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How to Cook Tortang Sardinas

Let's taste it! Oops I dropped it ๐Ÿ˜› Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! We will cook for today is a simple dish good for breakfast You can make it as sandwich filling or eat it with rice This is what we call "Tortang Sardinas"

Here are the ingredients for our recipe: 2 small cans of sardinesThis is sardines in tomato sauce 2 eggs and we will also need chopped onions minced garlic ground black pepper and salt Aside from those ingredients, we also need onion chives, cornstarch and cooking oil

Here is the complete list of ingredients with measurements Are you ready? Come, lets start cooking! Preheat cooking oil in pan first thing to do is saute the onion and garlic upon waiting heating up the oil spread the oil across pan and warm it up Now add the chopped onion You can chop or slice into small pieces, either way is OK

saute in 30 seconds and then put in the garlic or our minced garlic Saute until light brown You will notice if the garlic turns brown, the onion is cooked simultaneously just stir-fry so it will be evenly cook Now, it's ready! I will trnasfer this in a clean bowl and let the temperature cools down after cooling down, you can now mix the other ingredients for our "torta" in a big bowl and crack 2 eggs

Here is the other one Then beat the eggs Get a fork Make sure that the eggs are beaten evenly after this we'll get the flour or the all purpose flour add the flour in the bowl with beaten eggs Pour everything Then continue beating

these two ingredient (eggs and flour) are what we called Binder and this is to bind all together the ingredients we need later like sardines, onions and etc so when we cook this later on, you will see that all ingredients are binded together and will not separate Mix well Now, let's add the sardines add two can of sardines then mashed it and mix it well

after that, add the sauted onion and garlic in the bowl I sauted the onion and garlic to make our mixture tastier! Mix it well Then add onion chives or green onions or scallion Then add seasoning This is very simple

We only need black pepper and salt Mix it well Make sure all ingredients are well-blended Now were ready to cook our "tortang sardinas" preheat the pan and apply cooking oil spray or regular oil like what we usually use

Add a scoop of mixture in the cooking pan Here's a tip for you when we cook the "Tortang sardinas" To make sure it will not break apart, fry a small portion at first Use 1/4 cup only, like what I did It's easy to flip if we fry a small portion of the mixture Unlike frying a big portion, flipping it will surely be challenging, right? Fry for about 45 seconds to 1 minute How will I know if it's already cooked? Just glide the pan and if the the patty doesn't stick anymore, it means it's ready

For example, If the patty slides around while glide the pan like this, then this should be good You can also flip it using a spatula or by a pan only Here's how we flip the patty by pan only Push in the those splashed part carefully That normally happens because the patty's top side is not yet fully cooked, right? It's because of the impact of the patty's cooked side that's why some part of the raw side splashed out a bit

So when we pushed in those splashed part, then it will turn alright eventually continue cooking for another 30 seconds then transfer in a plate Repeat the same frying proceedure with the rest of the mixture Here's another tip: Remove those excess particles in the pan before frying another patty It will be burnt if you leave it there, The next patty will have a burnt part

It wouldn't be nice to have it there So I sprayed the cooking oil and added the second batch It's just the same procedure Again, make sure to cook the bottom side of the patty before flipping it There are times that even if you glide the pan, the patty won't slide

We can use spatula to start flipping from outside part so we can move it a bit because it slightly adheres to the pan If it began to loosen up, then you can easily slide the patty This one is easier, I'll show you how flip the patty using a spatula if we fry a small portion of mixture, we can slant the pan to make flipping easier Carefully flip it with a spatula

And notice there's no splash unlike earlier Doing same procedure, fry for another 30 to 40 seconds until the other side is fully cooked Then transfer to the same plate See? It's perfectly cooked I'll just repeat same frying procedure until we finish up the mixture

I'll fry another one Transfer to a serving plate And it's ready to serve! here is our "tortang sardinas" Let's go and taste it! It's very easy to cook "Tortang Sardinas" I like it best with ketchup or seasoning How about you? What do you put in your "tortang sardinas"? Here's my seasoning, it adds more flavor and makes it tastier! I like to add ketchup sometimes

Let's taste it! Mmm~ good! It's delicious! "Tortang Sardinas" was perfectly cook and has good texture Let's take another bite Mmm~ This is good for breakfast! and stuff it in a hot "pandesal" (bread) or top it on a cup of hot rice, alright! I hope you learned something new today Eventhough it's a simple dish 101 00:10:37,000 –> 00:10:42,000 Please don't forget to like our video I know you still learned something from this very simple recipe To those who haven't subcribed yet, please subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy Youtube channel! Click the subscribe button below this video and don't forget to activate the notification so you'll receive notification everytime there's new video upload See you in my next video

Thank you very much!

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