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How To Capture The Iconic Photograph | The Art of Football Photography

Emotions are really visible, like everyone is at the top of their emotions You can be screaming with anger or screaming with happiness but for example if you compare it to a tennis match where everyone would be sitting and going like this, and would clap if one would do really good

I can't imagine that at a football match Yeah, like this You're not going to find this anywhere else I always carry my camera around because its my excuse to go to the game If there is no one around going there for the really small games then ill go there bring my camera and just go photographing Then I have something to do and still be there

I can't show Feyenoord culture in one picture because there's so many aspects In every layer of society there is Feyenoord fans Its just life for people The weekend or the match is the highlight of the week, its a family thing to go there and it doesn't matter from which background you're from but Feyenoord will be the main thing in your life Its also I think it is the most dramatic club and the best club to follow as a photographer Because its so extreme in everything! That's a good comparison with photography and also with street photography

If you're not there the picture is not going to take itself, you have to be there! In Rotterdam, if you want to really experience a Feyenoord game and see what makes it so special and maybe take pictures of that, you should go to at least one of the Feyenoord bars near the stadium There's all there really old pubs which are completely filled with everything Feyenoord My hands man! Its amazing to be here, to have the opportunity to be up here We up here, we're all with climbers here To even get here

Ill never be here again probably so, lets enjoy! "We love you Feyenoord we do" I prefer to be in the stands just as one of the supporters If you're a journalist then your immediately not one of them I'm at Feyenoord, this is my club I am one of the supporters I am just taking pictures, but I'm shouting just as loud as everyone else I am just one of the supporters and I want to take pictures from their point of view

I think as a journalist your mostly photographing other people and their way of life sort of, but this is also what I do "We love you Feyenoord we do" Okay so this was the day we won the title

Everything was football at the moment, and it was perfect Like the weather was perfect, everyone was happy It was this sort of dreamlike weekend that you can never get back, and I'm really happy that I got to experience everything from it and also take pictures of it, so I will always remember it really well, because the memories will at one point come from the pictures that I took I thought I have to bring my camera with me because this is way too special to not document Immediately your the journalist and your not the supporter that's with them, so you have to be really connected to the group

What I really like about my position at the moment in the stands is that I can move around freely between almost all the areas Because I am taking pictures, I've met so many people that I can go with friends, I can go alone, and then just meet up with people I know in the stands in one are or in another area, and just experience the entire stadium from different angles It can be so many different reasons but because I have a camera, I can experience all of them, because I just have an excuse to be there I miss all of the goals probably Because I am focussing on getting a picture

Or it will be some strange mess of me tumbling down the stairs trying to point it at everyone at the same time hugging everyone and shouting yeah it's chaos These two roles completely mixed, and that I think is when you get the supporters point of view that I'm trying to capture with these photographs

"We love you Feyenoord we do" I have a big batch of photos that are completely unsharp Everything is completely moving, but at the same time you feel the energy of that particular moment

Then its more important to feel that then to have a technically perfect picture where everything is frozen and crystal clear You're in this moment, you're tumbling down and that's exactly what this should tell, or what these pictures should be about Same this one Its complete chaos everywhere around you you're not next to the pitch where you can photograph the chaos on the other side of the fence You're inside the chaos

I think its important, you have to be part of the action, then the photographs feel that you are there and not that its just a picture of people going crazy Its you going crazy Its everything going crazy and at that moment, your pressing the shutter Like this, this is completely different, now I'm above the situation Well maybe for the story it's good to have perspectives, but as a supporter I want to be in there

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