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How To Make Bread Rolls, Pizza & Doughnuts With Mary Berry | Blast From The Past

bread now he's what you're lining up for us it's the same recipe except I'm using lard and so I'm using a pound and a half of strong white flour an ounce of lard two to three teaspoons of salt now the salt really is rather important it seems a lot but you do need it so I'm only about two and a half we're quite generous ones actually that tries to run out to the yeast liquid which I've already frost up as we did it before hand hot water 15 ounces 3/4 of a pint a teaspoon full of sugar to feed the yeast and half an ounce of dried yeast and if you're using fresh yeast you'd have it lukewarm and you just stir in the fresh yeast and I'm going to do this by Machine first of all you want to rub the fat into the flour does it do it just as good a job in the machine it does it very efficiently and it's very good so you first of all rub the factory flour they fat into the flour to begin with and that isn't quite rubbing but imagine that it is and then add all the liquid at once how long do you have to mix that for about two minutes till it's all combined together or read the instructions in the book and then when it's all combined together then knead it for a further two minutes and you get the same action that you would be doing kneading yourself and if they do it like that very good for people who perhaps haven't got the strength in their arms or whatever yes it's very good for regular bread makers and here it is already risen so you take it out of the when you've kneaded it put it in a greased bag let it double its size and two hours at room temperature or so 40 minutes on in a warm air in cupboard or where you have and then take it out when it's risen locks that and then knead it until it's no longer sticky now puts flour in the flour John's right not really used to having a flour I usually put my hand in the bag that's why I had that rather vague look on my face looking for it yeah knead it and this is knocking it back the same movement and you continue that for just a few minutes about three or four the same as with the other and then cut it in half because I'm going to do things with it which is half the fun of homemade bread so half I'm going to put one side for the pizza and then I'm going to make 12 rolls with this amount and somebody only yesterday was saying well how do you know how to how do you know to get it even and I cut it like a cake and then I cut each one into three so you're getting twelve out of that that's add half of the lot of yeast I'm just going to start kneading now you can either need your rolls like this but then do you have lots of little bits the usual way yes then if you don't like that I find it much better on to a seven by eleven about sized tin so you do it just like that you don't do that and it'll sort of all the folding of the bits I think it's much easier this way press right down not too much flour on the table and put them on the tray that one's a bit bigger baby and then put 12 on the tray and then let them swell put a bag over them and let them swell until they like these over here Judy yeah and then they will swell to that size and then you can brush them with milk if you like thank them at 425 that's number seven for about 30 minutes and then what about freezing them if you freeze them presumably you'd keep them in the block that's right and so take them out of the tin cool on a wire wrapping and they want to be nice and brown underneath and and freeze them in a polythene bag I deal actually just in time for Jubilee opening you can make garlic bread too if you wish now to the other half and let's make a pizza from it so those are complete cover with the polythene bag the pizza I'm using half the dough just press it out no rolling pin now this is half the dough if you're very figure consciousness we are from time to time you can even use half that amount again as well as very very 1mm but you don't skimp yourself oh now on the filling which i think is what is the essence of a good pizza isn't it if you can put a jolly good lot of stuff on the top yes now that's sort of semi around you can't do it to the oblong if you wish and to the topping I've already made it Judy I'd fried an onion in this pan in a loyal a large onion and I fried it until it was pale golden I then tipped into the pan a 14 ounce can of tomatoes and the juice and pepper and salt and a dash of sugar and I boiled it and boiled it until all the liquid had been driven off I'm adding a little chopped marjoram that's this head here it's nice and leafy now it goes very well with tomatoes you could use basil tip that onto the top when it's slightly cool spread it over and you can see I am being generous with it because the bought pizzas are skimpy I've never found one that's not enough talking neither have I actually a very dry then about two ounces I would about three here of cheese and there geez that's cheddar is it yes and you often you can get it from already grated in a delicatessen shop they're doing for you with the ends of cheese and then over the top you can put a lattice of anchovy now this makes it a real pizza but you anchovies aren't it are quite expensive I noticed it was about 20 pence the tin said unless it's for something like Jubilee maybe you want to just make it without anchovies anyway it decorates them very nice yes and then pretty strong for some people then you can put sliced olives if you wish over the top through the holes and then you want to cover it with a polythene bag 30 minutes rising good and then if you've got little bits left of dough there's little pieces you've got another idea for those just little pieces just broken off you can make your own tiny tiny Donuts just with little pieces that are left cut them into fat and let them fry now the fact is it takes about two minutes in there when they're done they want to be that color it's not that one's going to be take two minutes when they're done drop them straight into cinnamon sugar that's caster sugar mmm with a little cinnamon and sprinkle it over and you have tiny things little baby Donuts that everybody likes and have them straight 42000 I can imagine they're absolutely delicious mouth-watering well it's a good way of using at the end because big Donuts can be a bit solid mmm well Mary you've given us some great recipes today you

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