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How to do a backside disaster in skateboarding | Learn from a Pro | Olympians’ Tips

Hey, what's up, guys? I'm Nicole Hause, and I'm a skateboarder from Stillwater, Minnesota I've been skateboarding for 12 years, and I've been competing in professional contests for the past six years, and I just got named to the 2019 national skateboarding Olympic team

Today, I'm gonna teach you guys the backside disaster So, in order for it not to be a disaster, I'm going to give you some trick tips We're going to roll up to the coping, turn 180 and land on top of the coping, and then rock back in So, let's go get it So, there's a few things with the backside disaster because it is a little tricky, there's a reason it's called a disaster

So, the approach is super important As you're approaching the copingyou're going to be turning toe-side So, you're kind of gonna turn your shoulders as you approach And then when you get the approach down, you're gonna wanna commit to turning a full 180 backside

The tail is the back of your board, where your back foot sits, so that would be my left foot In the backside disaster, you use your tail a lot When you get up to the coping, your back foot and your back toe scoop the tail That's what kind of pops you with your shoulders to turn that full 180 If you do it soon enough, you'll land right on the coping

And then the last part is committing that front foot to rock over the coping and roll away If the coping is here, you need to put this pressure on your front foot so that it rocks over the coping If you don't put enough pressure on your front foot and you don't get far enough over the coping, then you get stuck like this and then you fall all the way to the bottom, and it's not fun at all I've done it, but, the way you can not do it is to fully commit on that front foot and push on it hard so that your wheels rock you over Some things that will help you into the backside disaster is just doing backside 180s on the flat ground: it's virtually the same motion, it's just a transition; doing it soon enough so that you land perfectly square on the coping; and then, the last part is committing to putting enough pressure on your front foot so that you actually rock over and into the bowl, and you've done it, you've landed it

The backside disaster Thanks for watching, check out more of my tips on the Olympic channel And that's the backside disaster I don't know, is that good?

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