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how to kill the Carthus Sandworm in the worst, slowest way possible

So you're going to need around 190 arrows/bolts and a free afternoon to get this done you're gonna spend 10 minutes of your life spamming arrows and bolts and hope that it's enough to kill it because the alternative is fighting it melee and this bitch has already one shotted you once and there's some fucker right behind you throwing giant arrows at you yes, this may be boring as shit but you will believe it's worth the time spent on it in the end because surely, 190 bolts HAVE to be enough to kill it how much health can this worm have? It's a worm you're gonna believe in it like you've never believed in anything in your life at this point you will realize you're out of bolts and that you're stuck between a giant electric sandworm and a giant ballista shooting you behind your back take a minute to contemplate how much time of your short life you just wasted on this bullshit plan and how much easier it would have been to just give melee one more try start asking yourself why did you decide it was a good idea to spend your afternoon like this fuck it, it's got very little health time to try the old fashioned way it's electric you fucking idiot hello giant arrows time for the giant arrows to hit you 16 times in a row I guess YES now enjoy the feeling of personal realization that comes with this hard-won success FUCK

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