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How to Make a Quick and Easy Book Stand From Scraps. | Beginner Woodworking Project.

Oh, good evening Welcome to Make Something with me, David Picciuto

Today I'm going to show you how to make this handy little book stand out of scraps you probably already have lying around I went ahead and cut up some mockups over on the Glowforge laser cutter I've seen these online, but I don't have the measurements So the laser cutter allows me to experiment and see what sizes work Something like this, except it's going to have one solid piece of wood here

One solid piece of wood here, and one solid piece of wood on the bottom All three sides or all three pieces will be nine inches wide And this book is 11 inches, so we'll make them 11 inches long I think we're going to split the angle here So on a, what kind of triangle is this? This is not an isosceles

This is not an acute, this is a equilateral I dunno All three sides are exactly the same So that means you would have a 60 degrees, 60 degrees, 60 degree But if you split that, you get a 30 degrees

I think the first thing I need to do is see what is behind this wall to see what kind of scraps we got This is embarrassing This is like when somebody shows up at your house unexpectedly and your underwear is just all over the bathroom and in the kitchen This is, this is like that Uh, there's a piece of walnut, but that is definitely not enough

So it's only six inches I think Uh, I think we're going to have to go apply wood route over here You see that? How do you get anything out of there, Dan? I need you I need Dan's help My brother Daniel, he's supposed to come over here and take all this plywood off my hands

For me It's just over the years it's added up to be too much I found what I'm looking for is this guy right here This is a either Baltic Birch or maple plywood I think that is going to work

I'm just winging it and figuring out as I go There's no real plan here I've got my fence set to nine inches and then we're going to rip a nine inch piece out of this piece of plywood so we ripped the nine incher so Now we're over at the miter saw I've got my stop block set to 11 inches and we're going to cross cut three pieces at 11 inches

You can do this at the table saw or the circular saw or track saw, I guess even a jigsaw if you want to Run what you brung Ah, good enough So we have all three pieces cut before we cut the miters on on each one of the pieces We're going to edge band the edges with a contrasting piece of wood

So I think I saw a piece of walnut in the closet Yeah, we saw this was 10 minutes ago We definitely saw a piece of Walnut in the closet and I'm just going to edge band the edges with the walnut I suppose I could have done this in the previous step before cross cutting them We're winging it people

We are winging it Whatcha going to do? Respect the plywood Now, I've got a bunch of these cut We're just going to glue it on the ends Again, this would have been better to do the edge banding here before cutting everything to length, but I didn't think this through a lot of my life

I didn't think through and nothing but masking tape No clamps today Let's not use clamps today This thing, this drives me bonkers For this third one, I'm only putting the edge banding on one side

I think for this other side, I'm going to cut a piece of walnut that's a little bit wider and then maybe that could be used as a little pencil holder If we route a little groove in there, I think that'll work Again, I'm just winging it We're just having fun today We routed a little groove in there

I also put a little round over on there and that's just going to get glued on what's going to be the bottom piece So we got the, we got the whatever, uh, the edge banding on the one side and then the little pencil holder on the front So just like before, we'll glue this in place for the two side pieces I thought, Hey, let's get a little bit fancy Use the laser cutter and some sort of pattern in there

And I thought, well, let's stick with the triangle theme So if you remember the little template that I made up in Illustrator, I'm going to that play around with that for a little bit See if I come up with a cool design just to etch it in the sides for no other reason Then lasers are cool So now that we have all three pieces made, it is time to cut the miters on here

We need to get our blade to 30 degrees Here's the issue It only goes to 44 degrees That's not going to work So we need to make a jig

This is just one, two, three, four pieces in the shape of an H that rides over my fence and then slides along like that so I can take my piece, clamp it up against there, and then set my blade to 60 degrees This is a quick and easy way to do extreme angles on your table saw The air compressor needs to kick on right now? Right now air compressor Okay, so this is an easy, I lost my train of thought This is a quick and easy way to get extreme angles on the table saw, so you just move the board upright, clamp it up against this fence and then you can run it through the blade

Instead of putting my blade at 60 degrees, I'm actually going up to 61 degrees That way it ahhh, it's off just a little bit and then the corners will meet up perfectly You'll see what I mean here when it comes time to glue it up We'll throw this over the fence and then we'll bring this up until it kisses, just kisses the blade and it's still gonna run through Outside of your piece goes up against the fence

You clamp this on there Bob's your mom 30 degree bevel and 30 degree bevel We repeat this on the other two pieces Don't reach over a spinning blade

Bad things will happen Your shirt caught in there, your arm could get caught in there You gotta be safe Stay inside and be safe All right, there we go

So the reason we went to 61 degrees instead of 60 degrees is that little bit of error will work in our favor and we'll get nice solid seams here So that is looking good So it is time to glue this up Once again, I'm just going If Dan was here, he would shut off that damn air compressor

Obviously there's a leak cause there's no reason for it to kick on right now I'll wait Thank you So once again, we're going to glue this up with only tape and glue and that should be perfectly fine It is time to take the tape off of here

I'm realizing something, we set our fence to 61 degrees and it left a little bit of a gap down down there and in there So maybe instead of 61, 60 and a half, 60 a quarter, we're winging it People were winging it I'm going to take some Walnut star dust and some wood glue and kind of just fill that in there So, but this is looking pretty good

I'm pretty happy with this So while I am sanding and finishing this, I'd like to tell you about today's sponsor and that is Squarespace You should all know by now I have been a long time user of Squarespace All of my websites, including my podcast Making It podcast and my main site makesomethingcom

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It's beautiful So visit squarespacecom and when you're ready to launch, visit squarespacecom/makesomething for 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain Thank you Squarespace for making these videos possible

Now let's put on the final touches of this guy right here We are using our favorite Kentucky oil I got all the gaps out of there with some sawdust and some glue, so I'm really happy Yeah, whatever Freaking wherever I got these

I think it's from Hobby Lobby The sponge does not stay on all of them break This is actually Maker Brand Simple Finish It's a, you put a heavy coat on, you let it sit for a few minutes and then you wipe it off Friends of mine run that company

Now is a real good time to support small businesses This Walnut came from my friends at Kencraft, family owned business here in Toledo They sell online There it is Books that's on top, just like so

Keeps your place, has a little place on the front Therefore your pen and a place to put your glasses A real quick and easy project I thought we would work on a bunch of quick, easy projects you could make from scraps that you probably already have So for the next couple of videos are going to be pretty, pretty simple little projects that uh, you can do without heading out to the store, had an outside going to pick up materials and stuff

Good way to use up some scraps I really, really like how this came out If you are wondering what book I have on there, this is Composite Materials and then I've got a couple of other books on composite materials I'm studying up on doing fiberglass and carbon fiber materials so I can work on the go-kart body We've got a couple of videos coming out real soon on making some fiberglass bodies and just, uh, maybe some other creative ways you could use a epoxy and fiberglass in your projects to add some creativity or just some, some, uh, curviness or depth

So that's a, that's what I'm studying right now Uh, hopefully we'll see you tomorrow with another video And uh, as always, be safe, real safe, healthy, have fun, stay passionate and Make Something

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