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How to Make a Landing Page for Online/Affiliate Marketing That Converts – Split Test Guide

hi and welcome my name is Manuel Gick and thank you very much for watching this video how to create a stunning and high converting landing page for your business and how to improve it I will explain you how to do proper split testing and how to improve the conversions using these techniques okay so I'm here in the back office of my click fellows account and you just have to click the add new button and there are three different options like you can collect English for opt-ins you can sell your product like say fellow product launch or you can even create your own membership sites with different levels that will be activated depending on the membership level they are at and there you can even host webinars like life everyone else and webinar replays this is all done for you there are a lot of templates you can just help lock in place you can customize them so I will just choose landing page for now and we'll just give it a name that for my own returns I can tag them so they're being crew and the final steps or this one is email any page and a thank you page but you can customize them out however you want them so here you can see there are a lot of different templates you can just choose from and I will select a very simple one which I like very much which is this one over here so I just select this one and now I can customize it completely I just click on edit page and you will see the editors loading and over here we got the text this is how it looks like there are different elements I can just go ahead and delete it I can delete the whole row here I can add new rows and so on so this is really a cool and simple tool I just have to plug in here for example how to make 5,000 a 23 year sorry 23 dollars without um promoting your business or yes this works even if you hate if you hate Riggle recruiting for example this is the pain the desire and one more bullet point why people to do this and this is really easy as you can see there you can collect the email you can add other oh wait let me make it let me move the screen here how can I do this like okay like this so I can add a different email I can edit the text here enter your last email I can set it to require okay email address should be required I can just add new elements like this at new element I want form a form in there like here form input project I can just duplicate this one so it looks the same I don't want email for this so I can edit it and I want full name ha enter your name and I can set to required or not required I will leave it like this and for the button I can set actions like submit the form or page so it will go to the next step of the follow-on to open a pop-up or to go to a completely different website URL and I will always or go to the next step in funnel scroll to roll section on the page the page and show high action so I want to submit the form because I want the email and the name to be transferred to my get response or ever or whatever account you want to integrate with this so I just say submit the form page and if I want page to redirect to an affiliate offer or an affiliate link or something out like this I just go to settings over here and click on general and this will open and oh sorry click on general and here on submit go to I can paste any referral link HTTP a Google Tom for example right now and now boom it saved okay furthermore what I got here are the integrations I can integrate it with get response or shoot this is driving me crazy I should have done it bigger okay no never mind so I just to scare response and then I had to campaign and I select any list and that's it like now if people enter the name and best email address and click on get started now they will be at my list and that will be receiving my autoresponder campaign furthermore you can edit the SEO day data like the title description keywords author and image then you can add tracking codes for example the textbook pick pool which would be at the header code or at the footer code the Google pixel and you can add custom CSS you can change the background like this here a lot of backgrounds already pre-made they can just choose or you can use stock images so for example let me choose a light one which one this one an image and like this I got a new background this was only for the background background because this one got another one so I just said this to transparent and so now you got a different landing page and that's you can add any role manage columns you can add elements and there's so much you can add here like text media video pop-ups forums advanced forums countdowns counting blocks and different elements and there's also a pop-up but you can set up it can customize it completely as well just like the same for the others and you can show this on exit so if people leave the page it will be shown so I will just hit save now and preview this page so here you can see it now and it will leave the pages like this okay so um I will just type in my name and test and test Tom and if I click get there now it should redirect to Google because if this was about the page I set up okay this works perfectly great so next I want to cover how to use split testing and how you should do it first of all you should start with a plain message a plain message like this one with a white background okay so there should be nothing disturbing just the message to convert the people then you can create a variation like this you can just duplicate this page from opt-in and you can change the message slightly so I would just go to edit page and say how to make I like for example thirty three hundred twenty dollars a day without without talking to anybody this first even if you had really like this okay so I didn't change anything but they had had the title the message over there this clicks safe and I exit and now I can start the split testing over here and it's like the changes okay so with this slider I can set the traffic so right now the traffic will be equal to both like they were in the control page and I can slide it like this and the variation will get 70% of the traffic and the control page will only get 30 percent of the traffic so can just slide it around and test the different pages and what I want now is getting at least 30 percent conversions and what I'm doing is I get 100 tours to each page and then I compare the compare the conversion rate if it's at least 30% I can work with it okay 100 years I choose to which one is getting the better conversion rates and then I just hit like this declare ass winner okay and boom the other one gets are achieved because I don't need this one anymore and I can just create another variation and improve this message and what was converting better I can change slightly some different things okay next step would be to create a variation oh not from the from opt-in I didn't want to do this how delete page after you have tested this two or three times like the message and find a very good converting message you just create a very variation create from template and here what is really cool you can sort it by top converting so like here you get the top converting landing pages of click Connells and you can just choose different templates to test with your messaging you already proved to convert so for example like just use the super clean opt-in doric this one I create this page and I go to the other page and I copy the text there this verse in which you hate recruiting go back at the page again this verse even if you hate recruiting how to make let's make this bold believe this okay now I want to change the the bold color like this settings bold color should be white as well or I can make it let's make it like this yeah okay this doesn't look the best right now but it's just to show you the process okay so you just copy the UM oh we have to change the button text as well I don't remember right now yeah access now I want to make it bigger okay so you get the idea right you just copy the message to different template that's converting good and then you try different template against each other but you don't change the message and like this you find a better a better template a best converting template you repeat this two or three times again and then you keep the one with the best conversion rate okay and the next step so just it's safe and exit start split test always apply changes and okay i flirt to mention where you can see the converting past x so if you go here to step you can as you see at opt-in page the control in the variation page here is the your total clicks your internet clicks and how many opt-ins you got and the conversion rate okay so here you can compare the conversion rates against each other and you see how many clicks you get you can filter it by date okay and then you can keep the winner okay um the next step you can do is if you find a winning template you can create a pop-up for example so let's say we keep we keep this as the winner because I just just like it and create variation duplicate on this page and edit page and excuse me now I just create a pop-up setup pop-up settings show you the rigging trigger yes and I change it put any message in here okay it could be something related to the head title that you got on your landing page and then it has this one against the other an keep the one that is converting better and the last step to improve your page is changing around colors because the button of the gates are now button for example there's so much psychology behind this and people click more likely on button with a green color for example then on a red a color button but it all depends on the people so not ever knit it the same and there's no general rule you just have to test it okay so you can change the text colors person you can change other the bold color is the message color and so on and you can try it again and you should get conversion rates from 45 percent or higher I got one that's controlling right now at over 50 percent which is really amazing and this is all possible button but just comparing comparing the pages against each other and keeps along the high conversion rate and improve this one okay I have used to use just one landing page and then I thought okay mm it's not converting very well but that is maybe I can create another one and try whether this one is working and there was no strategic as strategic like like process behind this and with this you can really just use this these tips and tricks and what I will do is I will put a link in the description and this video or above this video we can set up your free trial with clicks on us and you can try this on your own and you can just message me hit me up and ask for help because I know the system Ariel or if and I can help you too to create your own pages for your funnel to end yeah so here you can create a thank-you page as well there is again different templates they can use you should use one that relates to the opt-in page that looks pretty similar you can use blank template and so on you can use templates for registration Thank You pages for something like this and for baby not take your pages and you can add as many steps over here like you want test 2 you can just create complete sales of upsells downsells and so on so this is really all in one – I've never seen before so you don't need any webinar hosted platform you don't need any landing page builder you don't need any membership side platform because you can all integrate this with clicks house and yeah so again I will put the link in the description underneath this video are about this video and you can just click on it and you can get a 14 days free trial and just check out the system by yourself and you will be amazed by the power that you will get here so thank you very much for watching this watching this video I hope you found any value value in this how to create your landing pages and how did you propose split testing to improve your conversion rates and get way more prospects on your list that are visiting your page before leaving ok so stay tuned for the next videos and have a great day bye bye

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