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How to get more Buttons on your Phone in Last Day on Earth

Generally, Last Day on Earth has more to do with strategy than it does with being skilled at the game, but when skill is involved, timing is everything So today I'm going to teach you how to get more buttons on your phone

When I had one of my videos exploding in Call of Duty mobile, a bunch of companies started sending me free stuff so that I could play the game better with the hope that I would give them a shoutout Sadly, I was not able to get the traction that I was hoping for in that game, but I am now using those items they gave me in all of my games, and two of them are particularly helpful for Last Day on Earth because they give me more buttons to work with And more buttons means I can do things faster The first one is called the WASP 2, and it's made by the company Flydigi After pairing the WASP 2, it attaches to the left side of your phone as a gamepad extension

When you first pair it with a game, it will come up with a screen like this, so you can map the different keys to the game that you are playing So for example, in Last Day on Earth I like to map the two left triggers with my two quick slots, map the joystick with the phone joystick and I like to map my sneak button with the action of pushing the joystick down But here's where the WASP 2 becomes really op for Last Day on Earth I like to map the trigger in the back, called M, with my backpack and then I map the A, B, and flydigi buttons with the first three slots in my inventory I then make sure that those three spots in my inventory always correspond with the item that I'm wanting to quick grab

So for example, I make sure the A is always a gun and B is always health Then when my gun breaks or I run out of health, I can easily click the M button and then double-click the A or B to replace whatever resources I am out of I do have to click the exit button with my thumb, but all of that together takes like 2 seconds which allows me to equip a gun or health much faster than I ever could using my reflexes So I recommend the WASP 2 in that it works really well

It does cost $50, which I know is a lot for a lot of you guys Many of you know that my budget for gaming is just $10 a month so I recognize that $50 is a lot, but the WASP 2 works on any game and I am really enjoying using it, so if you're choosing between spending fifty bucks on Last Day on Earth or buying the WASP 2, then I would recommend the WASP 2 because you will enjoy the rewards much longer The second one is a lot more expensive, but ironically it might actually be more affordable because it is actually a phone Everyone needs to buy a phone from time to time and I could not recommend more the Magic 3s Nubia sent me this phone for free, but I am so in love with it that I plan to buy another one in a few years when this one gets old because it is actually cheaper than other gaming phones, but in my opinion way better than those phones

It has a lot of the same specs that other gaming phones have like liquid cooling, a quad-core Snapdragon processor, a massive battery, great speakers, tons of RAM and hard drive space, but in addition to that, it also has a 90Hz OLED display and built-in triggers, which I'm going to talk about in just a second I'm not exactly sure how they were able to offer better specs for a lower price, but I have a theory that it's because they are using these influencer marketing strategies which is probably saving them a lot of money on marketing But what really makes this phone better than any other gaming phones is not its amazing specs, but rather how they have integrated gaming into this phone When I first got this phone, it looked really nice and performed really well just like I would expect a gaming phone should, but then when I flipped this switch on the top left side of the phone, it turns the phone into a gaming portal In this gaming mode, the home screen and back button don't even exist on the phone

Rather, if you swipe from the bottom, it pulls up a ton of options unique to gaming You'll notice on the top that it monitors the temperature of your phone, the speed of your internet and the speeds of both of your processors This option allows you to boost your processors, but honestly I don't know why anyone would want to do this because they are already so fast that everything runs super smooth This 4D shock option makes it to where your phone will vibrate when something happens in the game Like if you’re getting shot or if you fall off of a building, but it only works on a few games right now

This next option is the most impressive thing about this phone and the main reason I wanted to tell you guys about it The Red Magic 3S has built-in triggers, so when you click this button it allows you to program what those triggers do So for example, in Last Day on Earth, I make the right trigger shoot my gun, while the left trigger can activate one of my quickslots, and then it even allows you to program this button on the back of the phone So I have made that my other quickslot So altogether, this allows me to use five fingers while playing, which is more than most claw players, and three of those fingers aren’t taking up part of the screen

Now obviously if I'm using the WASP 2 with my gaming phone, It covers the left trigger and button on the back, but there are a lot of times I'm traveling and I don't have the WASP 2 on me Now, Red Magic does make it’s own joystick controller which has just as many buttons for an even cheaper price, but it isn’t quite as impressive as the Wasp 2 so if you want the best of the best, I recommend paying the extra $20 for the Wasp 2 Then down here you can control your GPU fan, block messages, block calls, take screenshots, and record gameplay I freaking love this phone I am very grateful that you guys bought me the Razer 2 and I still use it for auto farming and stuff like that, but I freaking love my Magic 3s and I could not recommend it more

If you get one, let me know and we will geek out together about how we have better phones than everyone else I'm serious, this is not a sponsored video, this recommendation is from my heart Now I do have an affiliate code with Nubia, so if you do use the link that I have in the pinned post, I will get 3% of what you spend, but that is not the reason I am recommending the phone I turn down lots of sponsorships each week for products that aren't very good This one is really good

I love my phone I like the WASP 2 as well It's a good product and better than the one that comes with the phone, but I love, freakin’ love, my phone Well That's it guys

Hope that helps I am now posting every Friday at the same time each week which has been great for me personally because it is making my YouTube life a little bit more predictable, but it seems like you guys are liking it more as well Also, I'm going to be making a lot of Last Day on Earth videos over the next couple months because I'm getting pretty close to a hundred thousand subscribers, so I am gonna try to speed that up If I can finish it fast enough, my next video will be 311 tips and tricks for Last Day on Earth Alright guys

I'll see you next time

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