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how to dominate dust2

and today we look at another match which we played on faceit where we played against five players from Finland for people who do not know what faceit is faceit is the way you can prove that you play better than globals global equals 8lvl on faceit and 8lvl starts at 1701elo and I will say that these guys have a fairly high elo 3400,3000,2500,3200 apart from the fact that one of them has 24 Avg kills below has 26 avg kills which is crazy enough for faceit standards so let's get to the game and see why we were in a better team again for people who don't know faceit if you lose the knife round on faceit another team can choose which side do they want to start for the pistol round we were blessed with a good spawn under B and the other team had rather strange positions that they went to they played 2 by car, 2 in the tunnel, 1 on B if you go to B first make sure you jump to change the placement of the sight we exchanged one by car and we got a B plant, I'm trying to get there to put a bomb look what happened obviously i will put it neatly because the enemies are already in the upper tunnel we stayed 2 in 4 and I killed at the door now I'm thinking to myself: okay i have to play here and if I don’t kill the guy outside, then they will shoot me from two angles and I put out the window killed him and now we can focus on one on people in the tunnel, but it was unnecessary because k1ngsc4r just killed everyone there no problem easy light pistol round in the second round I’m better not to say, because we played very badly we go long simple enough I mean, we were all on long and furiousss just rested on t-spawn tried to kill this guy in the tunnel and the moment he made the kill we had to go back but I decided to pick a long because I thought I could kill them, or at least one and I have a friend to trade me but no, I died, my friend died and this is how we lost this round looking at the economy of his team we made a purchase with deagles instead of doing double eco we can hope to make a purchase and take a round because of a personal game I'm back on t-spawn to pick up the bomb when my friend died and nobody wants to take a bomb when i took the bomb my team is dying in the lower tunnel and now we have neoka 1 vs 3 on will give 2 what came to mind will give the best player 2 let's find out ok, a lot of things happened on this round I noticed a guy on CT spawn he was far enough from me I'll just put the bomb neatly here post bombs I looked at the window to see that I can get an easy kill or to get more information and i saw this guy that he left ct and I fell into the site fake my steps near the window when I heard that he was outside recharged, I thought it would be 2 from the mid to B I kicked the door to kill molotov ended in the window and he probably won’t go out the window and I kicked the door again and again we lost the round like idiots because we went to A when they decided everything to be on A and again we lost the round and made a purchase again we bought deagles now we know that enemies love play on a and they only played 1 b they played 1 mid and 3 on A we got a good strategy for B B player threw smoke into the tunnel three of us went into the smoke and furiousss will throw a flash in smoke so we can kill player B I started shooting in advance at the car, boom, and it's done before we move on to the next round I want to show a stupid game from godser he decided to pick a mid for some reason I don’t know why, he just died he allowed to make the first kill to go to B but they already decided to go save and didn’t want to go to B but so we could lose the round this round was shit these guys had a full purchase we had a full purchase and whoever loses this round ruins the economy we had a good long take success this time we go four together on long so we can make an exchange and take A site instead of dying alone enemies played 3 long, but we still took it because there was a good flash from furiouss I threw the smoke deep on CT it's pretty cool smoke it's smoke ct not bad this allowed us not to worry about mid I do not know what he was doing it was too easy for me I just do my things on will give 2 another good game I hid in the site and was waiting for your friend for the first contact and when he started shooting I will make a peak from the site so we had two people shooting at the same time the enemy had no chance to kill two the enemy team understood how I play and they bought 2 awp 1 for long, another for mid and they all started but they made a big mistake they allowed one to play long on one and if you play solo long with awp, you have to go back to the car or ct but don't jump into the pit because if you jumped into a hole and they know about you you will die the only question is how long does it take the reason I threw smoke at this angle to kill the guy in the pit if I didn’t we would be killed with CT still there was a problem because of the guy on the short made him wait on the A site but he was on ct we see that the long push worked many times and the enemies did not understand their mistake and played 1 long again, which means we got long free these guys have no idea what to do they have not yet begun to leave with B, they had info about 3 long but they still play 2 on B instead of going on a I played as a ninja and it worked because we missed the hammer telling the truth, I did not expect an adversary here here we go again they bought 2 awp again Of course, the AWP stands on the mid and the second to long, but this time he had help another guy with molotov we threw a flash, and now you see that we we no longer go long furiousss also opened long but we still lost the round mainly because avapers made good kills furiousss threw the hammers to drive the awp from its position but he missed and they killed me furiousss wanted to show that he wanted to pick a car but the awp has already moved closer to the corner and killed furiousss and when there was no pressure from long awp just can watch the angle and kill 1 on 1 in this round we decided go to B but I had a good A shutter I decided to make a quick peak to see how many people are here i saw 2 on long and i'm not going to go there i'll just let them kill myself and I took mid to push B I missed, which served as a losing round well yes shit happens and the next round i hit the door but wanted to throw smoke there and started to put under the tunnel because my friend was going to go there and avaper went here through the smoke and killed me while I set because he knew that one mid and one by car they made light kills and made an exchange and this is another lost round in which I am to blame on ct pistol round we did a short boost we had one in the bottom and 2 on the B so we kind of made a stack on B and they started going on A it was good enough except furiousss and me unable to kill the guy on the short and there was a prefair on ct looking at the map you can say what go on the chart and only one guy on a 4 put on a short and the guy on A went on long if it will be short he will play short and website it was just a win but he decides to pick a long 1 on 1 and got one bullet the next round we decided to go long together one on a ramp throws a flash and I heard steps there was no activity on long and I am like this: ok go to the mid, there are two of ours instead of going to mid they decided to go short and then I made a good clip in this round I had the best spawn for long so I'm going to throw hammers there to stop pushing furiousss threw a flash on will give 2 it is very important to use long spawn furiousss had a good spawn and ran there with awp and will pick a long for a quick kill I was put on short so I can pick a mid and a lower furiousss made a good shot and caused one damage coming back I gave a flash and let it go to the site so that he can pick a long from there so there was something vile from t side they threw smoke here because of such smoke they could be expected at the car but what did this guy do he crouched and went so that I did not notice him ok i throw a flash and when I started watching short I was killed from long my teammate threw a good grenade and killed him I do not know what happened here he thought he would blow up the hammers but he died in molotov the enemy got confused and jumped onto the ramp but they already started it there another good tip for you if you stand mid on B you can stop the push thanks to this smoke and he made 3 kills score 7:14 t side bought digles again, cg and galil and they decided to quickly go short I thought to go to the mid, but I heard them I thought: ok, I'll stand here and just kill them unfortunately I did not 4 killer, but I tried if you have the best spawn for long you have to throw hammers there they will not run into him and you stop pushing easily defense is not useful they were better off buying AK smoke and flash drives he made a good kill in the window made a good kill on the mid and he had to go back but went to mid and was killed and the next game we lost 16: 4

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