good I just posted the link, there we go And that's weird, it pops me up right there Jon Benson said, love me some of that pacing That's weird, John and I show our picture, but my picture, I guess it looks like it's showing

That's the link right there You probably can't click it, but you can see it down below And I pinned it up so that you guys can click and join us to get on this webinar I don't know if you know Jon Benson, but he's on here right now He said hello

– Yeah, I know Jon Benson Email, Open Click Buy is the last book that Jon Benson wrote – He's got some– – I think actually, you know, the idea, Jon Benson's idea of the monkey mind, I first heard it from my copywriting mentor, Ross Bowering He literally called it the monkey mind for the first time But I had no idea that Jon Benson actually has a monkey

I mean, it's just nuts I think, right Jon? I mean, you wrote in your book that you actually either have a real monkey, or was that an imaginary monkey that you think is real? I mean, there's something going on with the monkey that I remember But yeah, the mind is that, and it just goes nuts sometimes, which is why pulling that right word or the right angle for your email or the right subject line is so critical these days Because people kind of go into their inbox now And people used to go into their email inbox and be like, okay, I want to read this email, let me read it

Now it's not like that Now they pull up their phone and they kind of scroll through the feed and be like, okay, I want to delete this email and this email and this email So they don't even look for things to read They just look for things to delete, because it got so overwhelming – Yeah, that's awesome

You know, that's a big thing I'm just telling you guys, I am really excited about this I'll tell you, and how excited I am is, well, one, it's not just my excitement What I was trying to say is sorry, 'cause they were trying to tell me the game score, so I kinda got kicked off for a second But I want to let you guys know this

My list is really excited You're gonna be giving away, and I'll tell you this, you're gonna be giving away some, what, you're doing a $3000 bribe or something like that? Am I right? – Yes, for anyone who attends the webinar, I'm actually giving you guys a 31-day email sequence And it's actually targeted for internet marketing niche So you can use it to promote any internet marketing or make money online or network marketing or business opportunity-type of offer So that offer is teaching people how to work from home and make money

Then you can literally take that email, put your link in, and run it And I personally wrote those emails Now, in case, just to put in some value In email or when I send an email to my list, I actually make a lot of money I don't want to brag with specific numbers or whatever, but just take my word for it, I make a lot of money And so when I write emails for other people, I actually charge a lot of money for that because of the opportunity costs So the absolute minimum you can get me to write your emails is 297 per email So that's at least three grand value right there

It's a 31-day email sequence, and you get it automatically by attending the webinar So basically, you attend it When we gonna be done with the webinar, I have an automated script that sends you the link Now, it actually knows to tell whether you attended in full or not So if you come in on the webinar and leave after 22 minutes, it'll not send you the link

So I don't even control that, it's fully automated So if you want to get that, just come onboard, learn some cool tricks, and at the same time get a really kick-ass gift – Yeah, we'll tell you the subject line, 'cause everybody knows I split test like crazy The subject line that actually won is ethical $3000 bribe That's what made me remember it

– Nothing like a bribe, guys If there's ever a lesson in marketing for you here, nothing like a bribe, nothing like a cookie for your audience to get them to engage with you I mean, as much as I'd like to say that we're all noble and that we're all crystal and pure, but the fact of the matter is, there is a brain inside our heads And that brain works by a certain set of rules And our brain loves bribes, that's it

Our brain likes the candy So when you create a funnel, when you create any sort of engaging content or whatever, bribe people I know it may not be the most ethical thing in the world, although we make our bribes pretty ethical, but they work Bribes increase engagement And so if there's an example of good marketing, then do ethical bribes

It's really cool Your audience ends up loving you more You get to feel better as well because you'll be like, oh, I'm giving people all this free value, so it's easier for you to spread your message and change people's lives And overall, everybody wins, so that's why we do it – Yeah, that's awesome

So any closing comments, or anything that you want to share before we get off here? Anything you didn't say that you wish you would've said? – Yes, absolutely So the one thing, the one thing that I really wish for people who are gonna be attending the training on Wednesday to promise themselves is that they won't let this webinar to be just another webinar where they sort of attend, maybe take a few notes, and then sort of just go back to their life and keep living the same life, reliving that Groundhog Day life that they hate So if you want something to change, just like my mentor, Tom Beal says, nothing changes if nothing changes So if you are going to show up to that training, and it's totally up to you to decide whether or not you want to do that It's totally up to you to find the right reasons for you to show up

And I'm sure that those of you who need it will make the time and take the effort to do that What I want you to do is promise to yourself, make that commitment to yourself that you won't let this training just be another one where you collect information but don't necessarily do much with it I want you to promise for yourself ahead of time that you're gonna take that information and you're gonna use it to improve your life and your business Because your business and your life are intertwined You improve one, you improve the other, period

So again, if you do plan to attend that training, make sure to make that upfront commitment And better yet, write it down on paper I am committed to using this information to improve my business And not only write it on paper, tell it to somebody Call your best friend and say, hey, I'm attending this webinar and I am committed to using that information

Tell your spouse, call up your brother or your sister Make sure that someone else other than you knows, because then you kind of have to follow through, otherwise you look like a hypocrite So make it easier for yourself to follow through, and make it hard for yourself not to follow through See what I mean? – Yeah – Do the candy, do the stick and the carrot

– Yeah, that's awesome And I want to say something to everybody, since you brought that up It was interesting, I'm not gonna mention his name, but I was at a seminar, sitting next to a guy He probably, I think he did 16 You know, he's doing 16, it is $16 million last year from his email list, actually

And he said he went and he bought what the guy was offering And it's funny, 'cause he turned around and he looked at everybody in the audience, 'cause everybody was kind of like, whoa, what did you do, you bought And he said to them, he goes, when I listen, I listen to win Because I guarantee, when you listen here, you listen how you're gonna lose He said, come from a place to listen how you're gonna win

And I also challenge everybody that gets on this call Look, I couldn't put you in better hands Seriously, I am I don't say I shut my mouth a lot, but I will tell you, this guy's the real deal

Impressive, just the things he's doing All the stuff that we've been doing in the background and all our communication has been remarkable What he says he's gonna do, he does He's one of the rare catches of the market, and I'm really excited to have him on I'll tell you guys, if you haven't signed up, there's a link below

I think if I put it up, you can't click on it anyway But I'll put it above after it's over But I do have it as a pinned comment, so it should be at the top And then just click on that, register for the thing Get on there and get there when we're on on Wednesday

And you guys, get ready 'Cause I know you guys, you guys all, everybody here, this is like little marriage for, well, I say, the thing we're doing now Everybody loves email You guys love list-building, I know it You guys love email marketing

You guys know it's real, you want to be here And we finally, it's taken us forever to kind of get together We're finally getting together, and that's the cool thing Our lists are actually speaking out loud The response, I'm getting emails of excitement

I know he's getting, we're both getting emails of excitement – Oh yeah, oh yeah – Of stuff that we're doing So I'll tell you guys, literally go register And somebody said, already signed up

So I would go register right now, as quick as you can Remember, you guys can get that $3000 ethical bribe Remember, he's got that thing in there to watch it But get on there, pay attention, listen to win And take in what he said too

Make that commitment, make it happen from there So look, I really appreciate you and everything for being on here, everybody We had a bunch of people on here You guys have been really chatty, it's good And the link is clickable, woo-hoo, somebody said

So yeah, good, it is clickable And all you gotta do is just click the link, jump on over, fill it out, and we'll see you guys on Wednesday – All right – Thanks for your time Thank you, guys

Good day

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