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How To Discharge Print T-shirts At Home With Bleach No Equipment

I'm about to show you guys how you can print shirts like this but stuff that you can get practically at your local grocery store let's go this video is brought to you by design crowd what's up guys Gary Ajene Tshirthelpdeskcom helpdesk

com well we cover everything t-shirt related make sure that you go down and you subscribe and click that notification bell so guys I've heard it time and time again you guys want to know how you could print t-shirts at home for cheap well today I'm going to show you another technique alright and this is a form of discharge printing in case you didn't know discharge printing is in a lot of fancy higher-end prints because it has virtually no hand feel okay and you can get some really cool colors so I'm gonna show you how you can do this home alright so let me show you what you're gonna need alright first thing you're gonna need is some bleach and some hydrogen peroxide oh that's the stop the bleaching process and then you're gonna need a mass for those bleach fumes okay and spray bottles I prefer these little spray bottles is when you're gonna put bleach when you're gonna put peroxide and you're gonna need tie dye all right this is what's gonna give the color alright you're gonna need some gloves I got my big red ones right here and you're definitely gonna need some freezer paper not parchment paper freezer paper an exacto blade or a box cutter alright your artwork gotta have your artwork and iron some t-shirt blanks and of course we use Bella canvas tees all right best blanks for the best price and a piece of cardboard and guys no worries there's a list where you can get everything down in the description box alright guys now that you know everything you're gonna need let's go into the lab and let's make some magic happen okay so the first thing you want to do is lay your artwork out and put your freezer paper on top of it alright tape your artwork down you want to make sure that your freezer paper the shiny side is down and the regular matte side is up you want to tape that down and then you want to start tracing with a pencil all right now our artwork is green and red so we're gonna break this up but I'm gonna do the end of grass and the snakes and then the red Cobra right so how do we sketch then we take ours actively and we just cut these parts out okay and we do this for all three this is for the word snakes and do we do the in the grass and then we do the Cobra so we lay out the artwork tape it down put the frieze of paper on top trace with the pencil and then cut that bad boy out simple as that now once you have them all cut out you're gonna have something that looks like this because you don't want to cut them all out you want to score them and then take them all out once you put them on top of the t-shirt let's get into that all right so you're gonna take your cardboard and put that inside the t-shirt that's because you don't want the bleach to go seep through to the other side so now you want to put your freezer paper that you cut the stencil out on top of your t-shirt all right and take all of those little pieces out and now you're gonna iron it down making sure that the shiny part is down because that is what is going to stick to your t-shirt but not leave any residue and it's going to create a dollar store version of a silkscreen and after that we're gonna take some more fries of paper and then go around the edges because we don't want any of that bleach to splash on our t-shirt okay so let's just go around these edges so now we're gonna get our tie-dyed together okay we're gonna do red and green Tod I'm simply gonna fill these bottles up with water all right the red and the green all right then we're gonna shake them up and then I'm gonna put these in these two small spray bottles and now we're gonna stop bleach in we're gonna spray the bleach right on top and to help that bleach bleach even more we're gonna iron it okay we're gonna put the iron down ironing helps make the color even lighter quicker but this is why you want to use a mask because you could get some really toxic fumes and you want to go back and forth with your bleach and your iron for maybe 10 to 15 minutes or until you get – nice a lighter shade and then to stop the bleaching process we're gonna spray the hydrogen peroxide okay and now we spray our green tada this is the discharge process this is where we add color in that we just removed with the bleach then we towel that off and we pull it off and look at what we have here now we're gonna do the same thing with the other colors and the snakes alright hold on guys I just want to let you guys know that not only is printing really important to having a t-shirt business you need great designs a really great place go down in description box and go to design crowd comm they have people from all over the globe just waiting to design your t-shirts let's get back to video so now we're going to get everything lined up so we didn't put this next word and the Cobra in the middle alright and once we know where everything is gonna go we do the same process again okay so now we put everything down we iron everything down we cover up all our edges and then we spray bleach we get it nice and light then we spray a peroxide and then we spray our tada we spray that all over all right get it all up in there and then we pull it off yep you pull it all off and look at what you get smooth no hand feel let me let me rock this for you okay check it out alright alright yeah baby let's go know how you like them apples homemade t-shirts that look awesome no hand feel I mean this is a great way to get your feet wet and get into the t-shirt industry and if you do want God's make sure that you tag me on instagram you can find me on instagram t-shirt helpdesk alright go out and make something happen cheers to your t-shirts I'm gonna put some butter on these shoes and slide on out the dope until next time peace shirt Shirt man, shirt man yeah that's me

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