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How To Download Computer Game generals zero hour 2019

Hello friends, welcome my video this video I will share this to you you can easily general 0 PC thing so as You can Do not work What that we have to download this and we finish this 20 background one day one subscribe like Rounding very big five iso file And also you need another file diamond tip for downtown diameters And which few seconds fantasy de? So we are waiting and also they are waiting BIOS fight Click this is the diamond tool download link click here and So we are working fires 5 So you see after finish complete download we'll be stuck here And wait few seconds for finishing You know, this is depend your internet speed So it's very big five 187 like 2 GB So you have to wait Reiax I want to fly this x-pipe Double-click on like button click continue Sorry, so it comes you can see them here click add image Then why do you save this Highest by we are saving down good And this is a spot makeup And now we're heading here and play So it is now play so Open your my computer is PC Then you will see that there is one cd-rom Then open it Then there is a folder Then you see the whole pipe like button click setup files click open And you can realize it right now This is a generic So that folder where you want to save this Take browse and you can choose your folder


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So I keep it detailed And you don't have a space in your tribe efficiency driver heated yet You can chase after the next choose your language English or ass here click Next if you want to take star setup menu here here manor To the monocle there So click next shortcut on desktop, or if you don't want we can I want shortcut so and let me keep it It is unpacking achievers, so wait few seconds on Starting that I The beam Which is installing Take you to time So thank you for watching this is 100% watching you can watch my another video building There I play Thank you for watching

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