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How To Make Chicken Broccoli Rice Soup By Rachael

Broccoli rice soup So what I do is I get the soup together, which starts with leeks and carrots

That's what I've got cooking up here While I'm heating up some chicken stock over here I move forward with my secret ingredient to the soup An equal amount of cumin and caraway seed They work so great together So I'm gonna zap up our spices in our little food mill

You toast your seeds and spices first, of course, to develop their flavor and aroma Then I'm gonna add a little nutmeg and some garlic Sprinkle in our flour Okay, now we're going to add in our milk or half and half And we're going to add in our stock, equal amounts, about three cups of each

As soon as this comes up to a boil add in your rice blend And you're gonna cook that 15, 20 minutes That's been bubbling away Once it comes up to a boil and the rice is cooked about 15 minutes at a low rolling boil, aka simmer, that's when we stir in our chopped broccoli, or broccolini, or cauliflower I'd say about four good cups, one big bunch of broccoli, head of broccoli, or two bundles of broccolini

Now that's delicious, and very nutritious, and fine I add rotisserie chicken as well to make it really hearty and turn it into more of a dinner, a supper So just some pulled rotisserie chicken meat, which is such a bargain and such a great go to for quick lunches, chicken salads, and for soups, obviously And now we're just gonna let that finish cooking another 15 minutes to make the broccoli tender and to let the rice finish cooking through Leaving it on simmer with the lid kind of ajar

Ta-dah! (clapping and cheering) I love a bubbly pot of soup like this Look how hearty this is It's got some pulled roast chicken, and all of the beautiful whole grain rice, and the vegetables Look how hearty that is It's so glorious

And it's about to get even better What does broccoli love to hang out with? Cheese Cheese! Say cheese (cheering and clapping) (chiming)

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