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How To Growing, Pruning And Harvesting Olive Trees – Gardening Tips

olive tree can live longer than 1,000 years, like many plants, certain conditions must be met for the tree to thrive If you want to nurture a small olive plant from infancy up to maturity, and want to know all the tricks that farmers use to grow delicious fruits and oils, Watch this guide

Determine whether growing olives in your area is possible Olive crops thrives best in climates with mild winters and long, dry summers Check the pH of your soil and adjust it if necessary The soil should be moderately acidic or moderately basic, with a pH greater than 5 and less than 85

Many farmers believe 65 to be ideal Look for areas with good drainage Find an area that gets direct sunlight Full sun, without any shade blocking your trees, is ideal

Any area you choose should at least get some direct sunlight for at least six hours a day Start with potted trees Purchase potted olive trees online or at a local greenhouse Seeds on their own are fragile and difficult to cultivate You should plant trees that are 1

2 to 15 m high and whose branches start at three feet Fill the hole Use the previously dug soil and surrounding soil to fill in the rest of the hole Put an inch of topsoil over the root ball

At this time, things like fertilizer and compost should not be added near your tree The tree should grow out of the native soil initially Water and mulch the area with straw Other mulches can be used instead of coarse straw Lucerne, soya bean, and pea hay Water your olive tree modestly or as necessary With drip irrigation, trees need watering each day during the summer

Water your trees for an hour Prune your trees regularly Do not prune young trees often During the first four years, only remove side branches growing below three feet As the trees mature, they will become to take on their full form and you can remove weak or unwanted branches

Address issues with pests and other diseases Like most plants, the olive tree is sometimes susceptible to attack, particularly from black scale, or Saissetia oleae In some cases, an insecticide is required to treat pest issues Use a mild amount of fertilizer Olive trees will thrive well enough with correct planting and watering A mild amount of fertilizer, however, can help trees grow

Olive trees thrive with fertilizers with a 10-10-10 ratio or 13-13-13 ratio Decide when to harvest Olives start out green and eventually all turn black as they ripen Olives that are harvested when they are still green have a peppery, grassy, or more herbaceous flavor, while olives that are harvested when they turn taker have a milder, buttery flavor Many oils are a mix between green and ripe olives, harvested right when they are turning color

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