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How to Create a CON folder In Computer

Hello Guys, Hello Guys I am Altaf Welcome My Youtube Channel Altaf Techmark Today I will s you how to on so let's begin so guys many bataya tha k Hmm CON folder kaise create sparingly so severely hung up a rightfully currently I can legally Technica body happy new copse I speak anything is people Kinnickinnic about a half a port at all time its peak occurring do you have been normally changing I'm making this CE o and I become as he making me to American burger except in the him Garriga to hum a cone human ahead Colter Bay to home Cassie listen gay porn folder dignity but I may hold eternal all debate all to behold that maybe 100 my 0-1-6-0 or we have side make tea liquor in me Tom our account holder create for diagram to guys you know we don't kiss a leg up would you like or commitment but I have a questionnaire to be committed with you but I whatever media person are to subscribe my channel and press the Bell I cannot get new updates off again


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