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How to handle a policy violation on Google Play

SPEAKER: Publishing an app on Google Play is exciting, so it can be frustrating when something goes wrong, even for the most seasoned developers In this video, we'll explain four types of policy review outcomes that could keep your app from getting the green light– rejection, removal, suspension, and termination– and show you where you can learn how to fix the issues so your app or update can go live on the Play Store

Rejections can happen when you submit a new app or update A common reason for rejection is if we find a store listing contains metadata spam, like unrelated or repeating keywords Check your email or Play Console to learn more about the policy violation, make appropriate adjustments, and resubmit your APK or app bundle If a previously published version of your app is live on Google Play, that version will remain live on the store Other policy violation outcomes apply when an app is already live on Google Play

In some cases, after your app is live, it may be removed from Google Play entirely, including any previous versions An example of a violation that would trigger an app removal is if we found content in your app that isn't consistent with your answers to the content rating questionnaire For more serious violations, we will suspend all versions of an app– for example, if malware is found If your app is suspended, you will lose all installs and ratings, and you can no longer use that APK or app bundle Be sure to address any policy violations before you resubmit your app

Remember, you are responsible for the content, behavior, and permission requests of any SDKs or libraries you incorporate into your app Be diligent to ensure these SDKs are from trusted libraries Suspensions count as strikes against the good standing of a Google Play developer account Multiple or egregious violations may result in termination of an account If your app is suspended, you cannot use the same package name to upload

Be sure to address any policy violations before you resubmit your app If you disagree with Google's decision, you can submit an appeal Just click on the link in the violation email, and another member of the Google Play team will take a second look Make sure your contact info, especially your email, is up-to-date in the Google Play Console If we ever find a policy violation in one of your apps, we will email you about any action you need to take

In this video, we've reviewed four different types of policy violation outcomes– rejection, removal, suspension, and termination Check out the Policy Center to help you better understand the latest policy updates Visit the Google Play Academy to learn more and get your app up and running Thanks for being a part of the Google Play community We look forward to seeing what you create next

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