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How To Lose Weight Overnight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE) |Weight Loss Body |Lifestyle |Healthy Diet

Friends, Welcome to our Channel 'Gharelu Upchar Sukhi Jeevan' Today, we have come up with an amazing miracle breakfast which is highly effective as well as gaining weight which helps in reducing weight this method is highly effective even in winters now, lets watch this magical remedy for weight loss Take Apple with skin (ie

without peeling them off) and carrots grate the apples and and grate carrots separately Eat grated mixtures of both the fruits (minimum 200 gram) Eat them over empty stomach for breakfast as much as you want and do eat at least 200 gram of this grated mixture of apples and carrots After eating this mixture Do Not eat anything for at least 2 hours this breakfast not will boost your energy level it will also help in cutting the extra fat of your body will purify your blood Will bring glow to your skin tone and eventually add more charm to your beauty Now, to increase or gain weight Take the same dose of equal amount of grated apples grated carrots Now, eat the grated mixtures of both the fruits After eating the LUNCH If your weight is falling very fast and you're feeling weakness So, this remedy is the best solution for this problem it will help you gain weight and will make your body fit and look good Must remember Points : If you want to lose weight eat the grated apples & carrots in the morning as a breakfast on empty stomach and if you want to GAIN weight then, eat the grated apple & carrot mixture after lunch friends, if you've found this video informative and filled with useful stuff Then, please subscribe to our channel and like the video And do SHARE it with others to help others as well Your well being is our motto !! With these thoughts, its time to say good bye We'll be right back with a new simple solution to a new tricky problem keep smiling Keep laughing and, take care of yourself

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