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How to Eat a Bagel Like a Real New Yorker

– Pumpernickel bagel – Everything bagel

– Plain bagel – Sesame bagel – A poppy bagel – Whole wheat everything bagel (punk rock music) – With salmon cream cheese

– Dill cream cheese – Warmed up with cream cheese – Toasted with whitefish – It's gotta be toasted – Avocado and lox, please

Toasted – Bacon egg and cheese with barbecue sauce And sometimes cheddar cheese – I pick my bagels It's a complicated technique but— – Definitely like a sandwich, is how I eat my bagels

– That's a good bagel – I only eat them half-and-half I don't know who eats it as a sandwich That's disturbing – When I had a bagel for the first time, it tasted like bread but it's shaped like a doughnut I like New York City bagels a lot, because before I came to New York I didn't really eat bagels – Yes, true believer

New York City bagels are the best – A lot of people tell me that New York City bagels are the best bagels, but I'm not really picky with my bagels – I actually really like Montreal bagels (music stops) I have to say that (laughter) (music restarts) – I'm from the Lower East Side

I've gone to other states and yeah, New York wins (music swells and ends)

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