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how to drive a car manual – Lunar Computer College

Hello In this video we will learn But, before start learning driving, you must have a learning license If you dont have learning license, you will not allowed to drive a car So get your learning license 1st


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Let's start, how to drive a car? first of all to start your car do these hand break should be pulled up set gear to neutral to neutral the gear press down clutch pedal by your left foot now set gear to neutral now start your car now car has been started to drive car now 1st press down clutch set gear to 1st gear now 1st gear has set now set hand break to down now your car is ready to go now time to work on foot use clutch and break and accelerate pull up your clutch and press down accelerate too slow now you car will go forward to stop the car release accelerate press clutch then press break

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