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how to earn money from FACEBOOK in hindi


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Hi friends – I am Suman Nayak and you are watching Tech guide So friend g>ong>day I am going ong>toong> tell you that can you money by Not by only, if you have any other blog or website then also you can earn on: underline;”>money by them so late beginbut first of all if you have been not subscribe my channel Hindi Tech guide then subscribe it now and for further information or ong>toong> get new videos and notification on: underline;”>ton So first of all friend you must have a Facebook page on your FB if not so then create your own Facebook page on FB You can create your page of local or business type and give a proper name of your page as it is given on: underline;”>to my page ,the Hindi Tech guide

So I am not going ong>toong> tell you that now I am coming back on: underline;”>to my topic that if you have you Facebook page of any kind that is of business or local type now open Google and search there Amazon affiliated now it will appear on you screen If you did not have your Amazon affiliated account then you can create your account from here click on "join now for free" here it will ask you for your email ID and contact numbe then after putting your password you can complete your registration and then log into it

After logging in Now what to do? click on account setting, your email ID or your mobile number will be mention there then from account setting and click on" edit your website or mobile app list" Copy your Facebook page link And paste here and then click on add button Check, our pasted link is there Click on Confirm now come back to your home Now choose any product suppose that you have chosen mobile phone then click on the arrow it you click on its side then there will be a option for you as SHORTEN LINK Copy that link Paste on your FB page's Timeline Paste Put some Pic of the product Add some description and then published If anybody buy this product using the link given by you:- then you will get your commission of that product In case if Anyone click on it and did not buy it then what will happens? so then it has the validity up ong>toong> 90 days if he buy it within 90 days then you will also get commission of that so this was how one can earn ong>moneyong> by Facebook so by using Amazon affiliated This is not only for facebook Also for Youtube copy product link and then paste it on the description of your YouTube channel and if someone will buy any product given by you then you will have your commission ok friend

if you did not have subscribe my channel then subscribe it thank you so much for watching this video

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