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How To Do A Wheel Pose | The Right Way | Well+Good

(calm music) – Hi, my name is Andrea Russell and you're watching The Right Way Today, I'll be showing you how to get into a wheel pose the right way

Before we do that, I wanna show you some of the really common mistakes I see my students making all the time Often, my students will have their feet too wide apart and their knees will be spreading wide, they're laying down, their hands are back by their ears but they're either too wide or too narrow Another common problem is elbows spreading too far apart which can make it really hard to lift up and my students are struggling, they're trying to come straight up, their hips are going all sorts of ways, it doesn't feel too great And let me show you the right way Start with moving your feet back so the heels are right below the knees

Take the hands back by the ears at least shoulder distance apart with the fingertips pointing towards the shoulders and rather than trying to come straight up in one go, start by lifting up first to the top of your head Once you're here, align the elbows in line with your wrists and then press straight up like you're lifting something heavy Press your hips up towards the ceiling Extend the arms Take deep, full breaths

Another area where I see a lot of students doing it the wrong way is coming out of wheel When you come out, be sure to take the chin in towards the chest and lower the shoulders down first so you can have a nice smooth landing Remember to be gentle with yourself Now, wheel can be a pretty challenging pose so here's a few ways to know if you're prepared to do a wheel pose The first is if the hands can't touch the floor when you put the hands back by the ears

If the palms aren't completely flat then maybe you're not quite ready Pay attention to how your body is feeling in the practice and if it's not feeling right, maybe stick with a bridge pose or just stay resting on the top of your head taking a few deep breaths to get the opening in your chest Wheel pose will be there for you every day Feel free to come back to it, watch this video as many times as you like Want more Right Way? Subscribe to Well+Good right now

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