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How To Come Up With Blog Content

– Are you struggling create for your ? In today's video, we're gonna share you our proven method for content creation Let's go


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(upbeat happy music) All right guys, before we get into the video, I want you to hit that Subscribe button so you don't miss any of our content that comes out every single Tuesday You don't wanna be missing out on all of our relocation advice and business tips Also, stick around till the very end, 'cause we have something just for you on this video If you have hit a mental block with your blogging, and you really don't know what to create, what to write, then in this video, I'm gonna give you our five proven tips to get back into blogging, get that content creation going, it is the same method that we give to our students so that they are consistently putting content out and being found by their ideal clients Step number one is client specific blog content

This is the easiest part of content creation So, if you are a wedding planner and you have a wedding that just happened two weeks ago, then that's the first piece of content you wanna write in to your calendar So go through your whole entire year, take that client specific content you already know is gonna be happening and fill those sections of your calendar It makes less work for you later on Tip number two is to check your social media

What are the frequently asked questions on Instagram? On Facebook? Even on your emails from your own clients, what are the frequently asked questions that you hear all the time? These are things that you can answer as a blog post These are things that you can then meet the needs of your clients or clients that you don't even have booked yet Super easy content to create So tell me in the comments below: What's a frequently asked question that you get in your industry or that you see on social media all the time? We'd love to comment back, answer and start a conversation with you, so let us know Tip number three, consider seasonal situations and promotions

We all know that for us as wedding professionals, we have a peak promotion time for engagements, between November to February And so you can go ahead and if it's January, you can go ahead and start planning for that content now, way ahead of time That is something that no matter what business you're in, there's gonna be some type of seasonal advertising, seasonal promotion where you are really pushing hard into that So go ahead, look through your calendar, and figure out what those are for your specific industry Tip number four is topic expansion

What the heck is topic expansion? Here it is in a simple nutshell So, we had a frequently asked question, it was what shoes do you wear on a wedding day? Simple enough, right? We went ahead and answered that, but then we had such an overwhelming response about our video on Tieks versus Rothy's that we're now creating additional topics Additional topic expansions on to size them, how to wash them, which ones we like better, and if you haven't seen our video on Tieks versus Rothy's, hit the card above and go check it out Number five, our last tip is all about collaborations Once you've filled your content calendar with the previous four tips, the last one you wanna look at is collaborations

This is where you partner up with another creative business owner that you know your ideal client is going to love For us, that may be talking with a floral designer and having them in and do a guest blog post or an interview all about the floral trends for the new year That's something that we don't have to work as hard on, and we're bringing in subject matter experts that our ideal clients would really, really want to hear from So, tell me in the comments below, who do you wanna collaborate with? Now you guys have the basic five steps (upbeat happy music) to creating a content calendar But if you're still hitting a wall, we have something just for you

It is a free download that we have created with two months worth of content ideas for industry specific blogs, so all you have to do is head to the show notes below, click on the link, and go get your own free blog content ideas Thank you so much for watching this video, guys I know that your time is precious, so let me know how much you love this content by just a simple yes in the comments below, hit like, subscribe so you don't miss out on a single new video that we have every single Tuesday, and, if you love your fellow creative, share this content with them Again, thank you so much for watching, and we will see you next Tuesday

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