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How To Get Rid Of Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy | Dr. Walter Salubro ft. Dr. Pete Angerilli

Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy can be a very debilitating condition In our office

We also provide chiropractic pregnancy care and one of the most common pink conditions they see in our pregnant patients is sciatica nerve pain during pregnancy For a mom-to-be all she wants is a stress free, pain-free, wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience However sciatica during pregnancy may make the pregnancy experience feel longer and definitely more uncomfortable Hello everyone I'm Dr

Walter Salubro I'm a chiropractor in Vaughan Welcome to this video and this video I am collaborating with another chiropractor His name is Dr Pete Angerilli from Burlington, Ontario

The purpose of this video is to give you two tips to help with sciatica pain relief during pregnancy, and Dr Pete will share these two tips with you and even demonstrate it with one of his patients So let me turn it over to Dr Pete right now Hey, I'm Dr Pete Angerilli from Burlington, Ontario and today I'm going to be sharing some tips to help you if you're suffering with sciatic pain during pregnancy

So if we're going to talk about sciatica first, let's understand what it actually is And sciatica is usually referring to inflammation or irritation of the sciatic nerve, which is formed in the lower back and the pelvis And so when people talk about having sciatica, usually what they mean is they're having pain from the lower back down into the glute region or the back of the thigh or down into the leg Now there are many possible causes for sciatica Um, and certainly the causes may be a little bit different in pregnancy, but some common causes of sciatica are things like disc herniation or disc irritation of the sciatic nerve and there may be other things that cause pain to go down the leg that are not actually coming from a sciatic nerves such as irritation of the sacred iliac joint in the lower back and pelvis when it comes to sciatica during pregnancy, especially in the first and second trimesters

Usually what we're dealing with is abnormal movement and alignment of the lower back, sacroiliac joints and pelvis and also tightness or irritation of the muscles in that region I'm getting into the third trimester, you can get sad and from actually the positioning of the fetus, but that we'll talk about on a different video So let's go into some of the things that we can do If you're suffering from lower back pain or pain that's radiating down into the gluteal back of the thigh or leg during pregnancy Now we're here with the patient and Alexis, you were having your in your second trimester right now and you started with some lower back pain and pain going down into the leg about a month ago

So why don't you tell our viewers what was happening? So I first noticed that I was feeling sort of an uncomfortable pain in my lower back and then really feeling it in the glue area and then it was going down the leg as well I couldn't really decide if it was related to an exercise I was doing or just standing, but it was very uncomfortable and I thought, I better tell you right away Right So when we checked you down there, do you remember there was an area that and Alexis had been a patient coming for chiropractic care before you were pregnant, which is always really the best scenario so that your spine and movement and alignment is better before you actually started growing baby But um, do you remember if there was something that we noticed in you that um, we found that was really contributing to the problem? Do you remember what that was when I checked you? I think it had to do with the tightness in my glutes

Exactly So we have, there's a muscle called the gluteus medius, which we're going to show a demo of in a little bit, but that muscle can actually, um, when any in people with pregnancy or not If that muscle is really tight, has trigger points, um, and is even weak, we can get, uh, lower back pain and pain going, starting to go down into the leg, which sort of looks like a sciatica type problem So we did some work on those muscles in the office along with your adjustment and we sent you home with some stretches So how long did it take for the low back and the sciatica? Hmm

I'd say I actually started noticing a difference within the first few days and then the more I was stretching then the more I was coming to get checked and treated, then I could last longer between those times of feeling that pain, which was really exciting Great And again, I think the goal here is to have you be able to go through your pregnancy feeling good, still being able to be active in functional Right Cool

Great Okay, so next we're going to go into some of the techniques and stretches that we've been using Okay So now we're going to show you guys some of the things that you can look forward to get relief from sciatic pain during pregnancy So I'm going to show you that gluteus medius trigger point that I've been doing with my patient

Alexis has given her a lot of relief from low back pain and side during her second trimester So can we get you lying on your side facing me, Alexis So this is a technique that I do when Alexis is in for her regular checkup in the office So, um, the glute medius is a muscle that comes from the pelvis and inserts over onto the lateral part of the hip so you can locate it When we find our patients sacroiliac joint and we just kind of trace an area like that, that's where it'd be looking for the trigger point

And so I use, you can use your thumb eyes, a practitioner, I like to use my elbow to get a good amount of pressure in there and I just kind of feel around for a tight area, which in this case is right here and I'll just hold on that spot It's a little bit uncomfortable, right? So it's gonna hurt a little bit as we get onto a really tight area of the muscle But I'll hold that spot for around 30 45 seconds until I feel it like go And then usually I'll follow that with if it's indicated for the patient and adjustment of the sacroiliac joint on that side along with checking the rest of the patient But that will restore the function of the, the uh, pelvic, uh, joints and muscles

Get them working properly, which would go a long way to alleviate low back and side of the cut during pregnancy Then I'm sending my patient home with this stretched for this area for particular area for glute medius Come up to sitting And if you spin around Alexis, we'll use this stretch can be done on the site I guess at home on the side of the bed is really your best option

So for stretching in this case, um, the left side of the patient's left leg comes up We make like about a 90 degree angle with the knee like that, we know if you notice the patient can have or the, if you're doing this stretch at home, you can have your leg like that You can even put it back a little bit, stretch the front of the right hip And then what do you want to do is keep your upright posture So don't flex forward at the spine, but start to move your chest towards your leg without having the patient's spine deviate off to one side or the other

So they're coming down about in the middle Now when you do that stretch, Alexis, where do you feel that? I would say right down the back for the glute on your left side Yeah Okay, great So you guys get a picture of that

So you'd want to do both sides When you do this stretch again, you're aiming to feel it in the lower back on that same side, in this case, the left side and into the glute a little bit And that again will really help open up that area and can give you some relief from sciatica during pregnancy Okay Come on back up

Perfect Thanks for watching I hope this information is useful to you I hope this can help you with your low back pain side cause that you may be suffering with I'm going to turn it back over to Dr

Walter now Wow, that was great Dr Pete, thank you for sharing that with all our viewers and if you're out there, if you've suffered with sciatica pain during pregnancy or if you currently have sciatica pain during pregnancy, it may be something you might want to try out either on your own with one of the stretches that Dr Pete showed or even that technique that he showed and the glutes with your therapist, chiropractor, massage therapists or physiotherapists, one of the practitioners that you go see during your pregnancy care Hope you found that useful

If you did leave a comment in the comments below, let me know what you liked about it Let me know what your experience has been during pregnancy and again, don't forget to subscribe to this channel I am going to put up more collaboration videos under this topic of pregnancy and sciatic pain relief, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out This is Dr Walter and I'll see on the next video, learn more about how corrective carpet care Back to Health Chiropractic Centre can help you with your chronic pain problem, visit www

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