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How to deal with people who don't "get you" during a Spiritual Awakening

the best thing you could do is to just be the person they expects you to be you're challenging their view point of view and the reason you are here is to make everyone else happy so of course I'm kidding but the way you go about this is different than you think but doing these things I share in this video are gonna change everything welcome back to another video my name's Erin and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you how to deal with friends and family as you go through your spiritual awakening process and it's something that I think that a lot of people are going through right now because they're going through a spiritual awakening I'm filming this two or three days before the holidays here in the United States and it's interesting because you gotta have a lot of people that are around friends and family that may not totally understand them and I remember when I would do my spiritual awakening so much about me changed I came out of my spiritual awakening and I wanted everyone to understand what I went through and I didn't really even completely understand it but I remember I went from feeling like I was at a 3 out of 10 with 10 feeling amazing 1 feel not so great then all the set out feeling like I was a 7 out of 10 I felt like I was high all the time just walking around I was meditating two three times a day and my whole entire life felt different and I was it was it was then it was like I was excited to tell people about it I was like well listen your thoughts correlate with your experience if you change your thought to change your life that was one aspect of it then I was also aware that you know this is an ego this is a physical body that we use while we're here but I believe that at a deeper level we're so much more than that and normally people that go through a spiritual awakening will have that the derivative of that realization and when you do it's so much more empowering than believing we are just these physical flesh bodies that's it that's it that's as far as consciousness goes and believing that makes you feel like you're in a box and most people believe that on autopilot now yesterday I was doing a live Q&A for something I have called the shift Academy it's a monthly group coaching and an inner circle that I have and if you haven't joined you one check that out I'll go ahead and link up below and in it there was a two or three people that had a similar question and their questions were in relation to them going through their spiritual awakening their friends and family not getting it and what do they do to get them to get it or how do they navigate through that so that's why I'm making this video as well because I went through it in my own experience but I wanted to share with you as well some of the blocks that really can have it make it easier by knowing how to navigate through it so the main part of this video though is knowing that the more you believe that you are separate from everybody else the more you may start to have this spiritual ego that's what happened to me I got rid of my 3d ego which was the old version of me that used to drink and party that was that version of me all the sudden I'm I then began to meditate and observe my thoughts and as I began to do that I began to feel completely different I started to see myself as a higher vibrational person and what happened is then as I got rid of one ego there was the spiritual ego that just came in the back door and then what happened is that spiritual ego you might you may not even be aware that it's there but it's then this person that has higher vibrational a person that many people just don't understand me that can happen a lot too because I became kind of bitter I remember I was sharing the spiritual information my dad was some family with some friends and I heard about that some friends were talking about me and what happened to Aaron type thing it was like wow what happened Aaron what do you mean and then I realized okay maybe this stuff's a little bit different talking about spiritual winkeny meditation and that when I had that then I started develop this edge I was like okay don't get me there just till asleep and I felt rejected and I think that that was like a level of anger that was kind of coming out that felt judged and then so caught and then what I does I judge then without even really knowing it I was like well they're still sleeping they don't understand it they're not as high vibration all these are the video these are the thoughts that will go through the head and then what happens then you start to create separation to where you can't feel connected to those people and that's what happened to me it's like I just did my own thing for months I didn't really talk to certain family members at all because I just knew they thought that I they didn't know what was going on with me and what I did is I distanced myself and for about six months I just kind of did my own thing I was I was living with my mom it's back to 2012 I was living with my mom I would go out every day and I would water all of these plants I would connect with nature I would lay in the Sun and so get the energy of the Sun I would just really enjoy my vegan food I would meditate or sometimes just lay on my bed listen to spiritual music and look at my ceiling fan and that's what I did for months but then what I realized is I had a belief that I formed that people don't get me I have a story I tell myself how about people now and because of that I was creating separation without even knowing it I was reaffirmed there are no highlight people in my life that get me there's no one I'm really connecting with at a very deep level guess what happened self-fulfilling prophecy that became my reality people not only do the people already in my life I didn't feel as connected to but I was blocking out I've had people from coming what we called high vibe people from coming into my life that I would then resonate at that higher level at that it higher and lower it could be it's understand what this process as well levels of consciousness it's not I am better than you because I am added 470 level consciousness and you Wow you are at 275 drinking at the level of courage 275 yeah that's the idea right it's it becomes this ego thing that you get trapped in everyone is just where they're at and a lot of times this is the key the key is if you want them to accept you you gotta accept them and what I mean by that is they made except you initially you want to know why they are afraid of losing you they are afraid of losing you they're afraid of losing they were afraid of losing the errand that they knew it was actually a very sad time I remember my dad kind of broke down and was like what happened to my son he was that crying about it I was like you're stunned he's not here anymore that but not the son that you knew he's gone through a high vibrational spiritual awakening he is up the seventh dimensional Canadian collective I'm just kidding see that's the that's the danger though of these different levels of consciousness is that then that's the perspective but it can be stacked two family members have a little compassion for them your family members of your friends they just missed the old you but here what's the alternative you go back to being the old dude that's kind of what I did with one of the people that I was a really cool guy I was I was coaching on the zoom call which is the way I do that the shift Academy coaching smites doom so I bring people on I talked to them and I was like I was playing babbles advocate in a way I was like challenging it was like what you don't to do anything just go back to being the way you were and it's like no I don't want to do that you know and it was just to show that that's a ridiculous thought like that's not even an option really you know going back to the old you and it kind of that makes you realize well I'm not going to do that what is the alternative going back to the old you going back to drinking you know not that drinking is inherently wrong but going back to like talking about the same thing and all of those things or did you come here to be bold I believe many of us went through a spiritual awakening as high vibrational 7th dimensional I'm just kidding but as high by high vibrational people that came to go through spiritual awakening I believe that we spread ourselves out through many different families it would have been very convenient if you and I and everyone else were to just incarnated into the same exact family and we just grew up but we just knew all of this information and we never challenged each other and we always stayed with the expectation of how we have what we have it's so easy right well we came here because we wanted to go through shifting consciousness I believe at a collective level there's a global shift in consciousness happening some you know there's that there's still a range or some people are still deeply in their old egoic materialism and and perspectives but we came to wake up in different families in different groups of friends so that it would influence more people in a powerful way so I believe that we spread ourselves out for a reason now we're finding each other now you right here right now look in the comments everyone in the comments is going to be in a similar vibration and have similar thought processes but the key to this is becoming aware that to navigate through this spiritual awakening process one of the best things you could do you want to know what it is don't sell it don't sell it when I came out I was like listen you thought straight the reality listen you over there your thoughts create the reality but I brought all my friends and family and they were like whoa whoa bro just let's talk about something else and and it would cause resistance because I was so excited about it and I wanted to share it but they weren't necessarily open to it so what I had to learned it this is what I learned to do just do you boo boo just do you that's what I did I just did me so for he's literally I mean not that it has to take years but for years I eventually was working that nine to five job and I was like okay I'm just gonna spread my message do what I'm passionate about which is making YouTube videos I'm gonna do this and as I started to act on my passion I started to meet people in a similar vibration as me so I got like Victor in my life got the you're got other high vibe friends that in high five I mean it's such an egoic term but you know what I mean that's the idea now there's other there's other people that are in the same mindset and it's because I was being me when you are being you you then will attract other people that will resonate with you in your l10 decor but if you're trying to people please and trying to make everyone else happy and trying to have people get you and accept you then guess what then you're not being the real you and you can't attract other people in a similar vibe because are you if you do to attract people in a similar vibe you will attract people that are also trying to be other people to make other people accept them so know that one of the main reasons you came here was to be bold to be bold to be bold and to be you doesn't mean you have to sell this information and get people on board I just I just share it and people that resonate with it resonate with it mmm pedram and people that don't resonate with it they don't find me or they find me and they leave a comment and they say this stuff is weird how did I find this in my subscription feed which is totally cool too so let me see if I forgot anything so don't sell it accept them when you accept them they will then accept you don't need them to get you don't need them to get you because if you need them to get you then your happiness is dependent on whether they accept you or not but ironically enough accept them first even if they don't accept you and the irony is by you putting out that energy they then may feel that and then want to come around I have so many friends and family from back in the day that thought when I started this whole spiritual awakening information and sharing on YouTube they thought it was kind of nuts or crazy or weird and that's so tarik but guess what a lot of them are coming around now so everyone you maybe planted seed with friends and family and not even know it I mean you maybe just be put in the back of the pocket I thought it's kind of weird that these into this whole spiritual meditating stuff but then they go out for two years and they're like I'm having some difficulty of life maybe I should learn that meditation oh yeah Chris right over there oh yeah Margaret right over there let me ask them so they're afraid of losing you that makes a little bit more compassionate as well yeah let go of the the view of being spiritual and that some people are lower vibrational because that could be a dangerous thing that's a trap that many people can fall into now I will say as well one of the best ways to connect with these other people family and friends that may not get you is doing a process called ho'oponopono if you've never heard of app or I went to that dict with destiny with Saudi Robbins recently and one of the main components of the healing aspect is that whole part opponent and I have a meditation that you can listen to for 21 days to change your life it's not even a meditation we have to lay down you can do it while you're going to the gym you could do it I don't know I go to the gym it's kind of relaxing but you could go to on your car ride to work when you're walking around when you're cleaning the house it's four simple statements and as you think of someone and you think of these these four simple statements of I'm sorry I love you please forgive me thank you you've been to clear out your energy field and you also begin to heal your connection your call it energetic cords between you and other people it's extraordinarily powerful and it's in the top of the description box below listen to that for twenty-one days watch out your life begins to change other than that how are you navigating through spiritual awakening let any challenges you have any videos we're going to make leave it below iMac as always please look at namaste

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