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How To Fish – Rigging Your Rod

MUSIC Ashley Edwards: Hi, I’m Ashely Edwards with the Missouri Department of Conservation Have you ever heard the term, rigging your rod? That just means attaching your hook, bobber, and sinker to your fishing line

And that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do today First, we’re going to get started with threading your line through your line guides and come out your rod tip And now we’re going to attach the hook The knot that we’re going to be using today is called the improved clinch knot You want to put your line through the eye-lit on the hook

Then you’re going to wrap the small part of your line around the big part of your line at least five times At the bottom, there is going to be a hole You’re going to stick the end of your line in that hole and that’s going to create another hole And you’re going to bring your line back through that and then you’re going to pull tight Now we are going to move on to your weight

Today we’re going to be using a split shot weight and some pliers You’re going to lay your line in the weight, and you are going to take your pliers and pinch it closed You want to make sure not to squeeze it to tight Because that could weaken your line when you are reeling in a fish and it could break Now we’re going to move on to bobbers

In order to attach this to your line, you’re going to push down on the top and wrap your line around this bottom hook twice Then you’re going to put your thumb on the bottom and push down on the top You’re going to twist your line around that hook once or twice And then you are done The placement of your bopper depends on how deep you want your line to go

The deeper you want it to go, the higher your bobbers going to be The shorter you want it to go, the shorter your bobbers going to be Now that you know how to rig your pole, you’re ready to go To learn more, check out our video on stocking your tackle box, so you have all the equipment you need for your next fishing trip

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