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How To IMPROVE FPS On Console Fortnite! (PS4 + Xbox Fortnite – Raise FPS)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we're gonna be testing some theories on how to increase FPS on console Fortnite And when I say increase, I hope you guys would know what that actually means by now

If you're on ps4/xbox no matter what you're not gonna get over 60 unfortunately, but a lot of the time it's a struggle to even stay at or very near 60, and that's hopefully what these methods will be able to help you with It's gonna be difficult, but I'm gonna do my best to test the different theories and try to get as conclusive of evidence as possible about whether or not they actually do anything So, without further ado, let's get right into this Alright, so the first thing we're gonna be testing in this video is actually something that I saw on Twitter a few days ago A guy named "ByzicXBL, who as you may be able by that name is a console player, and based on the fact that he has over 10k in earnings, he seems to be a very good console player

So he tweeted "I uninstalled every game besides fortnite on my xbox and my frames do not go below 60 at all not even end game, thank me later" Now when I read this at first I was incredibly skeptical, to say the least I thought alright this guy is probably just trolling for exposure and interactions so that's that But as I started reading the replies to the tweet, I saw him re-assure people many different times that he was being serious, like literally 10+ different times over a 3 day span because people were still replying to the tweet But even after seeing that I was still thinking "ya know it's possible that he could still just be trolling, and even if he isn't maybe he just got really lucky and the day he uninstalled all the game was just a random good day for high FPS

" But then as I scrolled through the comments I definitely did see a few that said "I don't think this would work or I doubt this would do anything, but I also found about 5 different people saying they tried the method and it had some kind of positive impact on their Fortnite experience Here's a tweet from a guy saying "I deleted all of my Games, I went to a creative and threw down castles until the map maxed out to 100,000 storage My FPS (While Looking at the Castles) Was a solid 45-60 whereas before it would've been 20 In pubs im getting 59-75 fps ON A REGULAR XBOX (6YRS OLD)" And don't be thrown off by that 59-75 part, sometimes the game will show you're getting over 60 FPS so it's totally possible this guy did see 75, but that's more of a visual glitch then anything

Here's another example of someone saying "it worked for me, thank you byzic!" And finally "Bruh i just installed cod & my input delay got 10x worse, this tweet saved my tourny on Wednesday lol" So at this point I thought "okay, maybe this is actually worth testing" Since I have an external hardrive on my xbox this wouldn't really work, so I enlisted the help of one of my friend He has the Xbox One S, so not the most advanced model which is the one X, but also not the oldest model So the test we decided to do is similar to what was mentioned in one of those tweets, and also was the method I used in the video I made a few months ago about FPS

He created a world and threw down a ton of structures all right next to each other until the world was pretty much at max memory This basically puts a ton of stress on the world and really hurts FPS, similar to what would happen in a super chaotic end game situation I know it isn't a perfect test by any means trust me I understand that, but it's the only way to make sure no other outside variables impact the FPS here So once that world was setup I had him do the test 2 different times In the first one, his xbox storage was roughly 97% full, so pretty much max capacity

Then I told him to do the same test again after deleting all the games that he didn't really play And after doing that he was down to just over 32% So not as low as possible but definitely a big enough difference from 97% to where if this actually affected something, it should show up in the results So now I'm just gonna play both of the tests, 97% one first then the 32% one after, and pay attention to the FPS here on the screen So what you saw there is definitely interesting

In the first clip with the 97% full hard drive, I would say the FPS was somewhere around 30, it seemed to flicker a lot between about 15 and maybe 45, but I'd say it was mostly in the high 20s low 30s Then in the 2nd clip after he deleted a cleared up a bunch of space on his hard drive, it would more towards the high 30s and even up towards 40, plus it seemed to be just a lot more consistent, much less random kinda jumps and falls with the number of FPS like in the first clip Now I don't wanna jump to any kind of indisputable conclusion here because like I alluded to earlier, it's just really hard to test FPS on a console However, when you combine what you just saw with some of the testimonials from other people earlier, there is some proof that clearing space on your console does something positive to your Fortnite experience So my recommendation to all you console players would basically be this: If you're on xbox or PS4 and have digital games you don't really play or a ton of apps on your console because those also take up space, it's probably at least worth a try deleting them, especially if your hard drive is anywhere near full

Worst case scenario you don't really see a difference, and then you can just re-download the games you uninstalled, no harm no foul The next little method I wanna talk about in this video is another one I first saw on Twitter, this time coming from 60fpswithadream, the top earning console player who I made a whole video talking about He responded to actually one of the tweets that I showed earlier saying "want to get even better gameplay remove all ur friends (on your Fortnite friends list of course)" and then he followed that up immediately after by saying "that’s y I only have like 6 people added" Not this is an interesting one because I've actually heard a few people mention this before And a story I've heard a few people say is that a while back Ceeday had so many friends/pending friend requests that it made his game lag and he literally had to make a new account because it was so bad

Now unfortunately, I tried to the same FPS test to test this but I didn't notice any change in FPS at all What I did was log onto my main account on xbox where I have a few hundred friends, made another full memory map, and loaded up the world Then I made a brand new account which would obviously have no friends and did the same thing, but unlike with the first experiment, I didn't notice any difference on the 2 accounts But to be fair, I don't think having a ton of friends would be something that hurts your FPS, it would probably just make your game feel more laggy and have more microstutter, but that's something that you can't really test So my advice for this would basically be, if you have a ton of friends it's probably worth removing a lot of the ones you no longer play with, but I doubt this would make a huge impact if you have anything under maybe 1-2 hundred

And the final thing I just wanna quickly re-visit is the method I showed you guys maybe 6-7 months to make your FPS more consistent, which is turning off replays It even says in the game when you hover over these settings "When on, replays are recorded and stored after each match, recording replays can reduce performance and take up hard drive space" So just to re-test this I decided to hop back on my account, make another full memory world, and do the exact same test that you saw earlier I'll just play the footage in the background now, but spoiler alert, I got pretty much the same results as I got back when I made the video the first time There was definitely a noticeable difference between the FPS I was getting when recording replays was turned on vs

when it was turned off Again, I doubt this is something that makes a huge difference in regular games, but unless you're someone that needs replays for something like VOD review which I totally understand, I'd recommend turning them off So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section below If you're a console player, what FPS would you say you usually average during games, just looking for a ballpark estimate Be sure to leave a like

leave a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch you guys next time

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