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How To Build A PORTFOLIO WEBSITE In Under 10 Minutes With Format

isn't easy and great way set up an online graphic and today I'm going to walk you through step-by-step on to use format to make your very own portfolio ease but first let's take a quick look at some existing websites that customers of format have made themselves now format is a web builder made by creatives for creatives and here is a design and as utilized format for the website so as you can see the site looks clean and a pretty awesome display this designers work with a neat interface there is a menu bar at the top and this designer has their work orientated in a drop-down menu in different categories our really cool function is that when you select one of the projects to view it you can then view all of the projects in a toggle kind of slider menu but let's jump into how to exactly use formats for your very important for your website and if you click the link in description box below you have a two week free trial and then the 25% discount thereafter on the upgraded version it does help to have an online portfolio away from social media as it does look more professional and format is fairly easy to use and also to set up in a quick amount of time so after signing up the first thing that we need to do is to select a theme for our website as you can see here they're actually quite a nice amount of themes provided by formats and they all look pretty awesome and also you can actually preview the mobile versions too but once you've selected a theme from the available choices you can then see the progress of your website creation in the dashboard here we can now go ahead and begin to customize the actual design of our website in the format web builder so here is my template layout ready to be customized and on the left hand side you notice a tool bar so here are such things like the ability to change your theme customizing the color and a typography on your website and even a code editor too and on the far left you have the pages section a dashboard which you've just come from and also a means to set up a shop and a blog on your website we're going to be taking a look at these things a little bit later let's quickly take a look at typography on my website so I can choose the font and the size for specific areas on my website and there was a nice amount of fun to choose from so as you can see there are header text options body text options and also base font choices to actually add your work in a portfolio page you can head into the gallery's page here in the pages menu but first we're asked to add a sample page which essentially just makes life easier for us because there's a kind of a template for the page layouts now you're able to upload your work and images from your computer or Dropbox and this is actually the header for my gallery page class width now anyway and don't forget to save your changes as you go before Matt does actually remind you from time to time to save your changes which really does help so let's head back into the dashboard real quick to track our progress the fifth step is to edit the contact page and format tells us how important a contact page is because as a graphic designer working online we really do need a kind of contact between customers and potential clients so as of now we have a very bland and a basic contact page with a contact form below but like we did earlier for the gallery's page we can add a template on this page to again the format provides us with a detail of choices for the contact page so choose one of them and then add it to your website you've got placeholder images and sections and all we need to do is to click and edit the imagery and the text it's just that simple I'm now on my about page and editing the header image you can zoom in and out like so and also rearrange the image around like I'm doing here if you want to make your pages more detailed and intricate you can add a new section below we can add text images forms and even videos and I think it'd be really neat to have a video embedded onto my up out page what I need to do is type in the URL and I'm bingo I've added a video on my about page with ease so here I'm in the pages menu and you can see that I've got three pages on the website currently but as heading to my gallery's page and edit the logo header because I feel that Tom text is too bland and boring if you click the logo here we can change it like so we have two choices open to us either using a text logo or an actual image logo that we upload from our computer so once uploaded you can adjust its size like I'm doing here and in the menu below we can even change the icon of our website that's going to be shown in the toolbar search of a browser also here we can check the review of the website on both mobile and desktop which is always handy to do whilst you're working through your website now I've got a couple more neat things to show you in today's video and that is firstly if you want to add a new page you can do that here you actually have quite a lot of options open to you in adding content and pages on formats so it could add a page dedicated to my YouTube videos as example and like before we can use a template of placeholder content or you can do it from scratch which gives us more control so lastly here on the left that I mentioned earlier we had the option to add a store and even to add a blog on our website but let's take a quick look at the store option you can then give a name to your store and formats going to integrate it into your website in a matter of seconds then you can simply connect your PayPal account to format and that's your store from here it's just the case of adding in your products at descriptions the imagery and then start selling this is a neat function that every design portfolio you can make use of heading back into the dashboard we can see the last point in the list is to connect to the experts of formats this is where you can ask questions and saw some help too so finally let's take a look at my home page now I've got the tool bar in the top right corner as well as my social media icons and the links are there too I've gone for a chic minimal black layout for my website as I scroll down you can see that I've embedded a YouTube video trailer on my websites home page now this is cool because people can play a right away but also they can click the YouTube logo and be directed to my youtube channel so as you can see there's a banner at the top and as I scroll downwards is slowly fades into the background and I think this is a really neat looking effect my work is displayed below and people can click onto the image they want to view and then they're going to be taken for a closer look scrolling through your work is really easy too so there is today's video on how you can design an awesome portfolio website with format with ease check the links in description box below for a two-week free trial and also a 25% discount thereafter have a great day everybody and until next time design your future today peace


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