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How to get a job in Nigeria within 1 week

How to get a job in Nigeria within 1 week

Searching for a job in Nigeria can become one of the most stressful, time-consuming and demoralizing things you’ll ever have to do. Considering the number of unemployed people on our streets pursuing very few jobs.

Days and days of job application filling out, emailing CV, and making phone calls — all to no avail — can leave you feeling disheartened, discouraged, and unpleasant.

I can still remember the feeling I used to get in my stomach every morning when I woke up unemployed, knowing I had to spend another day searching for and probably not finding a job. Over the years (in my younger days I used to go through jobs right and left) I developed some strategies that helped me quickly and with less effort to find new jobs. Today I’m sharing this job searching tips in the hope that it can save some of you from the sleepless nights and depressed days unemployment brings.

  1. Be proactive: go for the job!

When looking for a job, most people are sitting, scanning every newspaper and the internet reading job classifieds and filling out applications based on companies that posted advertisements for jobs.

The problem with this strategy is that you’re competing for the same jobs as anybody who’s unemployed because they’re looking for work in the same places as you.


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If you want to break free from the crowd and quickly get a new job, you will have to get in touch with potential employers before advertising the available vacancy. I know this goes against all you’ve ever been taught to seek a job. But trust me, this one secret that will get you a job in Nigeria within one week or much faster.

Skimming through the classifieds of the newspaper for weeks. Spending hours going through the local newspaper is not the way to quickly find a job. Maybe twenty years ago, but not on the job market today.

But how do you know who is hiring if they haven’t hung a sign in the window? At the particular moment you are unemployed, the trick is to think about what companies and industries might be hiring. For instance, if it approaches the end of the year, lots of firms will hire seasonal workers to assist them during the busy holiday season.

Take the initiative and go to these shops and companies and ask them to work for them. If you’re one of the first people to apply, you’re likely to be one of the first hired people. You can also think of any business that has a high turnover rate in your area. These would include jobs that may be physically challenging or hours that most people don’t want to work. Companies with jobs such as these are always looking for fresh meat to fill their empty positions.

You may not be looking for the ideal job, but it’s better than no job at all. You’ll also want to check out any business that’s in your line of work or you’ve got ex

2. Networking is a very important tool for job search in Nigeria: Most of the jobs in Nigeria are found through local newspapers, online job boards or through personal contacts. You never know who can be of help to you when looking for a job. If you don’t tell your friends, relatives and other connections you have that you are looking for a job, how then can they be of help?.

3. References Can Make a Big Difference to Get Hired: References are important and they are checked by employers. Get bosses, co-workers, customers, subordinates, and suppliers recommendations. a GOOD testimonial about how great you are at your work can be eye catching to potential employers. Not just reference on CV, share them whenever possible on sites such as LinkedIn.

4. Applying for the Same Job More Than Once is acceptable: you have applied for your dream job, and you have heard nothing from the company back. Then you will see the job posted again later. A “do over” is fine, but be sure that in your curricula and cover letters you carefully matched your qualifications to the job requirements.

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