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How to Fund and Afford Truck Driving School

Hi there smart drivers Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about funding for truck driving school

How are you gonna pay for your CDL training, and I'm not sure whether it's working or not because my preview is telling me it's not live But anyway, we're gonna carry on, we're gonna soldier forward

So getting funding for CDL training How are you gonna do that: are you gonna pay for it yourself, are you gonna get funding from the government, or are you going to save for it So we'll talk about that with an in-depth presentation here today About how to do that and how to get funding to go to truck driving school Stick around, we'll be right back with that information

[INTRO & UPBEAT MUSIC} Hi there smart drivers Rick with Smart Drive Test Let us know which class of license you're working towards If you are working towards becoming a bus or truck driver here let us know which bus your truck driver likes that you're working for what class of license whether it's a small class 3 or 4 and where you're tuning in from in the world and will be able to help you out in terms of getting a job getting funding and those types of things but the most important thing if you're researching getting into trucking as a career you have some fear around that you have some trepidation you're changing careers what you're doing is not working out for you then we can certainly help you out with all of that truck driving the reason that i promote truck driving as a career something that you can do because perhaps you're working in a job that you don't really like too much it's seasonal you're not getting a lot of work and those types of things you know it's tough it's tough you know because I worked like that for years and years and years I went to university you know the work was never steady but truck driving there was always work and people who have a steady paycheck people who get a paycheck once every week or they get a paycheck every couple of weeks or a paycheck every month they don't understand the consequences of missing a couple of paychecks and I've been there where I've missed a few paychecks and you're relying on savings and those types of things it's it's concerning it it really takes a toll on you when you miss paychecks and I'll tell you for the last couple of years I've been getting checks from YouTube every month because of the you know the YouTube channel it's been successful and I'll tell you there is something to be said for a paycheck every month that you can count on and with trucking that's something that you can count on that you're always going to be employed and not only are you always going to be employed but if it doesn't work out at the company that you're working for you don't like what you know you don't like the people that you're working with or you feel that you're being treated unfairly there is plenty of opportunity in the trucking industry to move around to other companies and find something that works better for you okay so Ryan is here tuning in from Regina where I'm sure it is very cold in Richmond right now Patricia's here tuning in from Idaho she doesn't need a job Patricia has got a job attached and this is one of the things that we're going to talk about his sponsors working for a company getting a company to pay for your truck driver training and that is certainly one of the options there are some you know perhaps some people might see them as disadvantages to that happening if it doesn't work out you don't like truck driving because there's always the odd person that goes through and does all the work invest all the time and energy into starting a career as a truck driver but it doesn't work out for them in the end so that's one thing that potentially could happen but you're stuck in this contract because believe me you a no trucking company is gonna pay for your training and not get you to sign a contract they're going to get you to sign a contract to make sure that you work for them for a period of time so that they recoup the cost of training because training is expensive okay okay unbreakable I'm working towards a Class B bus drivers license but I'm iffy about the Class A in Miami Florida and this is another thing that we're gonna talk about and I believe that I'm gonna do an in-depth livestream next week on what class of license should you be getting because I'll tell you return-on-investment this is what you need to think about when you're considering going to truck driving school or getting a CDL license whether it's a truck or bus is how much time energy and money am I going to put in and what am I going to get out am I gonna be able to get a job when I get out and that's really the bottom line and that's the question you need to be asking right up front and I'm gonna release a video this afternoon on questions that you should be asking truck driving schools when you are investigating about if you're gonna attend that truck driving school and I had a smart driver last week on the stream who asked me about a truck driving school in Toronto I rang them up I talked to them they seemed alright you know the instructor didn't give me any great feelings that they were awesome and those types of things the student went there last weekend for the air brakes course and came back to me and reported that they were kind of average and he wasn't really impressed I wasn't really impressed with him on the phone and the video this afternoon will explain to you why it wasn't impressed one of the things that I absolutely am very firm about in terms of truck driving school is that you need to have one instructor one instructor from the beginning to the end when you're in the truck not so much in classroom but when you're in the truck one instructor because if you get passed around to different instructors it just confuses you and frustrates the driving instructor because different driving instructors are going to tell you different things and the driving schools will say to you oh you get a wide array of experience from different driving instructors rubbish absolute rubbish you should be with one instructor because it's just there's too much that you need to know in a very short period of time in order to pass your after you get your license then the real learning begins and then you can move around from between different driving instructors and get experience at that juncture but your goal going to truck driving school is not preparing you to go into the industry because if if truck driving schools tell you that they're preparing you to get a job that's rubbish there is so much information that you need to learn and need to know after you get your license that it's just not possible to teach you how to drive in preparation for a career as a truck driver and do all the stuff you need to do to get your license because getting your license is a very different exercise than being successful and driving in the industry so know that these are two different things it's the same thing as what I tell new drivers who are getting a license learning to drive to pass a road test is very different than what you're going to do after you get your license and truck driving is CDL school is no different ah Dom you've one of the best channels advertise your channel and make it big I am surprised that the some subscribers numbers were working we're working on a deham it's it's I take a bit of responsibility for the size of the channel right now I have to say that for the last 18 months I haven't been I haven't been dominating as Sean kennel one of my favorite youtubers has said he says are you dabbling or are you dominating and I'm not dominating so this is the reason that I'm now doing two live streams a week so we're working towards dominating that's what we're gonna do here alright so let's get over to the slide so presentation but-but-but-but Papa just bear with me one sec here all right Ryan I think truck driving school teaches you to pass your truck driving road test and you're absolutely correct Ryan and that's what I just I just said to you okay so we're on the wrong screen here yeah I got to physically go back through all the slides because I didn't get the right slide going at the beginning so you're getting a quick preview of all the slide presentation here all right so funding for truck driving school how are you gonna pay for truck driving school because it's expensive there's little doubt about it and I talked to the instructor at the truck driving school the other day and unfortunately now a lot of truck driving schools we're going to melt which is mandatory entry-level training which governments have imposed on truck driving schools on one hand I sort of think it's been a windfall for the truck driving schools because now you have to take 110 hours of training on the other hand it may or may not be good for the students again it's gonna depend on the individual instructors who are teaching you but this is what you're up against are you up against a melt program as in the province of Ontario and other provinces in the United States for example or can you go in and take the minimum amount of training that you need to do to get your licensed and that's another question that you need to ask and need to figure out wherever you're taking your road test are you required to take mandatory entry-level training which is going to be about 110 hours so the cost of your course is going to be anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars and then keep in mind as well you have to live for that duration whether you're at truck driving school for eight to twelve weeks how long how much money is that going to cost you when you're at truck driving school alright so if you're new to smart drive test my name is Rick August I've been I was a truck driver through most of the 1990s running over the road I ran LTL Freight LTL stands for less than load it just means if you have multiple drops on the trailer did run into New York City in New Jersey for a while I was stressful to say the least 1997 in a bid to come off the road and start to kind of settle down and have a life my commercial driving instructors license I kind of weird in Ontario that you get certified to teach people how to drive truck but you become get licensed to teach people how to drive a car and this is one of the other questions you kind of want to maybe ask driving instructors is what qualifications do they have because you want that fundamentals because remember when you're going for your truck driver's license all the car stuff applies right you have to know all the road signs you have to know all the right-of-way rules how to turn and those types of things and then CDL licenses on top of that 2006 I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a doctorate in legal history for those of you may may not know legal history is a study policing courts and prisons and my expertise is in policing as it relates to traffic oddly enough while I was going to university in Australia I drove four greyhounds so I also have coach experience and surroundings are fond of telling us that they founded greyhound I never investigated that but it kind of take them at their word ok so that's kind of Who I am so costs of school and the cost of going to truck driving school is not just the tuition it's also additional expenses you need to ask them what is not included in the tuition cost of the course do you need to pay for air brakes do you need to pay for endorsements tanker endorsements passenger vehicle endorsements any other doors endorsements that may be required for you to add to your license and I will tell you right now try to get as many endorsements as you can whether you can get a professional PDI C professional development sorry professional driver improvement course which is defensive driving for truck drivers whether you can get TDI G which is transportation of dangerous goods you can get eld training which is electronic long log devices that are now required in the United States of America whether you can get cross border training any additional training that you can get is going to make you more employable but what is the cost for that are there any additional costs for equipment for example does the truck driving school have other equipment around that you can use for self-study and then of course living expenses in the driving instructor that I was talking to in Toronto some of these students who are going to these truck driving schools are now paying anywhere from kind of ten to fifteen thousand dollars for the duration of the course because remember you got to live too while you're going to truck driving school so it can be very expensive okay oh sorry wrong way my apologies okay and you're going you're changing careers that's what you're going to truck driving school so there's a mount of risk involved you've got a lot of time energy and money put on the line for you to get this new career and become a truck driver and you have a lot of trepidation is it going to work out for you you know so how do you mitigate the risk and as one video that I was watching here on YouTube is is you want to do a lot of work you want to do ride-alongs with truck drivers if you can you want to talk to as many truck drivers as you can you want to talk to as many trucking companies as you can ask them what kind of work they do whether they do over the road which is long haul whether they do regional work or whether they do local work and you're driving in around towns and cities and those types of things who are you working for you're working for brokers you're working for large companies and those types of things what is the risk you need to get yourself as much information as you can now as I said I'm going to release a video this afternoon about questions you should ask truck driving schools when you're preparing to go to truck driving school and one of the questions that you need to ask is about power or empowerment because unfortunately one of the things you know and I hate to say this about my own industry but a lot of driving instructors are the epitome of those that can't teach and you know they're not great teachers they're truck drivers they're you know the training is not great for them to become an instructor it's a couple of weeks maybe three weeks for them to become a driving instructor and there's not a whole lot of emphasis on teaching and how we teach adults because teaching adults is very different than teaching public school or teaching other you know teaching children adults have a certain way that they need to be taught and there's a sir there's particular methods that you put in place that allow the students to learn quickly right and the most quick the quickest way that we learn as adults is by doing and talking at the same time so we're doing a pre-trip inspection and we have a running commentary that is the best way that you are going to learn as an adult and as well adults want to know exactly what's coming down the pike the problem with truck driving school per se is that you know it can be a little bit of the driving instructor kind of showing you how much he or she knows and that's very unfortunate and I've had quite a number of situations where I've had smart drivers come on the channel and say to me oh you know this is what they're doing it this truck driving school and whatnot you know there's a big debate about its kind of like that you know talking about religion or politics with truck driving schools is that whether you use the collection whether you don't use the clutch I teach students how to use the clutch because they learn how to shift faster because the transmission is more forgiving in a non synchromesh transmission lots of schools will not teach students how to use the clutch they are like ah we teach how to float it's you know it's it's tough on the student it's really tough on the student so in my mind that is about power over that's not about empowerment that's not giving the student the tools that he or she needs to learn as quickly as possible because as I said you have a lot of time energy and money in place you're putting a lot on the line to change careers are you getting the quickest are you learning as fast as you can to get the information you need to be able to move into that industry and to start getting paid because that's what you want to do you want to get paid yes it's fun to go to school and it's fun to learn and those types of things but eventually you need to get a job and keep paying the bills and that's really what you want to do all right so think about that as well I put down in the description here of the video have a look at what to expect at truck driving school there's a series of videos there that will go over what to expect at truck driving school Ryan says he wants to learn how to drive a bus he wants to learn to drive a bus for a living and driving a bus is really good it's a really good career you're dealing with passengers and those types of things and it can be a lot of fun can be a bit challenging on days as well we can have a discussion about that all right I also have a look at Bill Walker job searching skills and changing careers bill is kind of my poster child Bill was a student of mine five years ago and he came in he was 63 years old when he started truck drivers driving school and basically he was gonna go and work in the oil fields and make a ton of money which he did and retire and as he like to say you know have a better quality of tequila when he retired because his wife is from Latin America and they go down there every winter and I which I don't blame them right now because it's minus 20 degrees about four degrees Fahrenheit here in vernon british columbia so it's very cold so have a look at Bill's videos as well and after he had done the live stream here I'll put those down in the description as well okay so first one is getting a sponsor getting another company getting a company to pay for your training and the great thing about having a sponsor is is that at the end of it you're gonna have a job because really that's what you're doing is just you're going to truck driving school to get a job and that is one of the best ways that you can do it a lot of the larger companies in the United States have sponsored programs some here in Canada sometimes you can get a broker to sponsor you or you can get a smaller company but it's just a matter of asking right it's a matter of going on the internet doing your research and you know talking to different people and seeing if you can get a sponsor and a lot of times if they see that you're motivated you're willing to do the work they will sponsor you will send you to truck driving school the only downfall that I see of this is that when you get to truck driving school at the end and you don't like the work you're stuck with that company for a couple of years you're stuck with that company because you've signed a contract saying that they would send you to truck driving school and in exchange for that you would work for them for a couple of years so that's the only downfall I see of a sponsor otherwise I see this as a really good program and of course these sponsorship programs are going to vary you need one of the things that I would strongly encourage you to investigate is do you get further training when you're done at truck driving school or they do they just throw you in a truck and expect you to be able to drive it because you're not going to be able to do the work in that truck when you come out of truck driving school you're not gonna be able to deal with paperwork bills of lading Freight logbooks those types of things you're gonna have some foundational knowledge about all that but the real learning starts when you start doing all of this on your own so think about that and ask that question are they gonna give you further training or they're gonna put you in a truck with a driver for two or three weeks so that you get a feel of what you really need to do in terms of that job and whatnot all right government funding there is heaps and heaps of government funding available you simply have to do the investigation if you're on employment insurance is what we call it here in Canada if you are getting that you can get a subsidy to go to truck driving school and be retrained retraining programs there are veterans programs vocational monies there's a lot of funding that's available to get you into truck driving school we had a retraining program here in the province of British Columbia that allowed for students to go to truck driving school and it allowed them up to $7,500 so it covered the cost of the tuition and I've taken advantage of some of these programs in the past this is how I became a driving instructor years ago I got laid off from a job and I went on unemployment insurance and I went to the unemployment people and I said to listen I want to be retrained I already had some training and driving instructor I would already did the courses for truck driving but I couldn't get hired because I didn't have the fundamental course for teaching kids how to drive cars so I said to them will you pay for the tuition continue to pay me unemployment subsidy and then I went to Toronto and I did the course so that is a real option okay in terms of vocational retraining is getting funding from governments okay savings plan work to save if you have if you are a big planner and you can stick to a plan for a long time this is another option and a couple of years ago when my life kind of really went to the bottom I lost my job my wife left me at the same time so life was pretty desperate and you know when I lost my job I was really trying to figure out okay what am I gonna do with my life so I had a plan that I was gonna go back driving truck for a year make a lot of money and then go back to university and become a certified teacher at University so this is one of the things that you can do to go to truck driving school is whatever job you're working at or you can get some job you know were you working up north or you go to some remote location and you make a heap of money for a period of time and really you know concentrated for a year so save your money and then put all that money towards going to truck driving school and maybe while you're a truck driving school work part-time this is another option that you could put in place to get yourself into truck driving school if funding is not an option or a sponsorship program is not an option this is definitely something that you can do and you can basically beg borrow and steal anything you need to get through school and as I said beg borrow and steal because when you start working you're gonna need a lot of other things – you're gonna need clothing you're gonna need boots safety gear hard hats those types of things and as well you may need equipment to put in the truck right you might be coolers and food and those types of things but there's other expenses as well so how do you afford all of those expenses right okay you can get help right family friends loved ones they will help you out you can sell stuff right I know I've had to sell stuff in the last couple of years I sold a camper trailer all that's going to help you out you can get family if you need clothing coveralls boots those types of things there are subsidy programs Community Futures here in British Columbia there's you just find out who the organizations are can help you out to get employment right and other truck drivers other truck drivers will help you I know as a driving instructor in the driving school that I have helped other people out right I've given them money get them going those types of things you know paying it forward one of my favorite things that I like to do and have to help people out is to pay it forward so get on board with improving your situation how do you do that moving forward who's going to help you out the more people you talk to the more people that are going to help you out and it's called networking it's just talking to as many people as you can getting as many phone numbers as you can because you're gonna need to do this in terms of doing your research to know that this career is going to work out for you but you're also going to need to do this work to get yourself a job and you need to get yourself a job before you even finish truck driving school I can't stress that enough because you need to talk to companies and you need to say listen I'm going to truck driving school you've invested the time you've done the research you need to talk to these people and talk to as many people as you can to get as much help as you can alright the last option and this is really the last option that I would suggest you after you've exhausted all of these other things and these other things haven't worked out for you is financing okay you can finance going to truck driving school but be you you have to be super disciplined with this one because there is risk involved with this because you're gonna pay your percentage right you're gonna pay on that loan and you don't want to be saddled with that loan when you get done dark driving school and not have a job to be able to pay that money back so one of the ways if you qualify is to get a loan the other ways you can do credit cards and you can manipulate credit cards to be able to get the money that you need to go to truck driving school a lot of credit card companies will give you the money and then you can manipulate it because the credit card will give you zero percent Interest or a very low one percent or two percent interest for a period of time eight months a year and then you can move that money around and get borrow money at a very percent and one of the last ways that you can do it is you could put a second mortgage on your house and I know that there's a low cost of getting money that way right now but again as I said this is a the last option because maybe it might not work out I'm not saying that it will or it won't but like I said there is the off chance that you'll do all the research you'll do all the work you'll go through truck driving school you'll start working as a truck driver or a bus driver and you'll say to yourself this is not what I want to do this is not what I want to do so think about that and consider this option very very seriously after exhausting all of the other ones but I think if you look carefully at all the other options this is probably not going to be something you're going to have to do to get yourself through truck driving school and get your on itself onto a new career all right so good luck on your road test and remember pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer so now we're gonna put the rest of it to questions and answers and we'll definitely help you out if you have any questions if you're watching on the replay leave us a comment down in the comment section there and we'll get back to you and definitely answer your questions about truck driving school about money's for truck driving school getting yourself through and getting yourself on to getting a job as a truck or bus driver alright so epic when going for Class B license bus and straight trucks should I go for an automatic restricted unrestricted in driving school are there companies that will pay training for CDL there are companies epic but you have to do the work and it's the other the other question that you asked me there about automatics I would not restrict yourself to an automatic license not at this juncture we're not there yet in terms of the industry there's going to be lots of buses and lots of trucks that still have manual transmissions in them and if you cannot drive those vehicles you are a liability to a company because remember if somebody if somebody calls in sick on the roster and they're driving a manual transmission and you want to work for that company because one of the ways that you can get into a company is to is working relief so your the relief driver and if you work and relief for three or four months and you come in whenever they want you to come in which is a pain in the butt but for the first three or four months if you can do that you may get an opportunity to work full-time because remember if you keep the pressure on and keep in contact with these companies people quit everyday people get sick people unfortunately pass away and eventually a spot is going to open up so as long as you keep in contact eventually you're going to get in the problem is is if you have an automatic restriction on your license and the person who didn't call in sick only drives manual transmission you can't drive manual transmission because you have that restriction on your license you are no longer as employable so you have to have as many endorsements and abilities as you can possibly get when you're starting out to make yourself more employable and as I said next week I'll do a presentation on which license should you get when you go to truck driving school and why you should get the highest license you can and I'll give you reasons for that and it'll make you more employable because as I said that's the purpose of all of this is at the end you want to get a job you must get a job there's no point of doing this and you don't get a job because you want to stop this piecemeal seasonal work thing that you're now doing where you're out of work for most of the winter right you want to get a job where you're working all the year you're working on your terms you won't be working when you want to work not when you know not when the kind of the job dictates it you know if you're in construction or those types of things okay flava don't you also make less pay when a trucking company pays you for training that's a that's a possibility that would be written into your contract if you were if you get sponsored by a trucking company yes you're not going to make as much money as a rookie driver okay I'm gonna tell you that right now for the first year of truck driving and this is one of the things that a lot of people here on the internet are saying on YouTube channels and those types of things oh you're not making the money that you used to make and this and that blah blah blah the bottom line is is that you just got your the ink is still wet on your driver's license you can't expect to get out of truck driving school with no experience and be making $100,000 a year that's just not a reality of working in the trucking industry yes after three or four years you are definitely going to be making $100,000 a year but getting on a truck driving school you're only gonna make maybe 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year but let me ask you a question where else are you gonna go to school for two or three months and get out of that get out of that job out of that training rather and make 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year I don't know too many jobs that you can do that yeah you know if you become a if you go to be a tradie you know say you go to be a plumber you got to go to school for three or four or five months and then you go on apprentice and apprentices don't make very much money they only make about twenty dollars an hour so it's in my mind you are making more money than a trades person is going to make I mean not once they become a journeyman but you're gonna make a lot more money and the the potential for earning is incredible you're gonna make $100,000 a year as a truck driver with a high school education and minimal training you know like I said 3 to 15 weeks of training you're gonna be ready to go into the industry and make 40 or 50 thousand dollars with a you know a huge pay raise after six months after a year you are gonna make incredible amounts of money and as I said there's always work ok they keep saying in the industry that there's a driver service there isn't a driver shortage so there's a driver retention problem because companies can't keep drivers because drivers don't want to do the work or they treat drivers badly so the question comes back to what epic was saying get as much training as you can get as many endorsements as you can get a manual transmission be able to drive that and then you're employable and you can work for crap companies for a few buns and if you don't like it then you go and find another job at a different company that treats you well because I also know a lot of truck drivers who work for companies who are very happy with the company that they work for they like working there they like the work they do they like the equipment they drive and they're treated with respect there's some companies done unfortunately they don't do that they don't treat you with respect so you know if you're a truck driver let me know you know where you work so deal what kind of work are you doing that you're not making a hundred grand a year because I know a lot of over-the-road guys who are making outer grand a year and they have several years experience driving truck and you know the other question is deal what kind of what kind of work are you doing so you know when I'm talking a hundred thousand dollars a year I'm talking guys who are working over the road and they're driving twenty five hundred miles at least a week they're running ten thousand twelve thousand miles a month okay those are the guys who are making money and I know that if you can if you have the discipline to to run a truck and be an owner operator and you can run your business well that you're going to make a lot of money I met a guy some years ago when I was working in Ottawa as a safety officer he retired when he was 45 years old from truck driving this guy made a fortune because he was very disciplined as a business person because you have to understand that when you become an owner operator you are a business person right you have to maintain the truck buy the truck pay for fuel all those types of things and he had his his truck covered at ninety kilometers an hour 55 miles an hour because that's the best fuel much that you're gonna get okay so DL you're running reefer and you're running regional that's why you're not making a hundred thousand but I suspect you're probably making pretty good money running reefer and running regional I suspect you're making a decent wage probably somewhere between fifty and seventy five thousand dollars a year there aren't too many jobs that you're going to make that kind of money in this day and age without some skillset you're you know working as a plumber working as an electrician so driving truck as I said at the beginning I'll come back to this point again you're always employed and you're always getting a paycheck okay missing some paychecks even one paycheck in a month is a big deal and for those of Oh like myself who lived like that for a lot of years even when I worked at the University there were some weeks that I miss having a paycheck and let me tell you the bills don't stop as we all know they keep coming in but when you miss a paycheck that really hurts that puts a big hole and you are playing catch-up okay so DL says to me how much does you averaged owner/operator earn net per year well that's gonna that's going to depend again deal that's a tough question to answer because it depends on what kind of truck heat he or she buys it depends on what company he or she works for do does he or she own his or her own trailer because if you own your own trailer that makes a huge difference in the amount of money that you can make especially if you're running flat deck and as you know DL running as an owner-operator are you pulling vans are you pulling flat decks are you pulling temperature-controlled trailers as you're doing the unfortunately there's so many variables and I see so many owner operators you know what I say about owner operators is two kinds owner operators there's a businessperson with a truck and there's a truck driver who owns his own his or her own truck and the business person with a truck is generally gonna do very well and make a lot of money because they know down to the penny how much that truck is costing them to run up and down the road if you go up to an owner operator and you are thinking about becoming an owner operator you go up to an owner operator and you ask them how much does that truck cost you to run an hour or how much does that truck cost you run per mile and they can give you an answer to that then they're a good business person and they are somebody that you want as a mentor to teach you how to become an owner operator if that person can't tell you that then that's not good then that just they're just a truck driver who owns their own truck and they're just a cowboy out going up and down the road because I see these guys and I've seen these guys on the road owner-operators they go out and they buy a $200,000 Peterbilt or $200,000 Kenworth and boy it looks beautiful but your but your payment your truck payment is like $5,000 a month you got to run a lot of miles to make that truck payment and I and I've heard companies over my years of driving truck who said you know something there's nothing I like better than a young guy 23 years old with his own brand-new truck because I know that they got to run their pants off to make the truck payment on that truck so you got to think about all that a lot okay so DL says it made fifty five K last year I didn't guess get to school a bachelor's degree so this is good money to have not have a degree in a year to make that I'm having a bad start this year sorry to hear about that deal yeah that can be kind of tough but so now DL you're saying that you're running regional how many times a week when you're running regional how how many times a week are you getting home doing that kind of work and are you getting paid by the hour are you getting paid by the drop or how is it that you're getting paid to do that work Ryan well bus companies train you if you don't have an experience I have my class one license but no experience Ryan if you want to I would start investigating some of the transit companies the transit authorities transit authorities generally will provide training for you to work for them and you know I did some investigation there a couple years ago on transit authorities and a lot of transit authorities will train you what they're looking for is your interpersonal skills they're looking for your ability to relate to passengers and customers because essentially that's what they're doing and the way that transit authorities look at it is is that if you already have good interpersonal skills that you can work well with others then they're more than willing to train you to get a license because you already have possess all of the transferable skills you're motivated you're looking to provide the best customer service possible you know driving the bus is the easy part for them and that's really what they're looking for is they're looking for your ability to be able to work with people and provide quality service and you know unfortunately you know and I can talk about this in another live presentation is becoming a bus driver working at for transit authority then all of this will make a little bit more sense and you'll know what you're up against in terms of working as it as a local city bus driver and what what is involved in that okay because they make pretty good money I mean most of these guys now are because they're Union most Transit Authority drivers are going to be making somewhere between 25 and 30 dollars an hour all right so yeah so there's that as well all right so that's basically it I mean I might end here a little bit early today in terms of the live stream we don't have a lot of people on and a lot of questions coming in and those types of things most people are probably freezing their butt off especially if you're here in western the western part of North America in the United States and Canada whatnot so yeah but truck driving is definitely a career that you want to consider especially if you're working at jobs that are not paying a whole lot of money jobs that are not you know not consistent employment because that's one of the challenges that we face now a lot of the work is contract work it's part-time work you got to work two or three jobs to kind of fit into your life and make the money that you need to make in order to pay the bills that the the month in those types things but one thing about truck driving school a truck driving going to truck driving school and working as a truck driver at the end is yes it can be kind of tough at the beginning in the first few months to cut get into truck driving and to get a job but after you get those four to six months driving experience then it's a lot easier for you move to different companies and get employment and work as a truck driver and get consistent income you know how much money you're going to be making every month and it's going to make your life a lot easier so you know and you know the other thing about it is is that you can have some sort of quality of life because there's a lot of part-time work as well if you don't want to work full-time or you don't want to run regional or over the road those types of things so there are you know you can eventually get into a position where you can get the job that you want that's gonna fit your lifestyle and do as much work as you want to do so it is something that I would strongly encourage you to consider and as I said there's lots of funding around first and foremost look at the funding programs that are available second try to get a sponsor and then third you know save up for it the last option that I would encourage you to do is to actually finance finance your own tuition because there's so much money out there to be able to do that deal how to start how do I start a fleet that's that's gonna be a different that's gonna be a whole new live stream but one of the things deal that one owner operator said to me he said there's a big gap between one truck and six trucks and once you get to six trucks then you've got a fleet and you can start driving but it's the the challenge is getting from one to six because he said you either make money at one truck or you make money at six trucks but you don't make money at two three four five he said there's no money in it you're just running around doing all this work and there's no money in it but you need to get one to six and then once you get to six you can start building and start as you know getting bigger and scale your fleet so essentially what you need to do is you need to get one and you need to get that going and then you just need to build in increments and it's no different than what any of us who are building a business trying to do is gonna take longevity you know most businesses as they say take 3 to 5 years well I'm in the four year period here and I'm still working at getting this online business going in terms of teaching people how to drive truck and you know getting people going in a CDL career and whatnot so it's no different than what you're thinking about doing in terms of getting a truck driving fleet you know and unfortunately there's a lot of competition over there it's not saying that you can't do it but there are there's a lot of competition and you know the other thing that you could consider is maybe getting trucks one or two trucks getting them on with a company running owner-operators getting drivers in them and those types of things but you're gonna have to treat your drivers exceptionally well because you're gonna have tough tough time keeping drivers in those trucks especially if you're running over the road regional it might be a bit easier and then you got to consider you know reefers and those types of things but you need good bookkeeping you need to know where the money's going because big trucks big expense right it's gonna cost you a lot of money even a secondhand over-the-road truck and you know a tractor is gonna cost you anywhere between fifty and a hundred thousand dollars depending on me miles I'm and how old it is what kind of vehicle it is and those types of things so yeah it's complicated question that's just kind of a brief overview so if you have any questions you're watching on the replay leave a question down in the comment section they're more than happy to help you out get you going on a CDL license get you started into truck driving school and getting you a job and as I said next week we're going to talk about what class of license you should go for and as well the other thing I'm still feeling this out in terms of when the best time is to do this live stream and I can see today that I haven't had a lot of people on so maybe there's a better time to have this live presentation maybe later at night or whatnot so for those of you watching now or those watching on the replay if you have any suggestions about a different time that would work better for you let me know down in the comments and be more happy to give that some consideration so thanks very much for showing up thanks very much for participating wishing you all the best if you pass the road test in the last couple of weeks congratulations and if you have a road test coming up in the next few weeks good luck on that and remember pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer have a great day bye now

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