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How to make American bacon doughnuts with DJ BBQ


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Hey, it's here at Jamie's Diner in the heart of London; just off of Piccadilly Circus and day we're talking about crazy trends in America Nothing trends more than mmm ! But now they're fusing , like the two best inventions known to mankind!! Other than spandex So we're here to find out can the English public palette those two bad boys coming together Now you guys are used to these things here these these are super sweet, almost sickening sweet doughnuts, that's the stuff you know and 8 year old likes

The next thing, it looks like nail polish on that badboy! That just, s me want to puke! And puking sucks We want adult doughnuts man Double dipped, maple glaze with bacon That's what we're talking about Nice and crispy Bad bacon, you're so bad you bad bacon! This is bad bacon!! Ohh look at that man

Two ingredients, icing sugar and maple syrup you still want that sweet kind of balance out the sweet with the savoury and the bacon Here we go, i'm going to dunk it quick Twist it quick get out of dodge And now, it's bacon's turn It's raining bacon

and they are done, but are there any good only one way to find out Hey little buddy good does that look! I bet you taste even better Here we go I'm not even kidding, that's the best thing I've ever tasted! It's making you hungry isn't it dude?! Come on

I know it is, I know you want one of these Man, let's go see if the English public is ready for these bad boys Let's go stoke out their taste buds! Oh! Yeah! Mmmm, that tastes like breakfast EXACTLY! Builder: It's different but it's nice Hey, that's pretty good! What's your name? Hilda Are you free tonight are you? Hahaha! You aint blind are ya?! No! I might be old, but umm the brain's still 18

I was discoing up here before you were even born No you weren't, I'm old enough to be your younger lover! My toy boy maybe? You're going to scrap all this aren't you? No way?!!?! This is the good stuff Hilda, you're my favorite thing ever you know that? Ah alright then, what time do you finish? Well Food Tubers, it worked London dug on our bacon covered doughnut Now if you guys like the video and want to make the comments, all those comment pages, all that space for you guys to let me know what you want What do you want to cover a doughnut with man? And if you guys haven't subscribed to FoodTube click on this piece of this bacon right here and then suscribe to us Hi-five this man, Subscribe Alright What else can I put on a doughnut?

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