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How to Get a Ready Dropshipping Store with No Efforts | AliDropship

What is AliDropship custom store? What are the benefits to ordering one? Today I’m here to answer all of your questions! Hello! My name is Tanya, I’m a project manager from AliDropship! I’m here to show you how you can get your own dropshipping store and start making money right away! In this video I will explain how to get your own ready-to-go store, what is the difference between an AliDropship Plugin and an AliDropship Custom Store, the various options available, and how to choose the best option for you I will also show you what happens after you place an order! AliDropship custom store is a ready-made drop shipping store that is created exclusively for you with the help of a personal manager that will be assigned to you with your purchase

Your custom store is developed from scratch by our team of highly skilled designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists And there are no monthly fees to worry about! You only pay once, and receive a store that is ready to generate sales immediately! Our ready-made stores are based on the AliDropship plugin created by our team The plugin is compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce Our custom stores feature the effective combination of WordPress and the AliDropship plugin Also to note, you can purchase the plugin as a separate product if you wish

Watch our previous video to learn more What are the benefits to buying a custom store instead of building a webstore by yourself? The problem is that it usually takes quite a bit of time to create a store from scratch on your own This setup requires time and technical skills If you don’t have any, you’ll have to learn how to create and customize a WordPress site Once the site is ready, you’ll then need to find, choose and import products from AliExpress on your own

Another time consuming but very important task: You will also need to edit descriptions and images for every item The benefit of a ready-made store is that our team will take care of all this for you They will setup your dropshipping site, create a unique design based on your taste and niche choices, and even add the best products to your store! Ordering a ready-made custom store saves loads of time and allows you to start your business much quicker! To order a custom store, visit this page on our official site Prices start at $299, a one-time payment There are three package options to choose from

The difference between the packages are as follows: Our packages differ in the number of pre-imported products you receive with each The Basic tier package includes 50 products, the Advanced package includes 100, and the Ultimate package includes 200 products Please note, this is not a limit! This is just the number of products included in your package that we will import and professionally edit for you After that, you can add as many products as you wish with no limitations! There are also additional essential differences between each package To start, we’ll help you evaluate and choose a promising niche

We’ll purchase a domain for you and install WordPress, the AliDropship plugin and a site theme Everything will be fully set up and ready to use We’ll then create catchy design elements for your store according to your preferences After that, our team members will find 50 products on AliExpress based on your niche selection, and create attractive and highly convertible pages for each product on your site We’ll also set up and connect a Facebook page for your store! This package is the perfect solution for anyone that doesn’t have the time or doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on the technical setup and rather focus on other aspects of the business such as adding more products or creating pages on other social media platforms besides Facebook

To purchase the basic package, choose basic in this menu With the Advanced package, all the features from the Basic package are included plus more You get the AliDropship plugin, a domain name, a WordPress site, a custom theme set up, and 100 pre-imported product items Products imported from AliExpress will need to be edited, which our team will carefully do for you We will create informative and appealing product pages that will motivate your customers to purchase on impulse

Your consumers will never know these items are from AliExpress! This package is perfect if you want your store to be fully set up and complete with up to 100 products imported and properly edited Plus, with the Advanced package, you will receive ready to perform social media accounts on various platforms Choose Advanced in this menu for this option With the Ultimate package, you receive all the benefits of the Basic and Advanced packed, plus we also provide you with a homepage SEO optimized article, a promo video, a social media promo tool, and 200 products added to your store No additional preparation is needed on your part and you can start selling right away! What’s especially great about this package is the social media promo tool that’s included

This tool offers you the great advantage of auto-posting and auto-promoting your websites on the most popular social networks It saves you time with social media marketing and money without needing to hire a virtual assistant to do this job for you! This package is perfect for those that don’t want to deal with routine tasks and want to start selling as soon as their custom store is ready To purchase the Ultimate package, choose “Ultimate” in this menu When ordering a custom store, choose the package that best suits your need Determine if you need hosting from AliDropship

Regardless, you have the option to obtain any hosting service which meets the requirements If you decide on our hosting service, it’s fully compatible with AliDropship and perfectly suits the needs of e-commerce projects That’s why we recommend hosting with us at this step What happens right after the purchase? So what’s next? After payment is made and processed, you’ll see a thank you page and receive an emailed thank you letter from us! This means that the transaction was successful and you’re officially onboard as our client We’ll immediately assign a personal project manager for you who will guide you through all the steps of the process

Within 24 hours you will receive an email letter from your personal project manager As long as you have received the thank you notice, rest assured that everything is fine and your personal project manager will contact you soon! Next, your project will be added to a special platform, Basecamp, where you can easily monitor progress and leave feedback as needed Then we’ll help you choose a niche that is competitive, marketing-friendly, and of personal interest to you You’ll then be provided with custom design elements for your website theme including a logo, header images, and favicon Our specialists will handle all of the technical parts so you have nothing to worry about

Next, our team members will research the product offerings from AliExpress and add the most popular and highly demanded items to your store The result is a store full of attractive products for you! Finally, we’ll prepare your store for promotion on social media by creating visually appealing and engaging accounts on the most popular social media platforms If you decided on the Ultimate package, you’ll also receive a custom promo video for your store Finally, you’ll now have a store tailored specifically for your needs, filled with products imported from AliExpress and professionally edited by our team of experts We are always here to help with real people behind the screen

Even if you don’t have much experience with dropshipping or don’t understand the technical aspects of it yet – we are here to answer any of your questions and help guide you along the way Here are some examples of custom stores created by our team We’ve created online stores for over 14,000 clients Check out what our clients are saying about us Find reviews from satisfied store owners on Facebook or Trust pilot

See some of their success stories on our blog You can benefit as well with an AliDropship custom store Start your online business right away without wasting valuable time Find the link to the custom store’s page in the description below If you still have questions, I’ll be happy to answer in the comments section

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