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How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Email Funnel – Tutorial

– Hey guys, Diggy here with part two of the four-part free video series Now if you haven't watched the first video yet, there should be a link somewhere above this video where you can go and watch that first video

Please do so before continuing with this video Now in this video I'm gonna show you how you can set up your own online business using email marketing and affiliate marketing Now the nice thing about this is that you don't have to worry about any sort of product creation, you can simply just get an affiliate link, promote someone else's product, and for every sale you make, you get a commission And pretty much, while I've edited out some parts for the video to make it easier for viewing, but pretty much the length of this video that you're about to watch is how quickly you can go about setting up your own email marketing funnel with affiliate products, and it's literally then ready to go to start making money So let's jump straight into it

Enjoy Okay so in this video, I'm gonna attempt real quick to set up an affiliate marketing funnel So we're gonna select an offer, we're going to create a thank you page that's going to redirect to the offer, and we're gonna create some follow-ups, just to give you an idea how you can do this in real time, that it's actually really pretty simple to do And all you need to do is take action and from there you need to test and tweak and over time you can build out your proper funnel But to actually get a funnel like this up and running, you can do it within a few hours within your first day


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So all you need to do, it's very important, is just take action, put it together, and start running some traffic to it and see what happens So for the purposes of this video, I'm gonna use Clickbank and I'm gonna use the survival niche And I'm gonna use this because I've tested it in the past and I have been able to make money with it which for this video purpose allows me to skip the section of niche research and trying to find out which product works, what not And it's also a good industry that you can go into So feel free, if you want you can use this example, and you can copy it and you can try make money with it

I mean maybe it'll work for you, maybe it won't, we'll see So we go to the Clickbank marketplace And two offers that I've run in the past that are still running, is basically a physical survival knife So you get a free credit card knife that looks like this Let's click on it

So this is a credit card knife It's a little knife that folds up into a credit card size that you could put into your wallet And it's very cool for all sorts of little things I don't know if it's for protection but basically it's always nice to have a little knife with you, you can cut open boxes, especially in the survival industry We've got a whole lot of stuff here about why it's so cool, it's quick and simple conversion, ultra slim, protective hand guard, et cetera, it fits into your wallet, very cool

And the thing why this offer worked so well is because it's free They're literally giving this away for free All you need to do is pay for shipping and handling So as a consumer you can come to the site and you can get a free credit card knife worth 25 bucks for free All you need to do is pay for your shipping

Okay, that's it The same, they have another offer like this, it's called the Everstryke Waterproof Match So basically that's the same kind of deal So you get it for free It's like this waterproof little thing

You can add it to your keychain It doesn't matter if it gets wet and you'll be able to strike that and create a fire You'll be able to create a spark, create a fire So if you ever get lost in the wilderness and you don't have a lighter with you and you need to make a fire to stay warm, you take out your Everstryke match and you just start a fire there, right there and then So again it also works very well

You can see it's got the fake proof, the countdown timer It's a free offer, it's a $19 offer And basically you get this thing absolutely free All you need to do is enter your shipping details and you need to pay for shipping And you can see a whole bunch of cool things, like features that it has, long lasting, easy to use, ultimate survival tool, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Alright, so these two, for a fact, I know they work And we're gonna use these as our offers to a thank you page Now what we can go and do is when we're creating a squeeze page, we can create this as just an individual offer, like for example, I can go and create a squeeze page saying, "get a free Everstryke match," get opt-ins and use this as a thank you page and give people what they want The problem with that is then they're just opting in to get the Everstryke match and maybe not for other survival type things So what I prefer to do is to get a kind of more general survival niche kind of person who's interested in anything survival-related and then give this to them as a free gift on the thank you page which means I can send them all sorts of survival-related stuff, right? I mean, again, those are just my thought

You'd have to split test whatever works best to be able to get results So what we're gonna do now is we're gonna head over to Leadpages, I mean use whatever you wanna use, but I'm using Leadpages in this example to create a squeeze page So we're over in Leadpages, we're going to go to a template, so we're just gonna go, we need an opt-in So where are the opt-ins? Let me see Opt-in, there we go

So we're gonna choose an opt-in We're gonna check by the Highest Converting And basically we're gonna choose a squeeze page, basically to get some people on our email list Okay so we're just gonna use a very simple landing page We're gonna click on use this template

And then we're gonna go and create the page Let's call it Survival Click on Start Building Okay so I've just skipped the part where I actually typed the stuff in just to make it a little bit faster for the video purposes, but you can see I took this template, so I typed in here at the top, Dear Survivalist, 'coz we're targeting people in the survival niche, and I said something like, "We're giving away free survival gear, tips and strategies "to help you stay protected when SHTF" So in the survival niche, basically that's a big term, when shit hits the fan

So basically everyone's, like, when shit hits the fan, when things go wrong, when everything goes south, you wanna be protected, you wanna make sure you have the gear and the strategies to stay alive So that's kinda talking in their language So any kind of survivalist, maybe this is kind of reaching out to them So the opt-in button says, "Join Here (Free) & Receive Free Gear" So you can see with this angle of this squeeze page, I'm not specifically giving away a, Everstryke match or a credit card knife because then you only get people interested in that thing

Okay now I'm going for survivalists, people who want the free survival gear, the tips, the strategies, people in the whole industry and they wanna buy all sorts of stuff And that allows me to split test the whole bunch of stuff So, "Receive Free Gear," I can split test on thank you page between this Everstryke match and between this credit card knife I can rotate that automatically I'm still giving away free gear even though I'm getting paid every time someone enters their shipping details

So you can see here in the Clickbank marketplace, every time someone enters their shipping details and orders one of these free credit card knives, I get paid $351 for the knife, and I get paid $471 for the waterproof match So basically if I'm converting people, alright, so let's just go back here for a second Let's just say for a second that if I'm converting people, I'm converting a 10% of people who land on my thank you page, okay, let's put that in there, 10%, and that 10% on average, it was $3

51 and $471, so let's just say on average I make $380 per conversion, and this is immediately on the thank you page So let's just do some quick math where we say, let's just say, I send a hundred people to the squeeze page over here, 40% give me their opt-in which is pretty decent for an opt-in page, I mean, you can get opt-in pages to get there, so 40% of the traffic opt-in gives me the email address and goes to the thank you page So that's 40 people

Of those 40 people, 10 people buy, so of those 40% of people who land on here, so 40 people land on the thank you page, 10% of those 40 people are going to take me up on that offer for that free page So that means of those hundred people that I sent to my squeeze page, I end up with four people buying my offer and make $380 per sale, so that means I make $1520 right off the bat of those hundred clicks So if I'm sending a hundred clicks, that means I can pay 15 cents per click and breakeven while building a list

And again that's kind of the math behind these whole funnel So if I can increase the opt-in rate, if I can increase the conversion rate here of people buying related to opt-ins, if I can increase the average sale amount, I can increase the dollar amount, I can increase the amount that I'm spending So for example, if I'm spending 15 cents a click, I'm breaking even But what if I can get clicks for cheaper than that? Or what if I'm making $30 here, I can make clicks for 15 cents each and double my profit right off the bat So these are all kind of the math behind these things and that you can keep in mind

And that's why you have to split test so many things That's why you split test your opt-in pages to get the conversion rates higher That's why you split test your offers to get the conversion rate of people buying higher That's why you split test everything you can to be able to get this dollar value higher Alright, so let's go back to Leadpages real quick

And we've created this opt-in page And all that we need to do now is maybe create a different background So let's get that fixed up So you can see over here now, I've made a kind of relevant opt-in page we could try I have no idea if this is gonna work

And that's why, one, we create this, obviously we're gonna create split test, and we're gonna test different pages against each other to find the winning one So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna integrate this with my email auto responder so I'm able to collect leads So I'm gonna go to Drip because I'm using Drip You can use whatever auto responder you want I do recommend Drip personally because I like it, I'm using it

So we're gonna go I've created a new campaign called Survival Just create a format, doesn't really matter too much, you just go through the process here and follow everything, I mean, Confirmation Settings, we don't need a confirmation email, that's my choice here So I can go and click on Activate Now So this is basically activated

The Settings, you can go over here and you can see do they send a confirmation email, I'm gonna take that off, I'm gonna click on Save, I'm gonna click on Activate, let's activate this I haven't created a follow-up sequence yet So right now I've activated the Survival campaign You can see that literally took me not even, like, two minutes to do So I go back to Leadpages and I'm gonna connect this

So basically there's different ways that you can do this At the moment this can allow me to connect to a Leadpage or a Leadbox that allow me to connect to an external URL And what I can also go and do, for example, I can just add it differently, instead of that button which is gonna pop up to something, I can add this, for example, the format, and I can integrate this with my Leadpages So this is a little bit easier Let me just do this real quick

So I'm gonna copy the text here I'm gonna delete this I'm gonna change this, I'm gonna make it yellow, actually I'm gonna make it orange because why not There we go So there, we've created this, that's pretty simple

Now all we need to do is an integration So we'll just call it Survival, maybe Survival 1, whatever it is Where do we want the form data to go? We don't want it to notify We only want to integrate it with Drip So we go here, I've already integrated Drip

You can do that in your Settings You can refresh it and it's gonna come up with the campaign that we just created, the Survival 1 So you can see here, now I'm connecting the form with my Survival campaign in Drip That's why I prefer using Drip because it is by the same owners as Leadpages It's very easy to integrate Leadpages with Drip

Alright, so I'm just gonna click on Done over here I'm gonna delete the Notify, I don't need to be notified when I get a new subscriber Very easy, just like that We click on Next, the Field We're only collecting emails and this type so we're gonna click on Next

And then what we can do here is we can send users to either a default page, so you can preview that, this is the default page I highly recommend you don't use this default page and you make your own because we wanna add the offer, we wanna give them some incentive, we wanna send them to the offer so that we're gonna be able to monetize it So don't use the generic one So what we're gonna do here, so basically we're gonna send them to another URL So if you have a website or a domain, you can put in your own website or domain

In this case, I'm just gonna use Leadpages to create a thank you page, alright So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna create a thank you page Basically here's a simple thank you page We're gonna use this one We'll call is Survival Thank You for example

Click on Start Building And we're just gonna edit this real quick So I don't want a logo, I mean, if you have a logo, you can go and do this Again, I'm just doing this pretty quickly just to be able to show you how to do this If you're doing this for your own funnel, take it a bit slower

It'll take some time to get all the things in there, get your logo in there, make it look all nice, et cetera But basically I'm just showing you the process, how you can do this, basically the bare bone skeleton process So we're gonna create a thank you page that says, "Thank you, you're subscribed" So if you are using double opt-in, basically you wanna say, "Please go and check your email, "confirm your email," something like that But in this case, we're using single opt-in

So this is good enough, "Thank you, you're subscribed" So basically let's just try something very simple, it says, "Thank you, you're subscribed "To get you started, "we wanna offer you a free piece of essential survival gear "that could come in very handy "It's pocket-sized "so you can carry it with you at all times" And then I'm gonna make this button, so basically, "Claim Your Free Gear Here

" So I'm gonna make this a button And this button I'm gonna send to either one of the two offers So I can split test the link there So I can go and create a ClickMagick link for example, or use Voluum and CPV Lab Basically that will allow me to split test between offers

So whenever someone clicks here, maybe 50% of the time they get taken to one offer, 50% they get taken to the other offer And I can see which one converts better so I can optimize and maximize my funnel, alright Okay so let me go to ClickkMagick and create a link So I'm gonna go there, I'm gonna create a new link I don't really wanna use marketinginc for this but I guess it's just an example

That link isn't really relevant Ideally, if I'm going for the survival industry, I'll probably register a domain, something like survivalgearcom or freesurvivalgear, bestsurvivalofferscom and use that as a tracking link, rather than marketinginctv

But this is again just for example purposes So, link name, let's just call it Survival We're gonna go to Clickbank and we're gonna get our link So we're gonna click on Promote And we're gonna get our one link

So this is Survival Everstryke Let's just call it everstryke And the primary URL is our Clickbank link Okay we're gonna go and create a link So now if we click for Survival, there we have Survival Everstryke

We need to create a new link also, so Survival, we click on knife, and we go and create a link also for our credit card knife So there is our knife, there is our affiliate link We get 75% of the sale And for survival knife, we go back to ClickMagick, we put the primary URL there and we create the link So now we have our two offers that we can test, we can track the clicks on it, we can see where those clicks are coming from, et cetera et cetera

That's the beauty of ClickMagick Now we need to go and create a rotator so that we can split test evenly between those two So we create a new rotator, we call it Survival and survival And what it can be is it can be Fulfillment or it can be Sequential Actually it can be Sequential because Sequential means it fills link one, and then link two, link one, link two, link one, link two

So it's gonna split it evenly between that So the back-up URL is basically gonna be a different offer wherever you wanna send them So let's just say for example, we search for Survival, keyword relevant, we'll just create Survive Anything So let's just get a link for that and we use that as a back-up URL just in case something happens It's totally irrelevant

So we click on Create Rotator And there we have our Survival rotator So we're gonna add URLs to that And we're gonna add Knife for example, we go back, we get our ClickMagick link, survival knife, we're gonna copy that, we're gonna put that in there And we're gonna click on Add URL

And we're going to add another URL which is basically going to be the Everstryke And we're gonna go to ClickMagick and get our link for the Everstryke So over here And we're gonna go and put that in the URL And then we're gonna click on Add URL

So now we have a rotator in the survival niche This is our rotator link that we're gonna use on our thank you page So when we test this out, you can see the link, takes us to the credit card knife And when we test that out again, it takes us to the Everstryke, see So you can see how it's split testing these two offers

That's very nice and we'll be able to get the data And you can see when I go to ClickMagick now, I think it should if I refresh this, you can see we've had one click on each of those, and that's me clicking on it Alright, so very cool, we can keep track of all the stats Very, very important to be able to keep track of that I use ClickMagick

You can use Voluum, CPV Lab, whatever tool it is that you want And basically this is a very easy way to do it So now we're gonna go back to the thank you page for Leadpages and we are going to make this button an external URL We're gonna add in that rotator link from ClickMagick Okay, that's it, very easy

You can use it in New Window or the same window We'll leave it here That's done, okay And then we're gonna basically click Publish for this thank you page And this is now the link for our thank you page

So we can copy this link and we can create it as the thank you page over here So when people opt in, they're gonna go to this thank you page We click on Save & Close We click on Publish over here And that is basically our whole funnel set up and ready to go

All that we need to do now is add in the auto responder email list and of course more split tests for the registration page, et cetera So this is now our opt-in page that we can send traffic to Very simple, very quick So you can see this is now our Leadpage, our-opt-in page If you want you can put this on your own domain

That's still on Leadpages at the moment So of course you know these are all the little extra steps that you can take to be able to improve how it looks I mean, if this was an example like bestsurvivalofferscom or something, maybe it looks a bit nicer But basically this is our squeeze page ready to collect the emails and ready to go

Very basic, very easy Let's just put in an email and see what happens So I put in my email, I click on join And here we go to our thank you page It says, "Thank you, you're subscribed

"To get you started, "we wanna offer you a free piece of essential survival gear "that could come in very handy "It's pocket-sized "so you can carry it with you at all times "Claim your free gear here" That's our rotator link So when we click on this, look at this, here we go

We're giving away a free piece of gear, 100% free like we promised And if they buy it there's gonna be a percentage of the traffic that you send that is going to buy And then you can see, because we're split testing the knife versus the Everstryke, you'll be able to see in your sales account, you can go to ClickMagick and you could see how many people landed on each offer and how many people ended up buying as a percentage of this and as a percentage of the knife And then you can choose whichever offer works better Maybe people buy 10 times more Everstrykes than knives and then you know you should only promote the Everstryke

So another thing that you need to do, of course, is split test your landing pages because this is just a random page I created I have no idea if this is gonna do well or not And you have to split test that against other versions, with other checks, to be able to find the winning landing page that's gonna convert the highest for your traffic So basically in Leadpages, it's very simple You can go to Leadpages, you can click on the dropdown and you can click on Create Split Test

Same with the thank you page You can dropdown and Create Split Test And then you can either make a copy of this page with different text on it, or you can split test that against another Leadpage template in there And that's gonna give you the analytics and everything like that So that's pretty much how easy it is to create a funnel and get going

Then you need to go to your campaign So in this case it's in Drip and you need to create your follow-up email So you can go and create a first follow-up email that get sent immediately So you can say something like, "Congratulations, you're in, claim your free gear" And then you put a little email, you explain a little bit about who you are, what they're gonna be getting when they join the service

And then again you wanna send them to the thank you page again So in case they didn't take you up on this offer, they get the welcome email that's explaining a little bit about them, and you give them a link, just to remind them that they have to go and claim their free gift So that's gonna help increase your conversions as well So not everyone's gonna buy straight away but maybe later when they get home or whatever the situation is, they check their email, they get your email, and you remind them, "Go and get your free gear" Okay and then you get that

And then you go and create a whole sequence of follow-up emails using different products, giving values, sending them to different things So if you have a website or a blog, you can send them to reviews, et cetera, et cetera And that's really how simple it is to create an entire affiliate marketing funnel Okay it's almost done I just needed to create a few follow-up emails and I can start sending traffic to this

So, I did rush this a bit, I mean, it's not as perfect as it should be, but basically within a few hours, you can set up this whole funnel and you can start driving traffic to it You can start sending Facebook ads to it, you can put it on your blog, YouTube ads, whatever it is that you wanna send them to, solo ads, it doesn't matter too much You can start sending traffic to this and you can start making sales The way this is set up right now, if I start driving opt-ins to this, I can already start making sales Anyone who's gonna land on the thank you page and claim those survival things, I'm gonna be able to make money right off the bat

So that's just what I wanted to show you as an example, of course, think a bit outside the box You can do this in your own way You can do this in different industries Like I said, the more layers you add to your funnel, the more chance it has of being profitable And the more you split test, the more you're gonna be able to optimize and maximize your ROI

I hope you enjoyed this video, that you got some value from it I would love to hear your feedback And if you have any questions or just wanna tell me what you thought of the video, please leave a comment below the video Promise I'll reply to your comment personally Thanks for watching

Please stay tuned for the next video as I have a lot more value to share with you

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