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How To Make Any Man Miss You | Greta Bereisaite

– Okay, so I'm trying to see does this work? It seems like it does So, guys, my name is Greta Bereisaite, and I'm dating and relationship coach for women

I upload new videos every Wednesday and Sunday On Wednesday I usually upload a video with fresh new content, and on Sundays I usually do a Live on a specific topic answering your questions during the Live Hey, Catherine, hey, girls, now it's working It does, yes, yay So today's topic is how to get any man to miss you

All right, hey, Julia, everyone's popping up, cool So, how to get any man miss you How shall I say it? Let's talk about I have some notes here, right? Let's talk about why would you want a man to miss you, right? Like, ladies, just think about it Why would you want a man to miss you? Maybe because you are not that happy with him, or maybe because you're not like, if you're not that happy with him, usually like when you think about it, ladies, we become not that happy with our boyfriends when we rely on them to make us happy, right? So at the end of a day what it truly comes down to is you We're not happy with our boyfriends because we are not happy with ourselves, right? And then we are not happy with ourselves, our boyfriends are not happy with us, and they don't pursue us as much as we would like them to, right? So when you think about it if we're talking from the healthy perspective, from the self-love perspective how to make a man to miss you is by becoming your ultimate self, by becoming, by achieving your goals, by achieving your ambitions, by making yourself happy

This is how you will make a man to miss you, right? If you girls, now see where I'm going with this This is really good, okay? If you girls will play games on how to make a man to miss you your relationship will be just a game, and as soon as you will stop playing that game, your relationship will crash, and the reason I say that 'cause I've been on YouTube now, I'm nearly three years on here, so I coached many girls, many clients on one-on-one, and the ones who just been following my channel And a lot of them after about two years of my coaching, yes, some of them got married even after one year Some girls read some books, some rules, or something like that They married within like a year or so because they play the game, right? They play a game how to make a guy to miss you

How to get a guy to chase you How to get a guy to pursue you, right? And after a year once they get married, or once they get into that relationship they stop playing the game, and the guy starts losing interest in them, and this is when they become toxic They become too needy, and their relationship or marriage starts to crush, right? So, ladies, I will share with you some tips how to make a guy to miss you And I'm gonna share with you a healthy way and the game way And I'll explain to you why you have to be very, very careful with the game way, okay? First, how to make a guy to miss you, right

So, let me just share something else with you quickly YouTube channel, nowadays, it's not the same as it was couple of years ago, why? Because if you look on YouTube there are many, many dating coaches like me, right? There are many dating coaches for women There are many dating coaches for men, right? And majority of us, majority of them, give the same advice, right? So a lot of men if they want to play the game, if they want to know the tricks, all they need to do is go on YouTube, and follow the game strategies If you ladies want to know what kind of games your boyfriend or a guy is playing you go on YouTube, you type in dating coach for men, and you know exactly what is he doing, and what is he playing, right? If a guy is a bit unsure about his girlfriend, and he sees something is not right let me just check out a YouTube channel, and he goes on a YouTube channel, and he sees all these dating coaches for women, coaching women how to play games He notes it all down, he compares it to the girl, and he's like, oh, I see what games you're playing on me

You see, ladies So this is what we're dealing with nowadays Before maybe about a couple of years ago when I just started my channel there were not many dating coaches for women So, actually, to play a game here and there was quite easy because a guy wouldn't have a clue what you're doing He would just think it's all natural, but now we are all aware of it

Like if I am, for example, on online dating, and if a guy he's really into me, and then for five days he doesn't text, and then he writes again, and then for seven days he doesn't text, and then he writes again It's like, oh, my God, you're playing this game by that coach, and blah, blah, blah, right? If a guy seems really into you, asks you out, asks you out in advance after It takes a week for him to confirm the date He confirms it after a week, so he basically asks you out, and then ghosts you for a week, confirms the date, sees you on a date, asks you out again, ghosts you for another week, confirm the date, sees you on a date You're like, okay, so you're playing the hot and cold game by this guy over here, hmm

What happens, ladies, when you realize what games guys play What happens to us? We lose interest, right? Like I don't know about you ladies, but I lose interest when I can read the games he's playing because if you see it's like, oh, my God, this is the game, this is the game, this is the game, this is the game So all you're doing is giving me a game Sorry, but it's like a bit too much I don't have time for this, right? You want a genuine what you're looking for, you're looking for a genuine person, right? That you can connect, that you can be yourself, that you don't need to watch every single, you know, that it's genuine, right? Yes, it's very important to know how to complement each other, and to fulfill each other's love needs

It's very important, right? Without this, basically, you're not doing things right Women and men are different You need to know how to complement each other You need to know how to give a man what he needs to give, and you need to know what to give a woman what she needs to get, otherwise, you're just not gonna fall in love, right? So in order to fall in love and to sustain it you do need to know what the opposite sex needs, but if you're gonna just follow every single trick blindly you're very likely, especially, nowadays, will dig yourself a hole And, actually, let me share one story, which happened to my client like two years ago, I think

She was following me blindly So she was from India, and she was following me blindly every single word And she literally copied and pasted every single word from my YouTube channel, from everywhere And in the beginning her guy was chasing her, and when he was like, hold on, why you don't sound Indian? Why do you suddenly sound like English? She copied every single word so much that in India we speak English, but like we don't use the exact words He's like, hold on, why do you sound like a foreign person? Like you have to be clever, guys

If it doesn't make sense don't do it So, now going back to the question how to make a guy to miss you So the game would be, right? The game would be that people say when he texts you a message make sure not to reply straightaway Make sure to reply three, four, five hours later, or if he texts you in the morning make sure to reply in the evening It says don't wait 'til the next day, but it needs to be at least three, four, five hours, sometimes nine or eight, right? Now, yes, a guy will miss you when you do do that

Yes, he'll be like why is she not replying, but now let's look at it from a different angle If through the whole relationship you're always taking three, four, five, or eight, or 10 hours, or the next day to reply to his message it's ridiculous First, you're not gonna be able to sustain it long-term First, if you're getting married to him how you're gonna sustain this type of reply long-term for like two years into marriage, or two years in the relationship It just doesn't make sense, right? So what's gonna happen if he's falling for you because you're replying every five hours, a year later he'll still want you to reply every five hours you're not gonna sustain it

So, basically, you're faking it, and long-term it just doesn't work because you'll change It's impossible to do it this way And what a lot of girls do like a lot of dating coaches say like be busy, right? Be busy, and show him that you have a life, so reply to him five or eight hours later If you have a life, yes Yes, then that can come naturally, right? For example, if you have a business, or if when you go to work and you work 12 hours a day, and you cannot turn on your phone, you cannot use your phone, right? Your WhatsApp is off

It has one tick, it doesn't have two ticks It has one tick when he sends you that message, and after 12 hours you respond to him after 12 hours because your phone was off then, yes, that is genuine That is natural He will see like, okay, I get that, she's busy, I miss her She's not playing any games, right? But if you're replying three, four, five, or eight hours later and your WhatsApp let's say it's on, it has two ticks to he can see that you're online all day, every day, but to him you reply eight hours later, or the next day he'll be like what is she doing? Like this is ridiculous, like what is this? He'll be texting you what can happen he'll start texting you why are you not replying? Why are you ignoring? I can see you on WhatsApp

And what are you gonna say to him? You'll be like, oh, sorry, I want you to miss me, so I'm playing this game You can't do that ladies It has to be genuine If you want a guy to miss you you need to focus on putting yourself first, and on making yourself happy Everybody needs space in a relationship

You need to focus on bringing value to yourself Then your life when you feel like you value yourself then you do things in your life to value yourself the other person will start to value you too So, for example, if you want a guy to miss you because things are getting a bit like this what you can do you can take a holiday, right? Now, don't take a holiday for him Take a holiday for yourself However, if you think about it not everyone can take a holiday, right? So if not everyone can take a holiday, and you're just sitting at home and pretending to be busy, but actually you're giving him space to miss you, and you're like, oh, my God, how long will it go? Like I'm just gonna watch TV for a whole day, and I'm just gonna ignore him, but I want him to miss me, and I want him to chase me more

You're basically gonna be wasting your time, and not valuing your time while pretending not to be available for him You know what I mean? Like instead value your time, invest your time into doing something amazing with your life So if you actually want him to miss you, you can invest that time into building your life up, and being able to take that holiday Do you see my point? Thank you, Julia, thank you Julia so much for $2 I believe, that's really nice of you So my point is make it genuine, and make it natural by loving yourself and putting yourself first, okay? If the relationship is going a bit like that, and you're not enjoying spending time with him, instead of looking for the games how to get him pursue you, and to miss you put yourself first

Make yourself happy Focus on creating a beautiful life for yourself That way straightaway you'll be like, oh, what is she doing? What is she up to? Like I need to check in on her, I miss her Like it looks like she's doing something incredible, okay Another thing, okay, this is really interesting

So this is, again, from other dating coaches I've seen it online It's written in like so many books as well, it says in order to make a man to miss you, you need to go out a lot, right? You need to see your friends, hobbies, and all of that, right? Now, this is what's really interesting The way I see it is like attracts like, right? So if, and I experienced it myself, and I remember like I think I experienced it about eight years ago, and that guy like really made me think what he said So like attracts like, so, for example

If your guy has a job, and after work he is going out, he sees his friends, he does lots of hobbies, he does many things, right? He will be attracted to a girl who is similar to him, right? Because he will relate to her So to a girl who let's say has a job, and does many things to keep her happy, right? So, for example, if he's busy, and he didn't see her for a week, and she didn't share those things with him, and he finally sees her he'll be like, oh, my God, she's done so many things Like I didn't hear anything from her I'm getting a bit insecure I'm getting a bit uncertain

Somebody might snatch her from me This is such a catch because like attracts like, right? This is such a catch I need to make her into my girlfriend, or I need to pursue her more, or chase her more, or spend more time with her because she's as busy as I am, so somebody might snatch her in that salsa dancing class, or while she's doing a hobby, or something else, right? However, ladies, I remember I was in this situation about eight years ago and I was working as a nanny, right? And I was also going to salsa class, and I was doing this hobby, and this hobby, and stuff like that, right? And I remember I went on a date with a guy who was very successful We dated for a bit and he was very, very successful And he said me, he said to me, oh, so what are you doing, right? Like how was your week? And I was like, oh, I went here and there, and blah, blah, blah, right? And I'm trying to kind of impress him in a way

I did this and that And like he thought about it So I am working as a nanny, right? I'm not earning that much, and I'm doing this hobby, and this hobby, and this hobby, and this hobby, which actually shows that instead of planning in my mind how to make a business, or how to make more money, and how to be a grown-up, and build something incredible for myself, and thinking about the future, instead I'm wasting my money, which I didn't have much, on this, this, this and that, right? So you know what he said to me? He said to me, Greta, so are you looking for a man to take care of you, right? And I was at that time I was shocked by that answer, but does he have a point, or does he have a point? You see, so if you're looking for somebody who has a successful business, or is building his own empire, he will respect who he is So if he sees you're just kind of having nine to five, and wasting the money by going dancing, and this and that, and not having like something sustainable where you're putting your goals, or trying to achieve your goals he's not gonna be interested in that, right? So my point is, ladies, it's really important to be busy, and it's really important to have a life, but don't follow things blindly If somebody says to you, oh, you have to be busy, and all these goals, dreams, like always have fun here, and have fun there, and go out here, and go out there

If the person has like let's say a millionaire mindset he will see that as you wasting your time wasting the money He'll see that as you being not very wise, right? If a guy has like a bit more of a different mindset, and he does the same thing he'll see you as a perfect match, right? So, ladies, my point is just like just think before you do things Don't follow things blindly Like all these things they have a very good point, but you need to adjust the advice to yourself, to your specific situation And make sure that it's genuine

Okay, so what did I talk? Less available, going out, responding I think I said what I kind of wanted to say Let me see your questions, wrong hand Let's do this one Okay, so, comments I think we will, no, not like that

Okay, somebody needs to say something because my screen now is empty And you guys will say something and my screen will get full, and I will be able to read a comment because I need to press, yes, perfect, thank you Let's see, as a guy I feel this is not true at all Okay, thank you for your opinion Your coaching works like magic

Single man would disagree, but married would support us on this journey I'm not sure what do you mean by this? Oh, sorry, do you mean that single men would disagree? Okay, let's talk about guys, okay So, like let's think about it like why would a guy agree with my advice, right? Let's think about it logically Does it benefit a man at all to agree to my advice? No, it does not benefit any guy to agree to my advice, why? Because he cannot, he's not gonna be in charge of a woman She's gonna be independent

He'll fall in love with her It does not make sense for a guy Like a guy wants a girl, the majority of men want an ego stroke They want a girl to be able to control They want a girl who would do everything for them

In so many cases a man will say like, yes, I like a woman who gives I like a woman who chase I like a woman who pursues I like to have sex on the first date I like it when she calls and texts me

I like it when she buys me a holiday and takes me out I love a woman when she pays for me I love a woman when she gives me, not an ego stroke, sorry When she gives me lots of compliments I love to enjoy the moment

I love to be spontaneous This is what you're gonna hear from guys literally It's very rare for a guy to give you that advice that actually works, or that would help you Every single guy that gave me from my friends, that actually gave me advice in the past, every single guy was basically telling me that advice, that intention, that I would dump a guy that I was dating From every single guy it was like this, except from my dad or cousin that was it

Like only family members, or if you have let's say a gay friend whose a guy, right? He'll tell you the right advice because he doesn't care about you, but if it's somebody as a friend who might potentially fancy you, where there is literally no way There is no way that he would tell you the right advice If it does not benefit him he's just not gonna be nice I had so many clients where this girl actually shared with me She said, "Greta, I was sharing my story with a guy friend

" She said, "I shared my story with him for like six," not six hours, like that's another client There's a lot, right? She said, "I poured my heart out, "and he told me to literally go crazy on my boyfriend" He said, "Confront him, tell him this is wrong, "and like tell him this and tell him that" And she said, "He influenced me so much "that I ended up going crazy on my boyfriend, "and we had a massive fight "And when I said to my guy friend that this is what happened "he said, I can't believe you actually listened to that

" And she said, "He was literally laughing "He was just laughing at me," why? Because he fancied her, so for him it's good that she breaks up with the guy Another guy as well recently I saw a screenshot, basically, a girl asked the guy for advice He was telling her for six hours how to behave with her boyfriend She listened to him

Half a day later he was asking her out himself So when it comes to asking advice from the guy friends be careful, okay, just be careful Wait, I want to share something, but I'm just thinking how to phrase it Talking about games, right? I have a friend who literally broke up with a girl because she was not replying on time because he said, "Basically, I'm talking to her, I'm being genuine "I'm kind of wearing my heart on a sleeve

"I'm pursuing her and what she's doing, "she is on WhatsApp all day long, "and she reads my texts "She leaves me on the read, "and she replies to it three, four hours later" And he said like, "I really loved that girl, "and even a couple years later "I ended up breaking up with her "because I felt like I am the one always investing, "over investing, and she can't even reply "when she reads my text" So, ladies, this is my point, like if you're doing something do it genuinely Be very careful who you're watching so it does not come across as a game because same as you're finding dating coaches online who are telling you how to play all these games

Same guys are finding it as well, and then they match with you, and they're like, okay, this is not good enough I can see what you're doing I'm craving more emotional intimacy in my relationship, however, I know that men are more logical, and women are more emotional How do you get a guy to be more emotional, attentive, considerate? By being a challenge, by being a challenge When a guy will fall in love with you, when he falls in love with you because you're putting yourself first

You are having a beautiful life You're doing things correctly You're fulfilling his love needs Ladies, when you actually fulfill a guy's love needs, and they finally fall in love with you this is when he's gonna be more emotional with you This is when he's gonna tell you I'm crazy about you

I'm in love with you This is when he'll start wearing his heart on a sleeve for you, okay? But the goal is do not be the one going to him starting to wear it first because that way you're gonna give him a lot of safety and security, and you're gonna give him all the reassurance that you're already hooked, right? And it's gonna turn him off It's going to turn him off because guys fall for the girls who are challenges because those girls who are challenges we give a man uncertainty, right? And when you give a man uncertainly you're actually fulfilling his love need because he has testosterone Yeah, does it make sense? Ladies, with uncertainty, uncertainly is a guy's love need, right? Think about it A woman's love need is safety, right? So we like to nurture, care, share, talk about feelings, emotions, we like to feel safe

Feeling safe make us feel good like here is a proof When a guy comes to you with compliments, and reassurance, and he's pursuing you, and you're like, oh, my God, this guy really likes me, he's so into me I feel so safe and protected Oh, my God, he likes me so much You eventually start liking a guy as well because your love need is safety so then he's giving you all this safety, and reassurance, and he's chasing, and pursuing, and charming you, and sweeping you off your feet

He is fulfilling your love need, but a guy is not a girl, right? So if you do this to him, if you're gonna go to him and be like charming, giving him compliments, pursuing, calling, sweeping him off his feet he's gonna run away from you because this is not a woman this is a guy He has different love needs from you, right? Like if you look at how we were wired when we were born Women, safety, security, nurturing, babies, right? Emotional connection, emotional bond Men, hunters, going shoot the animals, and bring the food on the table, going to fight Little boys if you look at the little boys

I've been a nanny so like I know what little boys like Like little boys what do they do when they're little? They go wrestle with a brother Not because the mom said go and wrestle with your brother, because he wants to go and wrestle with his brother because it gives him game, it gives him power It makes him feel a bit uncertainly Guys love uncertainty, okay? So what you need to do in order for him to fall in love with you you need to give him what he needs, okay? So then you will fulfill his needs

This is when he'll fall in love with you Never give a man what you need Saying that, though, ladies, I take that back a little bit because same as a guy's main love need is uncertainty, right? A guy still needs a bit of safety and security as well, right? Sames as for a woman Same as our love need is safety, security, protection, this and that, we still still need a little bit of uncertainty We still need to feel a little bit on the edge

If you're always just happy you're gonna start taking happiness for granted And life is pain and pleasure, so in order to appreciate the pleasure, sometimes you do need some pain, right? For a guy as well like you cannot just give him uncertainty You do need to give him a bit of reassurance You do need to give him a bit of safety as well, but his safety need is this big Your safety need is this big, right? His uncertainty need is this big

Your uncertainty need is this big, okay? You see my point? So then you learn how to make this work This is when you're happy However, if you only will give him uncertainty he's not gonna enjoy it, it's too much You still need to appreciate, and be nice, be kind Also, with how you're giving him, sorry, how you're giving him uncertainty is you have to be very wise with this as well

You cannot just be bitchy, or be mean, or be rude, or disrespectful This is not healthy, this is toxic, that's horrible You have to be wise in fulfilling his love needs So how are you wise? Again, going for your goals, dreams and ambitions, right? This is like by putting yourself first you're giving him a healthy amount of uncertainty By letting him pursue you you're giving him a healthy amount of uncertainty

All you're basically doing you're just basically copying an animal kingdom, which we should feel like that, too, but, no, we're human, so we like to reinvent our biology It doesn't always work We can invent things around, but like trying to reinvent this, it's sometimes a bit stupid it's like maybe when we were like in the wild for us is to design to eat fruit and vegetables, and all of that, but because we are dumb, we are replacing it with the fast food, right? And when because we are replacing it with the fast food after a while we get ill Why did we got ill and unhappy? Because we are not eating what we should originally be eating, right? So the same is with biology If we come up with some ideas, and start replacing it just because somebody said something modern, whereas, we were designed to be totally different it's just not gonna make you happy long-term, yeah

Hi, Greta, should we save a guy at that initial stage of relationship that we want long-term? No, as I saw about some coaches saying, guys, that we can say to a girl we want casual Basically, technically, there should be a different coaching for a man, and a different coaching for a woman The problem is that a lot of coaches give the same coaching for a man, and the same coaching for a woman And this is where the whole problem happens, okay? And if you girls are following dating coaches what coaches say for a man it doesn't make sense because a coach for a man should coach what a man should be like A coach for a woman should coach what a woman should be like because we are different

We are not the same so it should be different strategies, and different system for both Like, for example, here is like a proof, right? One of the proofs, right? So women let's say when we're stressed, right? When I'm stressed what do I like to do? I like to go and talk to as many people as possible in order to make myself feel better, right? I'll talk to myself, I'll talk to my sister, I'll talk to my mom, I will talk to Thank you guys for all this money, thank you so much

I'll read your comments, CA, yeah, after awhile So I'll talk to in order to feel myself better, right? To feel better when I'm stressed I'll talk to my mom, sister, one friend, another friend, third friend, and the more I'll talk to people the better I will feel, right? Then a guy feels bad he's not gonna go around talking to people He will either pull away and sort his problems by himself

He'll focus on his problems, and he'll pull away and sort it by himself This is what he will do For a guy it does not make sense that talking, and taking things off your chest will make you feel better It does not make sense He's looking for solutions

Whereas, for us the more we talk the better we feel If you look at back in the olden days, again, like women would gather in circles and talk to each other in order to feel better, right? Like how many guys do you know in the olden days that would gather in circles and talk to each other about their feelings and emotions in order to feel better? No, they were going hunting They were going, I don't know, they were playing, they were doing their own thing They didn't do this, okay? So men and women are very different Our brains are wired differently

We look physically different We think different So if you're gonna follow, yeah, you know what I mean? Like, so then a dating coach for man gives a man the same advice what a dating coach for women does something is not right there Something is wrong, it is different, and it should be different And if we're all gonna go like, oh, we are all the same

We are all equal, but we are not the same, but if we follow the same like here, ladies, listen to this I love this example so much, right? So same as man can have one-night stands, right? And sleep around, same technically women can have it too, right? But when a guy has a one-night stand, right? And he comes back with his guy friends, he's like, yes Like I did this with this chick so many times, blah, blah, blah He's showing off, right? How many girls do you know that leave a one-night stand, and she goes like, yes, I did it with him it was so much fun? Zero, right? And if a woman keeps doing that psychologically she actually gets messed up I know so many girls who copy men long-term get so messed up that then they need years of therapists, years of consultations, years of coaching

They just don't know what to do with themselves, why? Because we copied man behavior A woman is not designed to copy a guy's behavior Like, yes, we can play sports, but you know what I mean? It's a total man's behavior If you copy this you're not following your natural instincts, and you will feel messed up I remember a while back maybe 10 years ago that I was a bit, you know, when I didn't understand this whole thing, I was dating a guy, right? And he was telling me like, Greta, you're crazy, or this or that, Greta, you're crazy

And he said, actually, Greta, you keep repeating the same thing over and over again This is crazy, this is crazy And I actually started to believe 10 years ago I was like, oh, maybe I am a bit crazy I keep repeating the same thing over and over again, right? And what I used to do I used to share things I shared maybe some family stuff, or maybe some issue here or there, and then after a couple of months I would share the same issue, and after a couple of months I would share the same issue

So what would happen like when things were bothering me I would share it with him, right? And then I would feel better 'cause I talked, and he would tell me a solution, which this is not what I need so I would ignore it Then three months later I would share the same thing I would feel better He would give me a solution, I would ignore it Then half a year later I shared the same thing

He gives me a solution, and he calls me crazy And he says, you're crazy I gave you all these solutions for half a year, and you're still doing the same thing And he's like, you still keep talking about the same thing You should have done what I told you to do, but he didn't understood that all I needed to do is just to talk 'cause it will make me feel better, 'cause something was on my chest, and I just needed time to talk in order for me to feel better, right? And then what I did I read a really good self-awareness book, and when I read that book it made me feel so amazing because I realized I'm not crazy

I realized I'm not crazy I realized that I'm just a woman, and this is how a woman is designed to be We share things sometimes over and over the same thing to make us feel better so we just talk Like same as how many girlfriends do you know that talk about the same issues for them to feel better, but guys don't get it because guys are solution focused If you're sharing something with him he sees it as you have a problem, and you want that problem to be sorted, but this is not why you're sharing

Like if you came back home from a bad day at work, and you're sharing this with him so you can take it off your chest, and move on with your day, right? But what he might do you'll be like, okay, so you're not happy with your work Let's find you another work, right? And you'll be like, no, no, no, I don't want another work I'm just sharing to make me feel better So he's not gonna get it Three weeks later you'll come back from the same job, you'll share how bad it is, or like you're sharing your stuff to feel better

He'll be like I told you to get a new job And you'll be like this is not what I need I don't want to let go of my job I just want to feel better that's why I'm sharing So men and women are different

So we cannot follow the same person that coaches a guy and a woman, like you know? Do you coach overseas again? Ladies, my clients are from all over the world Actually, majority are from USA I could say like about 60 to 70% of my clients are from U


loves me, I love USA I love everyone else as well Okay, let's see this one

Hello, Greta, is it normal that he go no contact for more than a week if he's on vacation? I didn't reach out and I'm focusing on myself I'm new high-value discipline Thank you so much, kisses, love Okay, hon, so is it normal for a guy to go more, no contact for a week? So he is probably following someone that is telling him how to make a woman to miss you, okay? Or how to make a woman to chase you This is what he's doing

Technically, there is something like a pull away, which is another difference with guys and girls, right? A normal pull away for a guy is three, four, five days If you had a nasty fight he might need to pull away for a week to calm down, right? And to give you space to calm down If you did not have any fights, and everything is normal, and out of the blue he doesn't text you for one week it's a game, he's playing a game, he's playing a game, okay? He's following someone who says, oh, this is how you're gonna get your girlfriend to chase after you, and how you're gonna get her to miss you, and this is how she's gonna beg and plead, and run after you, and give you all that reassurance, blah, blah, blah This is what he's doing So what do you do to this? You cannot now reward his bad behavior for not texting you a week if it's your boyfriend, right? Because if it's your boyfriend it's a week of no contact it's a bad behavior it's him trying to provoke you, right? So you cannot reward his bad behavior with your attention

You cannot do that because if you're gonna beg, plead, complain, or say anything else it will reassure him, oh, my God, this woman cares about me so much Whenever I want her to run after me, beg, plead, or anything like that all I need to do is just pull away for one week, and she'll start chasing me like crazy, right? So if you're gonna do that you're rewarding his bad behavior, so what can you do? You either ignore it, you either ignore it, and you show him that it's not bothering you I haven't even noticed it because I have better things to do then play your games so you either ignore it, and you let him come to you, or when he comes back if it takes him longer than a week you can reply when he texts you, hope you had a great holiday If he says when can I see you, you can say, oh, this is not working for me So you're setting your boundary

So, ladies, I'm gonna tell you something that, basically, now, again, a lot of dating coaches for men are coaching men to ignore their girlfriend for a week or two weeks Like now it's becoming like the oldest trick in the book It's so common, it's so, so, so common it's insane, okay? You're welcome, hon, you're welcome This is what it is The first time when he does something like this like a week let's say of no contact

The first time fine, ignore it Give him the benefit of doubt, ignore it, and see will not rewarding his bad behavior work, okay? If you see that not rewarding his bad behavior works, and he sees that you're not giving him any attention when he is trying to provoke you by not contacting you for a week, and he changes his behavior, and becomes a normal good boyfriend that he should be then it's fine, right? If you ignoring it and not rewarding this craziness does not work and he does this again, this is when you tell him it's not working for me because if the second time you'll ignore it he'll be like he'll try and push it more He'll try and push it more And then, basically, it's gonna get out of hands, and it's just insane, you know, it's insane And, you know, ladies, sometimes a week of no contact maybe nothing will happen

Other times there are things as family emergencies There are things as maybe somebody can get sick, or something else bad happens And while he's playing his game for a week, or two weeks of no contact then maybe you're having an extreme family emergency, and it's your boyfriend who should be there for you when something extreme is happening, and you can't turn to him because he's playing a game on you like is this a relationship that is worth anything? It's like this is when the reality kicks in, and you're like, damn I had enough of this Go and play your games with someone else

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